Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

21kg competition PR.

So I went 6 for 6 at this meet.

PRed by 21kg, went 100 –> 105 –> 110kg for the snatch, 125 –> 131 –> 137kg for the c+j. Like a 1kg PR in the snatch, more or less matched my c+j PR (I’ve hit 300lbs, 137 is like 301.5lbs but who’s counting). Things felt pretty heavy today, but fortunately I felt fast in the snatch and was also accurate enough to make all my lifts. Using a whippy bar in the c+j made the clean recovery a little harder since I’m not used to utilizing the bounce with a whippy bar but then the jerks were about ten times easier.

I weighed in at 71.7, so …

This is the only meet where my results didn’t make me want to quit lifting. My best total previously was at 85kg, I went 101/125. Last year I was 77kg and went 3/6 totaling 97/122 which was pretty dismal. I have typically only felt disappointment. People ask me how I did and I said “I don’t want to talk about it.” Oh I went to a powerlifting meet and benched less than 300lbs. Oh I went to an OL meet and didn’t qualify for anything.

A lot of familiar faces at this meet, I’ve been going to it for like 5 or 6 years now and I think the best I’ve ever done at this and really any meet was like 4/6 maybe. People were all like “great job man” it felt OK. Is this what it feels like to not be ashamed of what you do? Is this what it’s like to perform as well as you could have expected? I don’t know what this feeling is.

The meet was small, I took 3rd out of 5 guys at 77kg, doesn’t really matter, I think I qualified for the AO though so I’d like to improve my total by a lot and go.

The drive actually turned out to be not that bad. It is like 5 hours total but only 3 hours of that is driving in the middle of no where and the other hour involves navigating in urban environments so I had some visual and driving stimulation to help fight off road fatigue.

willey writes:

Hey, what mobs/stretches can I do to get my arms even when low bar squatting? A friend pointed out that my left elobw doesn’t go as far back as my right when holding the bar.
I broke my collarbone last year, but had surgery and have full range of motion otherwise, so I feel like I just didn’t get it back to full mobility yet.

Would probably be better to go ahead and start squatting high-bar.

Noel writes:

Looking forward to the tees, Brent. Don’t you find lifting gives you confidence?
(Longtime lurker and occasional poster on 70sbig main).

I always lol at “long-time lurker.” Lifting gave me confidence at first. I had a little Dunning-Kruger effect going on. Then I realized I didn’t know fucking shit and was a fucking garbage athlete so I was less happy and self-confident than I was before I lifted weights.

lambchop writes:

what will the t-shirts look like brent

The captions will be “Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy,” “It’s fine,” “Turning First World Performance Into First-Rate Performance,” and now “Turning Broken Hearts Into Broken Records,” with various minimalistic, simple graphics that depict the opposite of normal, healthy things, or the opposite of people coping with problems well.

karibot writes:

Last week, I found out that my dream job was going to somebody else. I scheduled an emergency c+j session. PR.
I couldn’t pull the bar from the floor today on my 4th dl rep. Then I thought about two dudes who broke my heart. Reps 4 and 5 were for them (respectively). PR.
Mope-ility: turning broken hearts into broken records.


This would definitely be a featured story on mope-ility wod.