Daily Archives: January 21, 2012

Thinking of a great thing to say only after the fact.

The powerlifters were in the gym today doing squats out of the mono rack and I was in there, all weighing like 156lbs bw and doing my bullshit oly workout. I also deadlifted today and worked up to a challenging 415lbs x 3 double overhand hook grip and did a few more singles at the same weight. One of the powerlifters commented, “Ah look at that, hook grip, that’s good!” and I said very quietly “thanks … ” because I was like but this is fucking babby weight. 20 minutes after this interaction I realized the best response would have been “it’d be a lot cooler if it was like 550lbs,” or even “it’d be cooler if I was on test,” but the magic was gone so I sat there twiddling my thumbs while resting in-between weighted pull ups as a bunch of geared powerlifters did their accessory work. Anyways the point of the story is that someone reached out to me and I was kind of a fucking dick about it unintentionally. If I could go back in time I’d smile bigger, be funnier.

I snatched up to 235lbs, attempted 245lbs twice and while it was close no one really gives a shit about close. C+Jed up to 265lbs, missed the jerk at 285lbs and probably could have made it but I went to 295lbs and missed this jerk twice.

Front squat 315lbs x 3 and 330lbs x 3 since I have not front squat this week.

Deadlifted up to 415lbs x 3, this was pretty challenging. My mid-hamstrings feel pretty tight as I get the bar to the knees so I’m prob gonna have to do some pretty painful tack-and-stretch that I will break a profuse sweat over. The good news is my hook grip seems to have improved a bit since pulling 415lbs x 3 wasn’t terribly difficult other than some moderate discomfort.

Finished up with weighted pull ups (+100lbs x 2), some curls and lat delt db raises.

I found this in my email one morning, I briefly considered fucking ending it after I was done reading.

Broseph writes:

That video was fucking gay.

Dude just



just fucking chill, man. “Oh those people can express emotions very well through dance, they’re fucking lame as shit” dude just


I’m done, honestly? Honestly? Honestly? I’m finished.

criedthefox writes:

I’ve got a thing for white chicks dancing to choreographed hip-hop. so hot.

I’ve got a thing for chicks who can play the accordion. I’ve got a thing for chicks who read fast. I’ve got a thing for when chicks brush their hair. I’ve got a thing for chicks with pretty smiles. I imagine her smiling across the table at me. She is stunning in her blouse and jeans. Her beauty is effortless. I could not think she is prettier. She tells another joke and I lean towards her, ostensibly to hear but really just to be closer. I ask her, what’s it like to be so charming? She rolls her eyes at me. Be still my heart. Later as we walk out into the night, her bare shoulder brushes mine and her soft skin thrills me. I yearn, and my arm wraps around her waist, almost by reflex. Don’t forget this. Let me keep this moment. She walks with me into a warm night.