Daily Archives: November 11, 2011

We’re gonna throw grenades we’re gonna shoot we’re gonna run.

That was SSG’s Salvatore Guinta’s recollection of how Bravo team fought out of an ambush. “We’re gonna throw grenades we’re gonna shoot we’re gonna run. We’re gonna throw grenades we’re gonna shoot we’re gonna run.” Seen Restrepo?

I admire problem-solving like that. Taking PKM fire from multiple directions at close range it’s fine. Disrupt enemy fire and reorganize. Secure the wounded, kill the fuck faces who might be trying to take off with one of your own.

Saw one of the prettiest girls at Starbucks I’ve ever met. Big brown eyes and full lips, Cupid’s bow. So pretty she hurt to look at. Didn’t talk to her. She stood near the drive-through window, with it open, so I could have talked to her if I wanted to. She was discussing tickets to some show with a friend and if they had secured other tickets. I could have asked her, “So do you like Taylor Swift?” Instead I quietly shoveled buckets of shit in my car listening to Radiohead. As she handed me the cold, perspiring glass, our fingers touched. I say to myself, We’re gonna throw grenades we’re gonna shoot we’re gonna run. I say, to her this time, thank you, and drive the fuck away.

Woke up late for training on Tuesday and Wednesday, ideally I would have done the oly lifts and at least some pulling. On Wednesday it would have been nice to front squat. Had 30 minutes to train so just did the oly lifts, snatched off of boxes, bar starting below the knee, worked up to 205lbs. C+jed 265lbs. Could have taken it or left it. I can see utility in snatching from the boxes and have done them before, though not with the bar starting from below the knee. Helps you think about waiting to shift the knees around the bar and hitting the pocket before extending. Pulls felt pretty straight off the box. Also, extending immediately into the second pull from a dead-stop, with the bar above the knees, and pulling the bar with less momentum from the first pull, with the bar below the knees, feels like it would be pretty good for training the pull violently.

There is a real pretty Vietnamese girl at this boba tea shoppe I go to. I have no idea how old she is. She could be 17 she could be 28, I just don’t fucking know. More than likely she’s in college since she’s working at this place in the AM/early afternoon. I see her a lot, she probably recognizes me, probably thinks I’m a fucking piece of shit because of the gay fucking t-shirts I wear and the soffes and tank and all the other bullshit I’m doing with my fucking life. She tolerates me. I briefly consider talking to her every time I go and immediately dismiss the idea once she makes eye contact with me. She hands me the cold, perspiring glass and our fingers touch. I nearly drop the tea. She hands me the straw and it takes me two grasping motions to actually secure it in my hand. We are losing control of the operation. She appears indifferent. I am perspiring heavier than the glass is. I puncture the sealed top of the drink and suck. Nearly choke on a tapioca pearl. Leave the boba tea shoppe coughing.

That didn’t really happen it’s fine.

Mark writes:

We should gchat about the fitness model chick this evening.

Don’t really want to talk about her.

Chris and oldman write:

Brent, I would advise that you skip the dinner Saturday and play SC2 instead, or watch the Pacquiao/Marquez fight with some dudes.

also there are UFC fights as well. How are you not invited to hang out with other bro’s to watch boxing or mma?

lol, “hey Brent, you don’t like going out, why don’t you go to a fucking BAR to eat shitty food and watch shit that you don’t care about surrounded by drunk assholes who are going to be making a big fucking deal out of it so you can’t even really hear what’s going on.” Hey guys, that sounds like a LOT of fun. Let me put that on my bucket list, right under “fall in love with a girl best friend, actually kiss her this time, then get dumped and spend the next five years of my life struggling to pull myself out of devastating depression.”

No but really – I don’t have any friends in DFW who are into that. The last time I went to a bar it was with Saul and Becky to watch the livestream of MLG, and when we got there they were playing recorded games just because Day[9] was commentating for them.

I’ve hung out with these chicks before, I enjoy myself. Also the food at this place we are going to is pretty legit.

Becky writes:

hey friend! i miss you. i was talking about you today with my classmates. so here’s how it started…

saul walked me to class today. of course, he was shirtless. my classmates all saw him. after class we were all in the bathroom together, of course. then, one of them mentioned saul. and how hot he is, of course. anyway, she was super impressed with his back. i was like, yeah.

anyway, so then i say, “ya know, saul and i have a friend who also has a hot back. he trains with us and he’s super strong.”

my classmate, katie perked up at this. i said, “yeah we should get you hooked up with him. he’s super funny and jacked.”

she said, “what’s his name?”

so i said, “brent. brent kim. he’s asian.”

she giggled and admitted, “i’m totally into asians!” (no, she was not joking. she really is into asians)

ok, then it kinda came up that if you guys got married her name would be katie kim. how cute would that be!

so then i mentioned that we should go on a double date.

brent, this cute girl who is also very smart (she’s in my master’s program and doing well) is interested in going on a double date with you, me, and saul.

let me know if you could handle this and i’ll set it up.

We’re gonna throw grenades we’re gonna shoot we’re gonna run.

Becky and I discussed this, we’ll go hang out, I’m sure it’ll be fun. If it’s disastrous it’ll still be a good blog post. Guess I’ll pepper my angus. I’m not comfortable with being advertised as “funny” and “jacked” but I suppose I can just do a bunch of chin ups in my room before leaving to hang out so it’ll look like I’m wearing a swolo as opposed to a polo. I don’t know what I’m going to do about pretending to be a funny guy though.

I guess what I’m asking is, should I show up to this thing carb-depleted and dehydrated or what?