I’m chatting with Thom on webcam right now.

I’m shirtless on Thom’s webcam and he is at uni. People are walking past him in the background – we’ve done this before and people have seen what’s on his screen (because he full-screened my cam) and started loling and pointing. Thom doesn’t care.

Training hasn’t been ideal this week because as Justin has mentioned many times I don’t sleep like a fucking human. I was wanting to bench on Wednesday, but slept in, then wanted to do it Thursday, but slept in instead again (and had to go to work both days). So I did a fucking lot tonight (Friday) and ended up doing the following:

high-bar squat 405lbs x 1, 385lbs x 3
power snatched 185lbs x 2
power cleaned 245lbs x 1 + 1 squat clean
benched 245lbs x 2, 4, 3, 4
RDLed 330lbs x 9, 6
rounded-back back extensions

This was after about 5 hours of driving with Saul and it really could have been better. I probably would have benefited from some mobbing after the drive. It’s fine. The RDL x 9 was a PR and hurt a lot to do. So Cristina:

When I do over 14 deadlifts, my legs get tired and I stop. How do I improve?
I guess I could use an ergometer.

I’ve never done more than 10 deadlifts – and I’d probably fucking kill myself if I did. Cristina pulls 220lbs x 14 @ like 137-140lbs lol lol lol.

Benching could have been better and might have gone better if I didn’t take my last warm-up at 215lbs and go directly to 245 – it felt heavy when I took it out of the rack for the first set but on subsequent sets felt much more manageable.

I warmed up with muscle snatches and worked up to 105lbs x 3, so Brian:

95lbs for a muscle snatch is a fucking jelly dick weight

Oh I’m Brian, I’m gonna make fun of a guy WHO JUST FUCKING OBTAINED THE GLENO-HUMERAL INTERNAL ROTATION TO EVEN DO A FUCKING MUSCLE SNATCH for doing jelly-dicked weight, hey man thanks for the fucking constructive criticism, let me implement what I learned from that into my training. Call me if you want to talk about it – I’ll be the guy foaming at the mouth on his bedroom floor after swallowing a cyanide capsule.

Justin writes:

It’s like me travelling all the way to Libya, using HUMINT and SIGINT to find relatives of Gaddafi, traveling to their home, knocking on the door, introducing myself, then saying, “Hey, I just wanted you to know that I don’t care that Gaddafi was killed. Or that he cried like a bitch before it happened even though he pissed thousands of people off to the point that they wanted to go to war with him.”

lol lol lol

Best writes:

I have been training for a little under two years, in this time I went from 26 yrs old 165 to 28 yrs old 210 at 5’9. My whole life before lifting weights was getting shit faced, skating, and playing pool. I recently squatted 440, Deadlifted 510,PC 125 KG, and benched 320.
My girlfriend is hot and she trains now too. I live in SoCal and have a great relationship with my family and friends. I still drink and smoke heavily regularly and my bodfat is around 10%.
I guess what I’m saying is thanks.

Tell me more.

Saul and I drove to Powderly, Texas again to get more grass-fed beef which took about an hour longer than it should have because I took or missed about 3 turns. I should note that this didn’t happen the first time we drove since I brought directions. We drove past a lot of cows and Saul made it a point to make sure I knew that the cows basically never stopped eating, as they are an herbivore that must eat 3% of it’s bodyweight a day in fucking grass which would fucking blow. We talked for at least a cumulative total of roughly an hour about cows eating grass and various extensions of that subject ranging from metabolic processes, to hypothetical situations i.e. bulls are pretty jacked, could humans get jacked as well eating grass?, to talking about how relaxing and enjoyable it can be to simply watch cows eat.

There is a dog at the farm we go to for our meet who demands attention. It will walk pretty lazily over to our car whenever we come and then forcefully nuzzle our hands so that we pet her. It made me feel needed, and her neediness made me like the dog. I was more or less emotionally fulfilled for about ten minutes today while this dog insisted that I gave her attention, then I left the farm and felt a familiar void of emptiness.

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  1. quality post.

  2. What is the opposite of ‘jelly dick’ ? (as a verb. the opposite of N. ‘a jelly dick’ is pretty obvious).

  3. chestbrahh in da houss.

  4. pics of Best’s gf?

  5. Lol’ing so fucking hard at the last paragraph.

  6. I believe “jelly dick” was used as an adjective in this post. Just sayin

  7. Hey Brent, I made this playlist for you as an apology for describing your muscle snatch weight as “jelly dick”.


  8. “There is a dog at the farm we go to for our meet who demands attention.”

    So you compete at this farm?

    I am from Hugo, OK which is about 15 miles north of Powderly. It’s probably the smallest town in Texas.

  9. Brent did you get facebook jacked the other day?

  10. Had a great week of lifting last week, each day was better than the last and I’ve never felt so far from suicide. I’ve decided to give up reading anything written by anyone positive and instead focus my attention on the miserable and use that to feel really good about my sunshine life.

    Thanks Brent.

  11. Best;

    Does your girlfriend let you smash her back door in?

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