I could work less this next weekend.

Benched 245lbs for 5, 5, 4, 3 on Friday. Was OK. Better than last time. Could have done more reps. Could have done more exercises this workout.

On Saturday night I:

– power snatched and snatched from the hang up to 200lbs, snatched + snatched from the hang up to 215lbs.
– cleaned 265lbs
– high-bar back squat 415lbs x 1, 365lbs x 5
– clean pulled 350lbs x 3
– weighted chins, +75lbs x 4
– barbell rowed 225lbs
– reverse hypers, curls

Could have c+jed more and squat 415lbs for more reps. I’ve been neglecting back squat volume and should prob do some of that next week.

VPVG called me at work today so if she’s read the blog she doesn’t care. Or, she forgot about looking up the blog to begin with, which is more likely, and is fine. While I was on the phone with her I looked down and saw that my scrub pants were on inside-out, and I was six hours into the shift. No one noticed except for one girl at the front desk, who didn’t mention it to me because she thought I wanted them that way. I guess I give the impression that I’m some Napoleon Dynamite fuck head carrying tots in his fucking pockets.

Cristina said I am this guy because I like doing cam shows.

The Q&A is real fucking long today so

gumbo writes:

Thanks for the invite. I’ll be way down south in Ducanville, so I/systems is a drive, but I’m still keen. Might get my brother to come along too, he’s interested in the o-lifts but doesn’t have regular access to a platform.
Also – check out Radiohead’s Airbag/How am I driving? EP. Holds up well.

Airbag is another one of my favs. FB msg me your #.

My bff Saul writes:

You also hit the lifetime prs after switching to gf beef or joining I\systems gym.
Appeals to authority are a fallacy.
LBBS and Deadlifts do improve my snatch and clean respectively. Front squats on the other hand are almost a waste of my time (they fix something in my CJ that is never a problem for ME if I’m LBBSing more than once a week), so by extension HBBS would also be a waste of my time.
Your lower back wont be as strong or jacked as it can be without Deadlifts, fact. I don’t know why you use Kyle Pierce as an example as Kendrick does them heavy.
Raising the press increases the jerk an equal amount everything else staying the same. You can think of it this way:
Overhead Press + (Push Press – Overhead Press) + (Jerk – Push Press) = Jerk
The parts in parenthesis don’t just mean your current PRs the first suggests what leg drive is getting you the second set is showing what splitting gives you on top of that.
Raising the press 10lbs can give the jerk 10lbs if these other elements stay the same.
A stronger press will improve the speed at which a lifter can push himself into the split under the bar. A lifter accelerating downwards actually lifts the the barbell as an opposite reaction and the faster he pushes the more the bar is lifted.

– I was illustrating that no one at a national meet would take the idea of low-bar back squats for their athletes seriously, not saying squatting high-bar must be correct because Pendlay says to do it that way.

– You and I’m sure some others who have read Starting Strength have exhibited progress doing LBBS for oly lifts, but a much larger sample size has exhibited progress doing HBBS. Also, almost all (if not absolutely everyone) of the athletes at the national level or greater have exhibited progress AS WELL AS achieved the highest results in competition while squatting high-bar.

– Re: Kyle Pierce, I was referencing one of the criticisms on the SS boards about “American weightlifting,” according to the consensus there our athletes don’t deadlift heavy enough, or do enough strength-oriented training – many, if not all, of the athletes at the regional development centers in LSUS Shreveport and NMU squat and deadlift 2x a week each for several weeks at a time, in addition to benching and push pressing.

– Re: speed of pressing under the bar being related with how much one presses, this is something I feel would be a square root function i.e. diminishing returns past a certain point. Also seems like there’d be better ways to improve the jerk before you even reached the point of having a 300lbs press i.e. getting the push press up and jerking from boxes. It may be true that pressing 350lbs+ like Dmitry Klokov would translate to a pretty huge jerk but I think it’s also true that you could press much less than that and still jerk a lot … there are quite a few high-level lifters with the delt musculature of this guy who c+j competitively.

– All of these arguments, Saul, if you HAVEN’T FUCKING NOTICED, have nothing to do with having every athlete on the World Team inject copious amounts of anabolics, so I can’t help but feel that this entire discussion is fucking irrelevant.

Also Saul and cmoney, come on guys, we are all friends here, let’s just slow our rolls for a sec, sip on some lean, and start over all right? …….. so what do you guys want to be when you grow up?

