Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

I could be doing better.

I could have pressed more.

I could have front squat more.

I could be snatching and c+j more.

– pressed 190lbs x 1, missed 200lbs again.
– pressed 170lbs x 4, 3, 3 <– hitting a set of 5 would have been OK
– front squat 370lbs x 1, 355lbs x 2, 355lbs x 1 <– be happy you're not me
– snatched up to 215lbs twice yesterday and once Monday, missed all subsequent attempts at higher weights
– c+jed up to 275lbs Monday, cleaned 290lbs and missed the jerk
– did some barbell rows at 245lbs (5rm) and some weighted pull ups

The only things worth it about yesterday’s workout were the rows and the pull ups.

I did snatch-grip DLs followed by good mornings on Saturday so my back may be fatigued from those which may explain some of my general shittiness. I'll prob just bench and squat on Thurs and do the lifts Fri and compete Sun.

I’m considering starting a completely separate blog/website. I’d call it “the mope-ility project.” The tagline would be “turning first world problems into first-rate performance.” The focus of the blog would be having emotional turmoil and using it as a training tool. As athletes we all seek change, things staying the same in any capacity would be a bad thing. We want to disrupt homeostasis and induce an adaptation. When do we want things to change the most? When we are unhappy. Think of the man whose wife has left him. Why does he go to the gym? Think of why you decided to go to the gym. If you’re like me, it’s because you fucking hated your life. Think of the woman who decided to leave the man. Why did she leave the man? Because she didn’t love him anymore. She wanted a different life. This is how we as individuals – and as groups and larger entities (i.e. countries of unrest) – proceed to definite change. Unhappiness reaches a threshold, homeostasis is disrupted, then we see a shift. So the blog would talk a lot about embracing negative emotional content and using that in the context of improving athletic performance. There’d be several video updates a week addressing emotional management strategies, developing the ideal characteristic of “quiet desperation” which would be analogous to being silk over steel springs, and how to create your own emotional turmoil if your current crises are not traumatic enough. Mostly I just wanna make my own t-shirts.

Btw, I just bought this one.

chuck writes:

You do mobs quite a bit hm? What would you say are your top 5-7 mobs you do most frequently? How often do you use bands? I am thinking about getting some to focus more on mobility.

Unilateral hip extension with full plantar flexion and knee flexion, hip flexion with an external rotation bias, double-lacrosse ball to t-spine, joint approximation for the shoulder, lacrosse ball on medial border of the scapula and along the external rotators that wrap around to the front of the humeral head, those are basically my daily mobs. I tack-and-stretch my quads and tris at least once a week, roll out my high-hammies and glutes prob twice a week. Attack my pecs and anterior shoulder when things feel tight. I should spend more attention on my forearms and calves.

Mark writes:

Brent, I saw TGISOTBEOF today, we walked by each other in the stairwell and it conjured up feelings I know you can relate to. The joy of seeing such beauty, followed almost immediately by the sadness that as far as I can tell she couldn’t give a fuck about my existence, then the depression, the loneliness, the desperation as it sinks in that she probably never will. Finally the anger at myself for not being enough of a man to do something about it.

Basically what I’m getting to, is how do YOU deal with this?

Well I started a blog.

If that’s not enough for you I guess you’re fucked.