Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

This oughta be good.

Friend at work wants to go out to a real good Salvadorian/Mexican restaurant. I have been wanting to eat there for a while – I had some steak with churrasca sauce or something when I went and it fucking rocked my world – but nobody wants to go with me. Plans have been made multiple times – not plans that I organize, in case you were fucking wondering – but typically everyone bails and I end up eating ground beef alone at home while watching anime in front of my laptop. It’s not that bad now since I’m eating grass-fed ground beef. Anyways she says “we should invite VPVG.”

I say, “Can we invite Girl With Very Pretty Smile?”

She responds, “Why do you always like girls who don’t fit you?”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re not your type.”

“In what way are they not my type?”

“You’re not theirs.”

“Well what is her type?”

“Black. Or maybe white. But definitely not Asian.”

So if you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom – I’ll be the guy painting the shower with his fucking brains.

Training has sucked lately. I did manage to hit a 275lbs c+j which matches a personal best, and that is about the only productive thing I’ve done in the past couple days. Benched 255lbs x 4, which couldn’t frustrate me more. I’ll prob do legit 4×5 volume days starting now and start at something manageable like 240lbs or 245lbs and come back up as I was having some good success with that. That same day (Friday) I attempted to squat 355lbs for max reps which at the time was 4. I had to get to work and obv I felt like shit so I terminated that workout immediately after.

Wanted to train Sat but ended up spending most of the day at work.

Tonight (Sunday) I snatched up to 215lbs with difficulty (took quite a few attempts, even with Saul slapping my traps for one attempt at 220lbs which was the most disappointing miss of the the night), c+jed 255lbs and couldn’t clean 265lbs, and squat 355lbs for 7, 6, 4, and 4. Which is better than squatting 355lbs for 4 on the first set. Didn’t sleep much and trained late. Squats weren’t very great but I will take 20 total reps and putting what was essentially 9.5 RPE for the day. I have tomorrow off and will hopefully be more than 70% awake for training, so as long as I’m not fatigued (legs and posterior chain have felt tired for a week or two) I may post some better results.

I have also been mildly anxious because I set a goal to curl AT LEAST 2x a week and do 5 sets each time I curl and I only hit 1x a week last week due to waking up late Friday and not training Saturday. So I am pretty happy about curling tomorrow.

Stroup writes:

Nutmeg, do you do any band mob work at home? Where the hell do attach the band for such stuff? Also I got mad lame internal rotation issues with my right shoulder from sitting at a desk clicking on a mouse all day for work. Any suggestions to help me not have a tvale/gordonfuck right shoulder?

For you other guys, Stroup is referencing the vid of the corgi skateboarding I linked a while ago. The corgi’s name is Nutmeg. Stroup thinks the name works for me as well. My response to that was the first response in this thread, although you should read the whole thread as it is pretty good (I don’t give a fuck about blacking out names since you all post on the blog anyway):

Anyways, Patrick, I have a door from pull-up bar that I use for my mobbing. I just set it outside my door so the handles immobilize it from moving in and use the band to pull into the bedroom for the best shoulder mob ever. I then mount it on the top of the door frame for shoulder IR stretching.

Also from the comments, most of you will probably enjoy reading this thread if you haven’t already. I definitely did. But I enjoyed fucking killing myself after reading it more.

Also, Patrick, you probably want to know this – the hot hispanic milf you keep telling me to bang was talking to me about sex with her boyfriend today.

Well hey guys I think that’s about all I can take, I’ll talk to you here in a little bit.

After I’ve put a bullet through my fucking forehead.