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Spent at least 30mins with Saul while he was completely naked today.

Interesting mob issue – my shit feels like it’s fucking sucked since my volume squat the day before hitting 1rms three days apart for Chris’s study and just hasn’t gotten better. Squatting in particular has fucking blown, though I’ve felt pretty shitty snatching and cleaning as well. I feel weak coming out of the hole, and my pull and receiving position in both the snatch and clean has not been that great – it started with just sucking at the bottom position as far as hip/hamstring tension, and then later on I kept dumping lifts that should have been made forward so my overhead position has been blowing a while too. After squatting last night I felt like I wasn’t utilizing as much musculature as I should have been, i.e. external rotation of the knees was not happening very well. So after yesterday’s workout I did three things: banded the elbows together and went overhead with externally-rotated grip (supinated) and neutral spine, then at home I tacked-and-stretched my suprapatellar pouch, and rolled on my glutes and high hamstrings with a lacrosse ball.

Today’s workout went a little better, I felt better pulling my snatches and cleans and I was receiving everything overhead a lot crisper and didn’t have to chase everything like I’ve had to for the past two weeks. I think what made me do the tack-and-stretch was the shitty squat workout last night combined with lateral knee pain with the left leg that has required some warming up in the past few workouts to go away; there was an mwod vid that talked about how having tightened suprapatellar pouch tissue could effect the bottom position of the squat because you’re having to compensate with shitty mechanics to get the last few degrees of knee flexion. I found some pretty grody bits on distal vastus lateralis on both legs that I collected some time tacking-and-stretching with, and suddenly squatting felt a lot fucking better. Might need to do it one or two more times and collect 3-5mins each leg. The first couple times I tacked-and-stretched my suprapatellar pouch, it was my VMO that fucking sucked to deal with, I went to 9/10 pain scale real fucking fast with those. I’ve been back squatting almost exclusively recently though – maybe causing vastus lateralis to get tightened up disproportionately compared to VMO for some reason?

I’m not saying that my force production has been reduced, and all of a sudden it’s back to normal after mobbing – I probably won’t be making PR squats and a lot of that is prob just needing to recover and come back up – but positionally I feel much better and it’s that improved positioning that’s actually had legit, immediate effects on my oly lifting and I suspect it’ll make my squats feel more manageable, i.e. I will be able to start utilizing external rotation of the knees a little easier.

So yesterday I benched up to 260lbs for a double, squat 335lbs for a few sets of 5 and 365lbs x 4, power snatched 175lbs for a triple and missed a lot of power snatches after that, and finished up with some ring dips weighted by +40lbs of chain around my neck. This workout was pretty shitty, esp. re: squatting, and I should have benched 260lbs for at least a triple, and I should be power snatching quite a bit more than 175lbs x 3, but I think I can attribute this to coming back from illness. Have lost some bw, which helps with my bf%, but isn’t really helping me get much more jacked.

Today I felt much stronger despite being the lightest I have been in a real fucking long time, and snatched up to 220lbs without chasing the bar, attempted to c+j 285lbs twice but missed the jerk both times, snatch pulled 255lbs for three triples, and snatch-grip deadlifted 352.5lbs x 5. Felt pretty solid and crisp overhead, and received my snatches and cleans with a pretty good, stable, externally-rotated bottom position.

I met a half-Pakistani, half-hispanic girl at work a few days ago, she’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met and has the ROUNDEST ASS I have ever seen, and I don’t even really give a fucking shit about asses but the ROUNDNESS of her buttocks simply couldn’t be ignored (she was really fucking juicy) – I thought she was flirting with me at first because she showed me a picture of her Halloween costume from last year which was a slutty school girl outfit, but I found out later that she’s married and is a mother of two. Not only is she a mother of two, she’s like a NINETEEN YEAR OLD mother of two; she had a fucking kid when she was 15. I thought she was fucking my age?????? I suppose this is fucking irrelevant since she thought I was funny and seemed to enjoy making conversation with me – I was probably friend-zoned before we even said hello. She said to herself, “I’m gonna friend-zone the next guy I see,” and *poof* there I was. She spoke Spanish to me a few times, i.e. “gracias,” and something something or other “par favor” and the way she spoke made my loins quiver. I guess it’s better this way.

Super hot fitness/powerlifting chick was at the gym this evening today, luckily Brad was lifting as well so I had someone to talk to rather than just twiddle my thumbs and pretend she didn’t exist. Quite frankly I’m surprised I even trained today after I saw her, my tolerance for any interaction with real hot girls has been been more than exceeded by the half-Pakistani chick. I think I’m gonna fucking kill myself.

Look guys – I’m just a regular guy who wants to lift, get jacked, flex in the mirror after showering, and get more mobile. I try not to let my emotions get in the way of that happening. I just do the best I can OK???? Sometimes the best I can is still pretty shitty – but it’s all I’ve fucking got.

criedthefox writes:

Brent, I am curious if you care to comment on this youtube channel? [http://www.youtube.com/user/SpottyDog#p/u/0/ZXvlRqK6Ffs]

I’m not gonna go there man. If she’s training, that is great. Good. Solid. Thick. Best of luck with her YouTube flexing goals in 2011. I’m not delving beyond that.

melvin writes:

thoughts on this video:

It’s real real REAL important to me that I lift more than him. Not in that fucking gay shrug exercise but like, I want to bench a lot fucking more than that 90s guido piece of shit.

Jake writes:

Hamworld might be mildly retarded: [http://www.youtube.com/user/hamworld05#p/u/0/myeGT8qDmk4]
Googling his screen name I also found that he’s on some forum called “Personal Development for Smart People Forums”
Here he is in all his glory:

I guess he’s like legit in fucking high school????? I’m not touching this one either. I’m washing my hands of it.