Radiohead is the greatest at getting a bunch of overly emo fans to proclaim them as the best band ever and a gift bestowed upon earth by God himself, sure.
They’re also the best at creating a bunch of dickless virgin dudes, too.
Though really, if you go to coffee shops daily, and you like radiohead, and you aren’t getting laid, you’re not telling enough people you like radiohead.


No but really I can understand your viewpoint. I like them a lot though, I don’t know what you want me to do. One of their biggest things is the ambiguity of their lyrics means any fuck head piece of shit can say “this song was written for me and my life experiences,” I’m sorry that I need to feel like killing myself to function????

Hey guys,

I overhead pressed 165lbs for 4, 4, 5, 4, and 3 today. It is stupid that I got 5 reps on the 3rd set, I suspect that I was pushing some reps out in front on the first two sets which prob didn’t help my cause.

Tested my 1rm pull up and worked up to +75lbs and +90lbs.

Saul did a lot more:

Hit a sloppy +75lbs 3rm on ring dips, didn’t really achieve legit lockout on the third rep.

Did some barbell rows at 215lbs.

After that Saul, Becky, and I got a FAT fucking delt pump doing lateral and rear-delt raises. I also super-setted a few db hammer curls in there.

I was all up in this chick’s business today on accident. She was with a trainer doing some circuit bullshit. There is only one green resistance band which I like to use for my mobility shit and I saw it strung up on a cable cross-over. I started to take it down and the trainer slowed my roll real fast on that since they were using it for assisted pull ups. Later I was doing the best shoulder mob ever and I saw them standing nearby waiting for something mid-way through my set. I realized I was directly underneath the dip bar, which she had been using 5-10mins prior. I looked like a real piece of shit in soffes doing stupid stretches and fucking over this chick’s workout. BRB on the same level as the guy who walks ON your platform as you’re performing an oly lift.

Also met this dude who was doing some high-rep deadlifts. He was pretty OK, friendly, took some interest in Saul doing t-bar rows (real fucking seriously) –

– and seemed like an all right dude. I don’t think we set a very good first impression though because while we were just talking about where he used to train and his former experience at a shittier gym Saul got up because he was ready for our second set of synchronized rear-delt flyes so while he was in mid-sentence I clapped my hands and said “YOU GUYS READY? LET’S DO THIS” and the three of us proceeded to do rear-delt flyes, as if this set of db isolation movements SIMPLY COULD NOT WAIT.

beonick writes:

Brent, how much hentai do you watch a day?

I’m more of a lift-and-carry kind of guy.

oldman writes:

Brent lately there seems to be a lot of hate on here for you. None of these bro’s are posting their numbers and hide behind their keyboards. If you would ever like to discuss this in person we can meet up at the boba tea place nearest to you. I can be in my wrestling singlet from college (it fits a little tight now) or my lifting singlet. Your choice.

Why don’t we meet up? Would you like to train with us? Or vice versa, if we can drop-in at Authentic Strength (preferably for free, though I’d be willing to pay a drop-in if it was like less than $10. One of the coaches there def thinks I’m a loser piece of shit and I’m interested in reinforcing that). Either singlet would be fine for a boba tea setting – should I wear my singlet or is the soffe + tank OK?

Penn writes:

Lifting Platforms, Rings, Reverse Hyper, and Monolift at your gym?
Fuck you, Brent. Is anyone at that gym squatting over 600 out of the Mono?

It’s a great gym for powerlifters. Esp if you lift equipped. Seems like 50% of the people who go there pull like 600lbs+. The bumpers could be kilos and there could be at least one more platform but it’s pretty good otherwise than that. There could be less hot chicks there, that would help my anxiety quite a bit.

Ryan writes:

Are your hips always that high when you clean? That looked all back to me.

It probably was all back, if that’s unacceptable you may have to contact my customer service department.

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  1. The highlight of this post is watching Brent’s soffe-clad buttcheeks shuffle over to the scale in the second vid (no homo)

  2. i am done watching your videos. It just makes me fucking hate my gym.

  3. off-the-cuff brent-themed "haiku"

    Clean-and-Jerk P R
    Dreaming of her strong arms and—
    no, never happening

  4. Brent – where do you lift? Do they have a drop-in fee?

    I’ll be in Dallas for Festivus and will need a location for furtive, sloppy power cleans.

  5. Lift and carry lmao! I fapped.

  6. I just lost 20 minutes of my life to lift and carry videos, and now I kind of want to pick up my husband.

  7. wow nice gym brent. its got everything… btw, those shorts are a tad bit too short….nice teardrop on the quads though.

  8. thanks again for slapping me up before that sweet set and subsequently encouraging me during the set. i totally set a PR for my bar spot.

  9. I’m currently in South Korea so I’ll have to take a rain check on the boba tea. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be back. I’ll train with you when I get back into town, but it has been a long lay off.

  10. Please don’t come at me, bro.

  11. Here we are bro
    Just you an’ me
    Same kinda moon
    Same kinda jungle.
    Real number-10 night, remember?
    Whole platoon, 32 men, chopped into bits
    We walked out
    Just you and me
    Nobody else
    Right on top of ’em
    Not a scratch, not a FUCKin’ scratch…

    You know
    Whoever got you
    They’ll come back again
    And when he does
    I’m gonna
    Cut your name into him.

    I’m gonna CUT your NAAAAAAAME into him

  12. Hey brent, I actually have a legit question for you.

    why’d you start squatting high bar instead of low bar? Because it’s more specific to olympic weightlifting or what?

    That may seem like a stupid question but I just recall Rippetoe remarking that he thought olympic weightlifters could benefit from low bar as much as anyone else, and wondered what your experience has been.

  13. What’s the story on the lift and carry shit? started a linear progression this week. Monday bench 230 3×5, squat 290 3×5, snatch 135 5×3, rdl 155 3×5. Wednesday press 145 3×5, c and j 185 5×3, deads 315 3×5, Does anyone have a shovel I can use?

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