Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

I could be more congested.

Caught a cold over the weekend, could have been less pleasant.

I did some shitty oly lifting on Friday, snatched 215lbs, tried to do some power snatches and fucking blew at them? C+jed up to 255lbs with a press-out and cleaned up to 265lbs.

Did some clean pulls, weighted chin ups, rounded-back back extensions and curls to finish up. +45lbs x 5 on the chin ups followed by +65lbs x 3.

Today I clean-and-pressed 172.5lbs for a double and another single, then front squat 325lbs for a triple and a double, hit +55lbs x 4 weighted ring dips, +55lbs x 6 weighted chin ups, and banged out some quick hammer db curls but only did 2 sets so this workout does not count towards my goal of curling 5 sets 2x a week. I am glad I did not fucking blow terribly hard after this weekend as I’ve lost a few lbs and was sweating like a motherfucker five minutes into training.

JC writes:

I love that people come here via links on Stronglifts and see you telling them and Medhi to go fuck themselves.
So, serious question: are you still training intuitively or do you have some form f programming at the moment – you seem to be keeping/improving strength on weightlifting and powerlifting movements atm.


I have a schedule I follow, basically Texas Method without a light day and I try to do the oly lifts every training day (though I may be adjusting the frequency of these, or at least how hard I go when I do them. I should prob do more variation than attempting max-effort singles all the time). I haven’t made very many lifetime PRs yet, other than high bar squat PRs but I have not improved them beyond my low bar performance yet. 172.5lbs x 2 press is kind of a lifetime PR since I did both reps dead-stop. I may have front squat a lifetime PR sometime recently. My curling has definitely seen some lifetime PRs recently though.

mdm writes:

I thought this was funny and yeah the first guy you posted from the SS boards now posts on BBcom, great! As for Medhi I personally cannot stand him and I usually get along with everybody but its just something about how he presents himself that I can’t put a name on. Just not the fact on how he words the “articles” he writes but ALSO that for about maybe three years now whenever Deadlifting comes up he ALWAYS has to first mention how he is a natural athlete and can pull 500lbs @ 165. Three years and you can’t even add 5lbs?

I want to see what SL.com looks like with 90% of its user base having been banned.

Tell me how you guys feel about this thread.