Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

You guys heard of involuntary celibacy?

Sounds made up.

dennisthemenace writes:

I think the challenge here is that Kelly doesn’t talk like a regular human being. His videos are valuable but are cluttered with his nonsense-speak. I think he spoke in plain English his videos would be way more tolerable.

“Nonsense-speak” dude just



just leave all right? Just get out. I wanna fucking BE Kelly Starrett when I grow up. Including the weird things that he says. The videos I do for Mope-ility WOD will be done in the style of Kelly Starrett.

Had an uninspired snatch and c+j session on Tuesday with some good mornings, today I benched 280lbs x 2 paused, high-bar squat 410lbs x 5 and another double and got a double at +95lbs weighted ring dips.

I was wearing the supple leopard t-shirt, which is kind of tight, while benching today and probably couldn’t have looked more stereotypical, some fucking piece of shit Asian benching like a fucking ego-lifting asshole. Hey can I get a spot oh I failed my 3rd rep it’s fine you probably didn’t see this coming a mile away. Me weighing sub-160lbs these days is probably not really helping my gym credibility. I got the blue supple leopard t-shirt but I’m now contemplating getting the black one with the pink leopard just for the sake of having another supple leopard t-shirt. I’m kinda burnt out on black t-shirts though since every meet seems to think black is a great color for a meet t-shirt.

I just want you to guys to know that at this PL meet I’m gonna do in about a month I’m prob gonna squat like 210kg+ and deadlift like 190kg not a big deal really. I haven’t done a deadlift deadlift since like August.

lambchop writes:

“One of the things I hate about myself was that I ever got big fish in a little pond syndrome when I first started lifting.”
Sounds like a neat blog post, provided that thinking/writing about it doesn’t send you into a shame spiral and take a few pounds off your lifts.

I was just the fucking piece of shit who said “oh I squat 245lbs high-bar and to end-range, oh I snatch 80kg/176lbs, oh I press bodyweight, oh I never have lumbar flexion in any of my deadlifts” and thought I was hot shit for it. I was proud of c+jing 105kg at like 65kg bodyweight or some lame shit, made facebook status updates about my training, thought Collegiate Nationals mattered, I just gave too many fucks and thought other people gave fucks about it too. It’s fine. I’m a lot better now. I have more perspective. Mostly I understand that no one fucking gives a shit.

chris2004 writes:

I agree with you Brent. I only believe like 3% of what you write on here.

Which 3%?

Ellee linked this vid to me the other day:

1:30 legit had my eyes watering.