Daily Archives: November 18, 2011

A girl at work has been sharing my dance video with people who haven’t met me, it’s fine.

I snatched 215lbs off of blocks below the knee on Wednesday, cleaned 265lbs and missed the jerk. This happened in less than 30mins.

On Thursday (today) I snatched 230lbs and c+jed 265lbs, successfully this time. This happened in about 30mins as well. I hit 245lbs, 335lbs, 385lbs, and 415lbs x 2 high-bar in under 10 minutes. I could have gotten to the gym earlier. I could have squat more reps. I could have eaten more solid food post-workout (how much solid food did you eat post-workout, Brent? NO SOLID FOOD POST-WORKOUT. 50G PROTEIN SHAKE WITH 50G MALTODEXTRIN, DIDN’T EAT UNTIL 8 HOURS LATER. IT’S FINE.).

Saul, hours next week will be mostly regular, they will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the day after but otherwise mostly regular hours of operation. Honestly though, I wish I could get a pump in Thanksgiving Day before eating. I suppose I could bang out some weighted chins or pull ups in my room. Josh, could I come over for a workout?

gumbo asks:

Brent – where do you lift? Do they have a drop-in fee?
I’ll be in Dallas for Festivus and will need a location for furtive, sloppy power cleans.

Isystems Gym in Carrollton. Should be able to google it. It’s pretty cool. Let’s hang out man. Dallas is kind of a drive though, do you know where in Dallas you’ll be quartered?

Oldman writes:

I’m currently in South Korea so I’ll have to take a rain check on the boba tea. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be back. I’ll train with you when I get back into town, but it has been a long lay off.

Bro, seriously? – if you just don’t want to hang out with me that’s fine, but don’t make up these fucking outlandish excuses for why you can’t and expect me to believe them. I’m a grown fucking man dude, I’ll be OK if you tell me you don’t want to hang. What, you don’t think I’ve been rejected before? You don’t think I can take brutal honesty? Nigga pls I was born rejected. Don’t fucking flatter yourself, you’re not giving me anything new.

Djay writes:

Hey brent, I actually have a legit question for you.
why’d you start squatting high bar instead of low bar? Because it’s more specific to olympic weightlifting or what?
That may seem like a stupid question but I just recall Rippetoe remarking that he thought olympic weightlifters could benefit from low bar as much as anyone else, and wondered what your experience has been.

lol lol lol

The OL community definitely gives a shit about where Rip thinks the bar should be positioned in a back squat. Go ahead. Why don’t you ask them. Go to the Arnold next year, walk up to someone like Glenn Pendlay and say, “Hey Glenn, don’t you think Jon North would total more if he moved the bar down his back two inches when he squats?” Seriously. Just ask him. Or you can talk to Kyle Pierce at LSUS Shreveport. You can say, “Hey Kyle Pierce, Rip says your athletes don’t deadlift enough. He says your athletes are in the business of lifting jelly-dick weight with aesthetically-pleasing grace and not in the business of just getting stronger.” Legit. Say it to him. Say it with a straight face. It’ll be worth it.

And honestly? Honestly? HONESTLY? – my personal experience has been that I haven’t low-bar back squat in a few months and I hit life-time PRs in the snatch and c+j after having not PRed in a pretty long time. BRB my posterior chain is wasting away because my hamstrings aren’t contracting isometrically to maintain my back angle. BRB if I press more my jerk will go up. BRB if I miss too many times squat snatching I should just split snatch (nevermind addressing gleno-humeral internal rotation deficit, that wouldn’t improve bar path or anything, nah you look great shuffling your feet snatching 30% less than your best 1rm).

I’m over it, man. The only people who care about this argument are on the SS boards and it’s a shrinking universe over there.