Daily Archives: October 30, 2011

I have improved my movement options.

Mobility-wise, I have not felt better in a long fucking time. My fucking internal rotation? I’m like – this feels like fucking 100% to me. I muscle snatched 110lbs/50k for a triple, and it was like, legit muscled – I lost momentum at about neck height and there was quite a bit of muscling involved to turn the bar overhead. And it didn’t hurt and my shoulders weren’t fucked. I also benched before this, and also snatched and c+jed after, and my shoulders aren’t fucking inflamed. My bottom position squats feel pretty solid, I held some decent stuff overhead (as well as two days ago). I have legit improved my movement options. I’ve been doing mob work for … I dunno. Maybe a little under a year. I started probably sometime last year around October or November. I feel like a completely different athlete.

I benched up to 265lbs for a paused double on Friday, backed off to 245lbs for a paused triple. This has been an interesting week for pressing. For starters I’ve pressed 3x this week with 48 hours rest between sessions and I haven’t felt too bad. It’s been relatively low-volume.

Power snatched + snatch from the hang up to 195lbs, then squat snatched + snatched from the hang 205lbs, then squat snatched 215lbs (and missed a snatch from the hang).

Clean-and-jerked up to 275lbs, cleaned 285lbs twice and missed the jerk both times. My jerks felt surprisingly good, and I thought today would be the day I’d fucking PR on this shit but I have a few loose ends to tie together here. My split’s a lot better (from couch stretching and attacking quad/suprapatellar soft tissue) so I’m able to fucking support the shit I get overhead. However, I probably need to think about starting from a tight, organized position so that I finish in a tight, organized position, thinking about something to cue external rotation in the front rack.

For a while, the discrepancy in my knee flexion was affecting my snatch and clean bottom position quite a bit. Especially in the snatch, I’d always twist towards the side that was deficient in knee flexion. That’s definitely a lot better now and in addition to that I feel a lot more organized receiving cleans.

Finished up this workout with some weighted ring dips and worked up to +60lbs x 4.

Overall this was a pretty good workout, if for no other reason than I felt like a reasonably supple leopard.

* * *

Power snatched 205lbs today (Saturday), then power cleaned 260lbs + front squat + jerk for a power clean PR. Also c+jed up to 285lbs for a 10lbs c+j PR.

High-bar squat 365lbs x 5 and 385lbs x 3 afterwards, went home, ate, rested, came back to train with Saul and Becky and high-bar back squat 385lbs x 5.

Push pressed 195lbs for a single and a double.

Snatch-grip dead 352lbs for two sets of 4.

Weighted pull ups, curls, rounded-back extensions, I was fucking done after the first set of snatch-grip deads.

So let me link this one more time – starting from a stable, organized position to finish in a stable, organized position. Thinking about externally rotating the shoulders + pulling them back (not completely, but not having them forward and deliberately squeezing the scaps back) did a fucking legit number for my jerk. I felt real solid overhead, the jerks I hit today are the best jerks I’ve hit in a real long fucking time.

Went to a breakfast place pre-workout in the late AM today, saw a real cute hostess with a pretty smile, didn’t talk to her. Supposedly she was looking in our direction as we walked out the door but she was either into my roommate’s guns since he was wearing a sleeveless shirt or my buddy’s emo haircut and glasses.

Jake writes:

Have you watched many movies from the 70′s? Do you realize that ALL of them end in the most depressing fucking way possible. Usually it involves the main character dying. Fuck, just check out Get Carter.
So in honor of those horrible movie endings, you should start a 70′s Depressed seminar. I’d go and I have a fucking girlfriend. Fuck.

I’m very rarely in a depressed mood so I wouldn’t know anything about giving a seminar on being depressed.

melody writes:

I go to the same gym as you, but at a different time. Now when I read your blog IT makes me feel like a total stalker. Even though I read it before. Way to make things weird.

You may as well have just asked me “so uh … what are you wearing?” with a comment like that.

Best writes:

This was a deload week, so no PR’s but I did find a wallet with about 350 cash in it. I went to the chicks house cuz she lived near me and she gave a hundred bucks for returning it. She was ugly so I didn’t bang her but I clearly could have. My girlfriend had a pumpkin carving party with her friends, I went to that and got drunk then went to sleep; it couldn’t have gone better.
Life is good in SoCal, where do you live again?
Oh, and thanks for inspiring me to help out at a suicide hotline; since you don’t update frequently enough for my misery fix, I supplement with phone calls of other self loathers. I hope this doesn’t make you jealous.

Pumpkin carving party doesn’t sound that fun, if you’ll lettuce beans real tea for a moment. I’d rather be couch stretching or rolling my glutes/high hamstrings out with a ball. Or playing StarCraft 2. Watching the Day[9] Daily. Getting drunk just sounds fucking terrible. Since I’m Korean, any experience with imbibing alcohol typically blows since I just get a headache, inflamed, and go to sleep after very minimal intake (i.e. less than two beers). I’ve never enjoyed the sensations I got from drinking alcohol. Some people feel sorry for me because of that but it’s hard for me to see a downside to not drinking. I think the first time I went to sleep after drinking two beers, the people I was hanging out with took turns dry humping me. I don’t remember it happening.

I am off Oct 31st but don’t have any plans to go to Halloween/costume parties. Nor have I been invited to any. I intend to be at the gym for the majority of the early evening, doing some volume pressing, and probably eating a lot of grass-fed meat afterwards. There’s a lot of people on my facebook feed posting pictures of their costume parties. I’m pretty indifferent.

Ask me how foreveralone.jpg I feel. Seriously. Just ask me. Ask me.