Snatched 235lbs without bumpers.

Not a big deal really.

Fyi – last time I snatched 235lbs, which happened once, was when I was walking around at 180lbs bw, was 164lbs in this vid. I felt pretty crisp today, smoked 205lbs, 215lbs, and threw 225lbs behind me, but it felt like a fucking joke so I figured 235lbs was gonna happen. Also, I don’t fucking give a shit.

Also power cleaned 255lbs, followed by a squat clean and a jerk. Clean and jerked 275lbs after this. I’d have gotten video of this, but since it wasn’t really a PR, I didn’t think it was worth getting on film.

Pulled 405lbs touch-and-go, strapped (I think I could have gotten 2-3 double overhand hook grip, but wanted 5+). Pulled 365lbs x 7 double overhand hook grip, touch-and-go, with a few resets for grip after.

That was about it for the important stuff. Did some barbell rows after, 175lbs x 6 for 4 sets, then some barbell curls and weighted back extensions.

Happy that I hit 235lbs, makes it even cooler for me that it was without bumpers.

Did quite a bit of mobbing before this workout, couch stretch and table top stretch last night, did some soft tissue work on anterior shoulder today, followed by rolling on external rotators, and then a little overhead external rotation (band elbows together, wide supinated grip on pull up bar, load and maintain neutral spine).

Food was a chipotle burrito with barbacoa, rice, onions and peppers, then a little later some ribs, a peach, 50/50 pro/waxy maize shake.

FYI, the shirt I’m wearing is a picture of an astronaut with the caption, “Not all dreams can come true.”

  1. This is good stuff Brent. I’ve never really done Oly lifts before, so let me ask, what difference do bumpers make compared to iron plates? Also, have you experienced any back problems lifting double overhand grip on your deads? I noticed some serious stiffness after double overhands mayeb I should be doing some specific mobs. Anyhow, awesome lifts and excellent traps sir.

  2. touch n go pulls are useless, Brent. Its called a DEADlift for a reason.

  3. Brent, you’re so wiley, also you look like your the size of the burrito you ate post-PR’s.

    • Shit, I got carried away by the SINGLE barbocoa and forgot to ask my question. Would you say that front squatting would:
      A. Improve low bar back squat
      B. No change
      C. Decrease low bar back squat
      D. All of the above

      Please fully circle your answer with a No. 2 pencil.

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