Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

One of many poor decisions.

Did some pretty terrible oly lifting on Tuesday, one of my rotations for the oly lifts is snatch pull to above knee + snatch and I have been missing 225lbs with this for the past three weeks it’s fine. 215lbs goes easily, then I just hit a fucking wall at 225lbs. Mediocrity’s great.

I cleaned 275lbs from the below-the-knee hang with a jerk, which was OK.

Finished up with some good mornings and barbell rows, I could have done more volume with these and also curls and db lat delt raises.

Today I benched 260lbs x 5 and got two more doubles, 260lbs x 5 is a lifetime PR so /hand motions. I should have done more but I didn’t get to the gym early enough. I benched the 260lbs x 5 without a spotter, I could make better decisions. Admittedly I left the bar unclipped but honestly? Honestly? Honestly? Anyone ever hear about Sabre Schnitzer?

Another poor decision:

When I was 19 or so I was doing some lame shit at my college gym. Repping like 175lbs on bench probably and wearing tight t-shirts and bleaching my hair orange. Believe it or not, this wasn’t as cool as it sounded. I somehow got hooked on the idea that I wanted to power clean really well so at age 19 and 125lbs-ish bw I put 50k on the bar and did 4 sets of 6, I forgot where I read to do this from but more than likely it wasn’t very helpful. I did weighted ab work because I read it one of Westside Barbell’s articles from like 1999. This was before I read another internet article about running barefoot and I spent two or three months “conditioning” my feet to run barefoot on pavement – this didn’t work out as well as I thought it was going to (to be completely fair I got some pretty tough skin on my feet towards the end of this experiment and could run a few miles without anything on my feet. On another tangent, I was once stopped by a police car because I was real depressed one night, running barefoot at like 9pm, and they had gotten a call because some intoxicated ex-boyfriend who had physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend was also running around in the area, and was ALSO barefoot. Good. Anyways, so not only was I depressed, running barefoot on pavement, and about two degrees away from fucking ending it – I get pulled over by the cops, asked if I’ve been drinking, what I’m running from, and why I’m barefoot. My answer at the time was, “Well the Kenyans run barefoot.” The cops laughed in my face. “No really I read an article those guys are legit, the best runners in the world.”) Basically I was a gigantic fucking piece of shit.

Look guys long story short – this was before I was running barefoot. So I’m in the school’s gym running on a treadmill. My friends are in there with me. This girl hops onto the treadmill unit next to mine, and I’m 19 right? A long, agonizing series of failures and awkward moments hasn’t completely destroyed my self-confidence or belief that I’m a normal person. I still want to talk to people. I still have bright eyes and hope for the future. I still think waking up the next day isn’t a fucking burden. So the 19 year old me says, this chick’s kinda cute, I’ll say hi to her. So I’m on this fucking treadmill, set at some shitty 7:00 pace, and I turn to this chick to say hi, and I almost immediately mis-step, stumble, and am jerked off the treadmill. The girl is completely unphased by this, quite honestly she couldn’t have given less of a fuck, just starts her run. My friends aren’t concerned for my well-being and laugh and don’t stop to ask if I’m ok.

Honestly? It’s fine. I’m past that now. That’s why I’m sitting here telling you about it.

Broseph writes:

You’re Korean, bro.
Get on it.

I didn’t realize they were part of a trio. I’ve seen Old Boy and Sympathy For Lady Vengeance but not Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance. I liked Old Boy a lot. Sympathy For Lady Vengeance was intriguing but I wouldn’t be as willing to watch it again as much as I would Old Boy. Old Boy had a lot more tragedy in it. It made me ask more questions. Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, while interesting, was not as intense or compelling.

Cmoney writes:

No, see. Here’s the thing. If I went over some paleo-donk’s house who, by some miracle, didn’t talk about how paleo he/she is, then I would probably enjoy a nice meal of pork and salad or some shit. I wouldn’t even notice. I wouldn’t walk away from the evening thinking “my what a fine lifestyle she leads.”
If they came over my house and there was some rice involved, they would probably be all like “eww yeah I can’t eat that.” That’s not a lifestyle. That’s being a jerk.

I don’t know what you want anymore. Are we gonna hug at the Arnold or what? Make sure you are wearing a sleeveless shirt.

Tiny writes:

Mr. Kim,
Thanks for your insight.
If said program was similar to this-
Monday-Squat, Press, DeadLift
Tuesday- Snatch, CJ
Thursday-Snatch, CJ
Friday- Squat, Bench, Pull ups
Sat- Snatch, CJ
What would you recommend rep ranges be?
Thanks for helping me reach my tights, strong goals for the 2012 fiscal year.

I like sets of 5 or 3s and the occasional double or single for squatting, pressing, deadlifts, I haven’t done more than singles in the oly lifts for prob a year though I’m not opposed to doing doubles or triples. If you are progressing by +5lbs each workout on the slow lifts I’d stick with something basic like 3×5, otherwise I’d do a Texas Method type thing where one day is volume and the other is working up to a 5rm or 3rm or a few doubles or something.

Hey man, you’re a great guy, gonna do great. I believe in you. Don’t forget to mob.