I was more motivated to train today.

I was going to have a bad training day – I had missed 225lbs twice and was about to quit but both misses were close, bar was overhead and arms locked out, I was just being a real virgin about staying tight and just standing the fuck up. I was considering being conservative and moving on to c+js but I thought it’d be real fucking dumb to not make a weight that I was very clearly good for so took a third attempt and made it and probably prevented my almost assured suicide. I would like to make it a habit of hitting 100k+ as I have mentioned before.

C+jed up to 265lbs and made an attempt at 280lbs but wasn’t too strong with the jerk there. The clean also felt heavy in the pull, and I doubted I could take it again for a second attempt, though standing with the weight wasn’t difficult. My posterior chain has felt stronger.

Clean-and-pressed 160lbs x 5, 160lbs x 3, 150lbs x 5, 160lbs x 4, and 160lbs x 3. I think I may have rushed my second set, as in rested maybe 3 mins and could have used another 2. These are much better clean-and-presses than I have been posting in the past. I’m not sure what made me suck so fucking bad for the past couple weeks but it feels like I’ll be ready to start making some progress here.

Snatch pulled and did some snatch-grip DLs, hit 330lbs x 7. I forgot how fun these were to do, and I enjoyed an overall back pump after doing them, which would be compounded by rounded-back back extensions.

I finished up with a lot of curls and some ring dips, hitting two triples at +55lbs.

There is an indoor soccer league which shares a building with the gym, and I may have mentioned it before but it sounds like really authentic soccer when the some of the players/coaches shout in Spanish. Saul and Becky love it when the players shout in English though, because apparently one night they were training and one of the guys on the sidelines was screaming frantically,


and also


so they thought that was real funny. So funny, in fact, that whenever there’s an eruption of noise after a goal or whatnot, Saul will join in the shouting with “PUT IT IN MIKE!!!!!!!”

Also, Becky says some fucking guy was judging me as we walked out, I’m assuming because of the soffes, so I said, “Why? Because I have better quads than him?”

I think it’s OK if the soccer folks don’t like us since they’re a bunch of slow-twitch pieces of shit anyway. BRB not training legs because they get strong from running.

biggy writes:

hey brent u should slam the weight fucking hard on the ground in the commercial gym and scream fuck yea usa so all the chicks would look at you. it would also help with your anger issues.

I am not an angry person. The last post demonstrated misery as the pre-dominant emotion. One of the primary themes of this blog isn’t rage at the world, it’s acquiescence to things that can’t be changed – i.e. “I’ve gone beyond the event horizon of the friend zone BRB there is no escape” – and the lowering of standards – “BRB quitting competition just gonna flex in the mirror to slay mildly attractive pussy.” The art is in the ability that I can take something that should make you want to kill yourself, and produce a low-grade lol when you read it. There are other ideas that I try to communicate as well but it’d be pretentious to talk about them here.

/kills self

Matt writes:

Once you go Black/Matt you never go back… Find another girl to get rejected by. Bullets are on sale I will email you the link. Could you throw a ninja star at yourself hard enough to kill? Try it out.

Rejection is a primary motivation for me to train. I would argue that the vast majority – if not all – of the PRs I’ve made in my lifetime have been fueled by asking myself “how do you feel about the fact that this girl is making out with a guy who is NOT you” or “I wonder what this fucking other guy benches? Is it more than me? Fucking goddamn it his arms were like 18″ he prob benches like 285lbs for reps. That’s not fucking typical, ‘oh I’ve got a tribal tattoo around my arm and I benched a lot on the high school football team’ give me a fucking break.” So 1.) yes, I will be seeking another female to tell me I’m a nice guy, and 2.) I would rather continue working towards curling 135lbs x 10 than kill myself at the moment.

freak writes:

Have you considered killing OTHER people? I think it would help.

The only reason I’d kill someone is if I were in 2/75th Rangers and was assigned to jump off the back of a helicopter and smoke the fuck out of some religious extremist pieces of shit who cut people’s heads and genitals off for no reason.

Mark writes:

He’s too much of a limp wristed pussy to kill someone.

and also writes:

Brent how is your shuffling going?
I bet you gave up on it like a fucking pussy.

Can’t hear you over LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

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  1. Plej is awesome. Haven´t heard this song before, thanks!

    You meet a lot weird people, thanks for sharing and for not killing yourself.

  2. Brent, I think you’d love this


    Also, im glad you enjoy my trolling and foreveraloneness.

  3. making out? what are you in high school? Whoever she is, she’s not making out with you because she’s getting FUCKED by a real man.

  4. hey Brent, I’m pretty all set with that lmfao party rock anthem song.

    Just figured I would let you know that I don’t like it.

  5. As always, you got me comically wet with this post. Very well done.

  6. Speaking of girls.. how about this http://www.buzzfeed.com/burnred/katy-perry-topless-nsfw-281t
    Brent what is your take on this photo?

  7. Brent, you need a series of girls to treat him like shit so that he can set more PRs.

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