I could be stronger.

JMOvechkin asks:

Can I request a general layout of your weekly training schedule?

Undisrupted it’s:

Mon: bench for volume, high-bar squat for volume, some bullshit stuff like high rep overhead press and perhaps machine rows

Tues: snatch, c+j (currently unstructured, but will begin to structure them), a light DL/position- or oly-oriented pull (currently double overhand no hook deads for grip work), some bullshit bodybuilding stuff like rowing, chin ups, curls etc.

Thurs: bench for 3-5rm, front squat for something like 3×5 and/or low-bar back squat for a 3-5rm, some more overhead pressing for a few sets of 5

Fri: snatch, c+j, heavy deads, weighted back extensions, bodybuilding shit

I’ve had to improvise a few times due to a work schedule that alternates or is sometimes unpredictable, but I generally try to deadlift heavy later in the week, and then have at least 2 days of rest before next week’s squats.

I couldn’t tell you how upset I am that I’m repping 225lbs, i.e. typical high school football benching, on the fucking bench press. I’m 25. I want to kill myself.

Lacrosse ball tack-and-stretch to anterior delt with internal rotation, lateral distraction combined with driving shoulder into back of socket and external rotation, couch stretch, hip flexion bias with external rotation, double lacrosse ball to t-spine. ALSO, tack-and-stretch to suprapatellar pouch was pretty fucking good, I was in a lot of pain targeting VMO but also felt much smoother when I was done.

4 egg omelette with a tomato and 4 strips of bacon, microwaved yam + butter + brown sugar, 50g waxy maize/50g pro shake, a small piece of German chocolate cake (get fucked please).

Benched 225lbs for 8, 7, 6, with the first 3 reps of each set paused. Finally hit 8, tack on another rep over the next two weeks hopefully to get a solid 10. Shoulder’s been feeling a lot better recently. Something that also helped is I used to just go in and rep it the fuck out as fast as I could in attempt to get to a PR # of reps, and I was sometimes bringing the bar down or pressing it up with non-ideal mechanics i.e. elbows flaring, bar hitting different parts of my chest on different reps, uneven extension of the arms, etc. Tonight I was a little more methodical and broke each rep down separately, probably helped a bit.

High-bar back squat 360lbs x 8, 365lbs x 6, 5. Was pretty smoked here, I’m a fucking vag. Did a little better on subsequent sets though, given a little more rest.

Overhead pressed 145lbs x 5, was pretty smoked after squatting, fuck my life.

Called it done here.

  1. A few months ago I was steadily improving my back off set of 10 on bench until I hit 225, then I figured I would stay there and push the reps for a while as it’s a benchmark lift.

    I learned it’s way easier to keep adding 2.5lbs to a set of 10 than get one more rep. Apparently when maximizing your rep maxes you need to rebound strongly at the chest, press with high velocity and do a soft lockout. Resting at the top will hurt your numbers.

    There’s articles about how to improve your 225 bench test… I stopped practicing it after I entered a powerlifting meet since doing it that way is nearly the opposite of a paused 1rm. I was at 12-14 ugly reps like a typical high school football player. (except at my high school no one benches 300)

  2. Thanks Brent, you are more of a beast then I doing the Oly lifts and deads on the same day at the end of the week.

    Curls, other then to show off your pale biceps to the waitresses you hesitate, stutter and then decline to talk to, do you feel they improve your bench? I am currently nursing a bicep strain from benching and wonder if I should break out my sleeveless shirts when it heals. Or is there another reason you do them?

    • doubt that doing curls have a very significant affect on benching since they won’t be helping very much with extension of the elbow

      i curl so i can be happier when i flex in the mirror, alone, because the girl that i want to be naked and flexing in my bathroom with me is banging another guy

      also go fuck yourself

  3. Make it a big piece of chocolate cake and see if that helps.

  4. Randle McMurphy

    Brent I notice you do your o-lifts the day after quite hard squat and deadlift sessions.

    Don’t you find that the fatigue from this really effects your o-lifts?

    I am doing TM where I do o-lifts on the recovery day.

    And I lose a lot of kilo’s on my o-lifts just because I am still very sore and tired from my volume day.

    • was hard at first but have been able to hit some previous best lifts this way, when i was more structured and was making it out to the CF gym more often, and even when i haven’t, i’ve done shit like PR in “other” things like clean 260lbs and double the jerk without dropping the bar, recently power snatched a rep PR 185lbs x 4 + 1 squat snatch, doubled a 265lbs clean, etc.

      i’ve snatched 225lbs without bumpers on multiple occasions the day after squatting 3×5 (my best is 230lbs)

      Pendlay also has a generic template posted for people who want to train both the power and oly lifts, and it involves snatching and c+jing the day after heavy squats and presses 2x a week as well

      though imo what it all comes down to is sustenon and tren

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