Silentmachinery writes:

Gonna go paleo Thanksgiving bro?

My parents only want to spend about four hours with my sister and I on Thanksgiving Day and they don’t want to have a home-cooked meal, they want to go to a Korean restaurant for lunchish. Which is fine.

loneranger writes:

hey brent how much do u weigh? i recall somewhere in the ranger of 77kg… interesting thought, wut would happen if lu xiaojun or sa jae hyouk read ur profile? im sure those guys would get a good laugh out of it.

I was 165.2lbs tonight, and typically 162-164lbs when I wake up. Those guys would def get a good laugh out of it, because some fuck head piece of shit no-talent athlete is blogging his workouts with baby-dicked weights and crying about girls who don’t give a shit about him. Who WOULDN’T get a good laugh out it?

Tom writes:

Sounds like u mad at Rip, Brent. Is that so?

I’m not mad, but obv I don’t train with many of his ideas in mind.

Broseph writes:

But, I must ask, why do you still do your Olympic lifts with that goofy horizontal back?

A representative will be contacting you shortly to address your concerns.

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  1. Do you prefer you lean mixed with sprite or with mountain dew? Do you like it with Gummy bears or jolly ranchers in it or straight?

  2. press doesn’t really correlate with jerk strength at all, since the jerk is a leg exercise and the press is a shoulder/arm exercise.

    my press is only 50% of my best jerk, and my push press is only around 70%. The jerk is more about speed and aggression than anything, you only need to get the bar to the height of your eyebrows, and then get under it.

    granted, I’m still working with jellydick weights, but there are others who can press a large percentage of their jerk, and yet their jerk doesn’t go up (coincidentally, their jerk is also relatively slow)

    • agree overall

      i think pressing is pretty relevant and beneficial to oly … i don’t subscribe to the belief that pressing will make people shitty jerkers because they develop some bullshit about poor motor patterns

      also there is nothing wrong with having some fucking legit anterior delt caps ya feel me

  3. also, the fact that anyone would suggest the russian training methods and manuals are wrong, while at the same time not producing any athletes even close in ability to any russian, is laughable.

  4. Sounds like you’re truly fucking mad, bro.
    It’s cool, though.
    👿 😳 😆 😈 😉 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 ➡ ➡ ➡

  5. Damn Brent, your sister is pretty hot.

  6. Brent,

    Do you have any tips for getting the bar to rack better on a clean? I have off days where it seems like getting to the rack position is pretty stiff and I’m not receiving the bar to the shoulders properly. This also results in some wrist stress and a far less smooth second pull. Thanks for the help.

  7. Brent! How much do you weigh!

    • i haven’t answered this like fucking 30 times already and especially not in the last fucking post i did but i’m 162-164lbs

      good thick solid tight looking forward to answering this again good luck with someone else asking me this fucking question goals in 2011

  8. Brent, how short are you… 165 seems like featherweight!!!

  9. brent do u have the goal of a 350 clean in ur mind in the near future? or right now its just about flexing in the mirror and getting more attention from guys than girls…no joke though. seems like jacked guys get more dudes in the gym to approach them rather than girls, maybe the jacked arms and delts are just too much for the female race.

  10. hey brent, honey darling, please answer these three questions.

    1. will you eat some of the paleo sweet potato pie i will be making for thanksgiving? it will feature the fetus-sized sweet potatoes we got at the farmers market and crushed up pecans and hazelnuts mixed with local raw honey.

    2. will you eat some of the bacon wrapped pears i will be baking? they are like meat candy. i can use the slankers bacon saul ordered for me. if you like, i can make them crispy or soft. however you like your bacon.

    3. will you eat some of the sausage and chinese yam hash i will be frying up? i will use the slankers sausage saul ordered for me and my very special purple chinese yams. and i will top it off with organic cinnamon, of course.

    ok bye.

  11. really lonely guy

    damn brent looks like ur gonna have a great thanksgiving after reading becky’s comment.

  12. So I noticed you were around 175-180ish before (I think). Did you mostly eat paleo to drop weight? And did you cut out rice?

    For reference I’m like 170ish right now at 5’4″ and my diet’s been complete shit lately. I’m looking to drop weight so I’m not sweating buckets when I walk up a flight of stairs (probably due to my body generating a lot of heat?).

  13. Brent is going to go out on a date with VPVG and they will make adorable, intelligent, athletic asian babies and they will live happily ever after and he’ll clean and jerk more than Justin.

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