You guys heard of involuntary celibacy?

Sounds made up.

dennisthemenace writes:

I think the challenge here is that Kelly doesn’t talk like a regular human being. His videos are valuable but are cluttered with his nonsense-speak. I think he spoke in plain English his videos would be way more tolerable.

“Nonsense-speak” dude just



just leave all right? Just get out. I wanna fucking BE Kelly Starrett when I grow up. Including the weird things that he says. The videos I do for Mope-ility WOD will be done in the style of Kelly Starrett.

Had an uninspired snatch and c+j session on Tuesday with some good mornings, today I benched 280lbs x 2 paused, high-bar squat 410lbs x 5 and another double and got a double at +95lbs weighted ring dips.

I was wearing the supple leopard t-shirt, which is kind of tight, while benching today and probably couldn’t have looked more stereotypical, some fucking piece of shit Asian benching like a fucking ego-lifting asshole. Hey can I get a spot oh I failed my 3rd rep it’s fine you probably didn’t see this coming a mile away. Me weighing sub-160lbs these days is probably not really helping my gym credibility. I got the blue supple leopard t-shirt but I’m now contemplating getting the black one with the pink leopard just for the sake of having another supple leopard t-shirt. I’m kinda burnt out on black t-shirts though since every meet seems to think black is a great color for a meet t-shirt.

I just want you to guys to know that at this PL meet I’m gonna do in about a month I’m prob gonna squat like 210kg+ and deadlift like 190kg not a big deal really. I haven’t done a deadlift deadlift since like August.

lambchop writes:

“One of the things I hate about myself was that I ever got big fish in a little pond syndrome when I first started lifting.”
Sounds like a neat blog post, provided that thinking/writing about it doesn’t send you into a shame spiral and take a few pounds off your lifts.

I was just the fucking piece of shit who said “oh I squat 245lbs high-bar and to end-range, oh I snatch 80kg/176lbs, oh I press bodyweight, oh I never have lumbar flexion in any of my deadlifts” and thought I was hot shit for it. I was proud of c+jing 105kg at like 65kg bodyweight or some lame shit, made facebook status updates about my training, thought Collegiate Nationals mattered, I just gave too many fucks and thought other people gave fucks about it too. It’s fine. I’m a lot better now. I have more perspective. Mostly I understand that no one fucking gives a shit.

chris2004 writes:

I agree with you Brent. I only believe like 3% of what you write on here.

Which 3%?

Ellee linked this vid to me the other day:

1:30 legit had my eyes watering.

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  1. “If you’re happy with where you are, you get complacent. Being unhappy drives change. As living organisms we weren’t meant to be happy. We were meant to face adversity, hate our lives, but give enough of a shit to find a way to survive.”

    Wisdom, Brent Kim.

  2. Involuntary Celibacy crew, signing in.

    Also, Is that white girl on coke?

  3. icanmakeyouaman

    Involuntary celibacy?

    Legalize prostitution

  4. If you dont like the way Kstarr talks your totem animal is Frank Yang.

    • Those Kstar/Bmac/Kfed type nicknames are indescribably lame. Everything else about his videos is gold though. Apart from Brian MacKenzie obviously.

  5. Brent,

    I suggest you listen to this song before your next training session. Mope-ility to the max.

  6. Thanks for the solid advice in the last post!

  7. Brent,

    How does it feel to have comparative strength levels to Matt Wichlinski?;

    • why should i care about this guy?

      • Seriously, Brent? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

        He is irrelevant, but he does bill himself as some sort of good trainer/athlete/etc.

        I forgot where I was going with this.

        More importantly, you have to realize that your fanbase is largely composed of aspie virgins who can’t communicate their thoughts all that clearly.

        Please respond.

  8. so i’m trying to tell myself i’ll eventually have more frequent sex someday and don’t feel like such a piece of shit…..and someone’s out there trying to clinically diagnos me with some kind of psych shit? mope-ility wod please? shit.

  9. hey B-Kim-Killer-Boss,

    i just wanted to tell you that i can do sets of five now. i reached for the stars and but found pull up bars.

    miss you.

  10. That video was fucking gay.

  11. I’ve got a thing for white chicks dancing to choreographed hip-hop. so hot.

  12. The 3% constitutes of your personal life and sweet website ideas. Everything else I cross reference.

    Brent what are u studying in grad college? Sorry if u wroe this somewhere else already in the past.

  13. Being sub-160 is sure helping your FUCKING SINCLAIR.

  14. Heya i for the primary time here. I found this board and I to find It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to present one thing again and aid others like you aided me.

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