Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

It’s fine.

“Hey Brent, how was your Thanksgiving?”

Let me just say that my dad isn’t opposed to eating at the same restaurant for BOTH lunch and dinner in the same day. Let me also say that he has no problem with asking the waiter to take multiple family pictures on BOTH occasions. Or asking the yogurt servers in the place next door for MORE family pictures. It was fine though.

Over the past couple of days I’ve:

– back squat 415lbs x 3
– snatched up to 235lbs
– c+jed 265lbs, cleaned 275lbs
– snatch-grip DL 355lbs x 5
– benched 270lbs x 3
– back squat 390lbs x 5
– weighted ring dips with +85lbs x 2

Benching 270lbs x 3 would be a lifetime PR. Another 5lbs and I’ll be benching high school football team warm up sets. It’s fine. The ring dips were pretty hard at +85lbs. Going to 85lbs was pretty lame, I used a 35lbs bumper and two 25lbs plates to get to it as every other permutation was not that great. It will be nice to get to an even 90lbs since I can just use the two 45lbs for that.

Rolled glutes and high hamstrings with a lacrosse ball, squatting feels pretty good the past couple days. Thom noted that I could have done a better job with knees out though.

some fucking guy writes:

wait Brent you had a gf before? Just seemed like you made it out to be you were single and lonely all your life. Looks like you’re doing a lot better than many guys out there…

I’ve had a couple gfs/relationships before. It’s hard to consider that they are relevant though. BRB high school doesn’t count. BRB one girl messed around with me and was emotionally dependent and whatnot but made it a point to clarify I was not her BF (for the entirety of the six months we were involved). BRB last gf was long-distance i.e. it may as well have been fucking imaginary. Hey Brent how did you spend time with your long-distance girlfriend when you weren’t visiting each other oh just awkward phone sex and conversations about how our day went. It’s fine.

becky writes:

i love that you friend zoned me before i had the chance to friend zone you. so you got to see what it’s like being on the other side of the equation. how does it feel to be the zone creator? how does it feel to interact with me, as a lady, and not get your tighty whities all in a bunch? how does it feel to not have to worry that you’ll spend the rest of your day walking around with crust in your shorts cuz you got nervous and accidentally squirted?

Honestly? Honestly? HONESTLY? – I feel like a fucking human being for once. BRB don’t have to worry about feelings BRB can talk to a girl without huge spikes in cortisol BRB not going home and staring at the wall wondering why she doesn’t like me trying not to cry while listening to Radiohead. Thanks for being my friend Becky.

Thom writes:

Becky is a harlot.

Bite your tongue, Thomas Vale.