Listened to Radiohead pre-workout, seemed to help a lot.

cmoney, if you fucking have something to say about the greatest band of all time why don’t you fucking say it bro? I’m all ears man.

On Friday I benched 265lbs x 3 all reps paused, front squat 345lbs for two triples, and did weighted dips +65lbs for 4 and could not achieve lockout on the 5th rep. This was a pretty good workout, esp since I finished it in 45mins. If I had more time I would have gone after another set of front squats.

On Saturday I shoveled a lot of shit, which was disappointing since I was training with Becky and Saul. I missed 215lbs snatch a bunch and missed a 255lbs clean. I did some weighted chins though, +75lbs for a few sets of 3, some reps were better than others, and some bent over rows, 205lbs x 7 or so, so it was semi-productive. Just felt off, I can typically power snatch 195lbs and I had to squat snatch it, and my shoulders felt tight so going overhead didn’t feel great, my pull also didn’t feel right.

Today (Sunday) I did a lot better and managed to hit some PRs.

240lbs snatch is a +5lbs PR, 300lbs clean is a +10lbs PR. I had attempted a 290lbs c+j and missed the jerk behind, but the clean felt easy enough that I felt like hitting a PR there would be OK. My power snatches and power cleans also felt pretty good, I attempted PRs for both at 210lbs and 265lbs but couldn’t pull them high enough.

I also PRed my muscle snatches, which help with the snatch a lot more when I do them from the floor. I’ve been doing them from the hang until tonight. I worked up to 55k/120lbs x 3 then 135lbs x 1.

RDLed 350lbs x 6, 5, 5, did some curls and back extensions.

That dinner with all those chicks was canceled on Saturday, I’m over it. It’s fine, I haven’t been wanting to eat Salvadorian food for the past six fucking months or anything. I have an idea, why don’t I go by myself. Hi yes I’d like a table. For one please. No, in fact I don’t have any fucking friends who would like to join me to eat the food here. Yes, the secluded table in the corner’s fine – I wouldn’t want your other patrons to be disturbed by my fucking corpse after I’ve killed myself once I’m done eating alone for yet another night.

Something I’ve considered is that there are a lot of people I know IRL who may be reading this blog. It isn’t hard to find – if you google “brent kim blog” the main page and another post come up as the top two results. The blog’s also been officially compromised as of two weeks ago or so, when I was on the phone with VPVG and mentioned putting something on my blog as a joke.

VPVG: You DO have a blog don’t you?
Brent: What makes you think I have a blog.
VPVG: You just seem like the type of person who would have one. You have one! I’m going to find it.
Brent: OK YES I have a blog.
VPVG: *excited squeal* I’m going to find it. You can’t hide it from me.

There hasn’t been a restraining order yet so she’s either forgotten about it, is indifferent, or thinks it’s funny and tells her friends about the dickless virgin who writes haikus about how pretty she is and doesn’t have a life outside of flexing in the mirror and rubbing himself with lacrosse balls. I’ve come to terms with all of these outcomes. You can tell because I added +5lbs to my best snatch and +10lbs to my best clean. My angus is peppered.

Matt writes:

Carb load – bitches love the bloat. +1 for the chin session before hand. Might want to rub one out before hand so you can think straight and if by some chance you hug this girl you don’t poke her with your dick(maybe that will be a +/take ir or leave it) You’re welcome.

Matt you clearly slay a lot of pussy, do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

oldman writes:

I haven’t had it in years, but I don’t think there is anyway it’s paleo. I think Brent just goes to these beverage shops to check out chicks he’ll never talk to. Plus about 99% of the time the chicks working at the Boba place will be asian. Starbucks is where he goes when he wants to confront white/other race women.

re: the chicks, this is 100% correct.

I was at a grocery store and saw this cute chick in one of the check out lanes. I got in her line and she said “sir you can use one of the self-checkout lanes if you like, they are still open.” I said OK and checked myself out. This was analogous to my entire life.

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  1. so when’s the date with becky’s friend gonna happen? You gonna take her out to the coffee shops you always go to so you can prove the chicks behind the counter you can pull pussy? If you’re gonna do that you might as well just wear a singlet and bring a box of chalk too.

  2. Brent, how do you feel about Gia Machavariani’s hairy delts?

  3. Radiohead is the greatest at getting a bunch of overly emo fans to proclaim them as the best band ever and a gift bestowed upon earth by God himself, sure.

    They’re also the best at creating a bunch of dickless virgin dudes, too.

    Though really, if you go to coffee shops daily, and you like radiohead, and you aren’t getting laid, you’re not telling enough people you like radiohead.

  4. You want a newsletter? I can do a newsletter, Vol. 1 – Harden the fuck up and stop walking around like Buffalo Bill. Your feelings are like a girls opinion on (insert anything) they don’t matter.

  5. You should of told the cute girl in the check out line this, “Hey, you’re gonna check me out and I’m gonna check you out…so deal with it.”

  6. so why did they cancel the dinner? being flakes i guess.. eating alone yet another day brent? im with u on that one.

  7. I’m amused by how many people say “You just seem like the type of person” when making a statement about you.

  8. Brent,

    Good news, I PR’d my bench today and got an A on my mid term. What ever you do, don’t watch “crazy stupid love.” I don’t see you surviving. When are they going to leave the farm on “The Walking Dead?”

    Thanks for everything,


  9. *Feverishly jerking off. Tears running down my face and into my beard.*

  10. Brent, how much hentai do you watch a day?

  11. Brent lately there seems to be a lot of hate on here for you. None of these bro’s are posting their numbers and hide behind their keyboards. If you would ever like to discuss this in person we can meet up at the boba tea place nearest to you. I can be in my wrestling singlet from college (it fits a little tight now) or my lifting singlet. Your choice.



    • i agree with oldman here. i think its time for brent to meet up face to face with “best”, both carb depleted, in a weightlifting showdown.

  12. Lifting Platforms, Rings, Reverse Hyper, and Monolift at your gym?

    Fuck you, Brent. Is anyone at that gym squatting over 600 out of the Mono?

  13. Are your hips always that high when you clean? That looked all back to me.

  14. Where can I get these softball short I’m always hearing about?

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