JMOvechkin writes:

Would you say that front squatting would:
A. Improve low bar back squat
B. No change
C. Decrease low bar back squat
D. All of the above

Please fully circle your answer with a No. 2 pencil.

I’d prob guess B, though training the front squat with the low-bar back squat means less time training the low-bar back squat overall so slower progress on the back squat might be a long-term result.

I rolled on my IT bands for the first time a few days ago, with a lacrosse ball, was pretty awful. Did the best shoulder mob ever, which I found has significant benefits when I do it before benching, so it’ll be a regular on the nights before I bench (I’ve been neglecting it). Uhh rhomboids and external rotators were real sore after touch-and-go deads and bent-over bb rows, so did quite a bit of soft tissue work there, standard couch/table-top stretch as well, and also anterior deltoid soft tissue stuff. Last night I also hit up an IR stretch for my right shoulder, the discrepancy in internal rotation between my shoulders is slowly decreasing which means my snatch (and prob a few other things) should be getting even better.

Friday I benched 225 x 7, 5 touch-and-go, last set x 4 paused. High-bar squat 365lbs x 5, 375lbs x 4, 355lbs x 3. This was a pretty terrible workout. Didn’t feel that great before, and I wanted to kill myself after.

Today was a little better. I started off by power snatching 195lbs and squat snatching it, was hoping for a power snatch double but I’ll take this as well. Snatched 205lbs for an easy single after.

Power clean + squat clean + jerk 245lbs, this was as high as I got, felt heavy.

Double overhand no hook deads, 330lbs x 6.

I superset that with close-grip bench, hit 215lbs x 8 and 7 for a PR. Yes, this was the day after benching. No, I don’t give a fucking shit if it was a bad decision. I wanted to close-grip bench yesterday after squatting but time wouldn’t allow. Also, I needed to do well on some kind of press after yesterday, or I would have been upset until next bench day. Something to think about is that there are numerous programs i.e. Sheiko, Smolov, that involve benching and/or squatting 4+ times a week (Sheiko, which is actually mega fucking legit since it’s the official training program of the Russian national powerlifting team, is actually like 5-7 i think … if I just liked powerlifting I’d prob be doing Sheiko).

FYI, my training schedule is going to become a little more intuitive for a bit. Work schedule will be a confounding factor in regularity, though I will still follow a basic order (i.e. volume squat/press, light pull, intensity squat/press, heavy pull). Mainly the biggest difference is I may be pressing on different days than I squat.

Justin, this is a good thread. Msingh talks about you. Basically he doesn’t train (he lifts, but he is a real virgin newbie about it) and thinks that because he sucks, everyone else sucks too. Guy could not be more self-victimizing. Msingh is the epitome of the guy who is too busy talking about training on the internet instead of actually training.

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  1. Kim – Dawg,

    Sheiko has a number of variants, when I ran a cycle I was benching (and training) 3 days a week, however in some sessions you would bench twice.

  2. Brent, you are an asswipe. Seriously, I have never spoken ill about your character and you start posting about me. It was my mistake to speak badly on Justin’s behalf, but i was quite furious that day.

  3. He must be the only person in the entire world who took that JM Blakeley thing literally. Quite an exclusive club!

  4. you guys are all douche bags

  5. Dude, I find it funny that msingh is pissed about Brent “speaking ill of his character” when the whole reason this link was posted was because msingh spoke ill of justin’s character without good reason. What a hypocrite. Lol.

    • the link was posted because msingh (the guy in the thread, not the guy pretending to be him here) cannot for the life of him commit to training

      he is absolutely fantastic at making excuses for himself though, and arguing about things that no one else in the fucking world gives a fucking shit about

      • Ah, I see. Well he sounds like the average forum crawler to me. All talk, no action. Besides, what kind of idiot honestly blames a thread on a forum for his massive weight gain and also his massive levels of suck? I read most of the thread and it was completely retarded anyhow. People take themselves way too seriously.

  6. there i was balls deep in msingh’s ass when i turn around and see brent kim shrugging 4 fcking wheels,

  7. I’m unimpressed with this “flame war”.

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