loneranger asks:

brent are u joking about the foot fetish? and hey didnt know u had MULTIPLE girlfriends. not bad, not bad at all.

SO I’VE SUCKED A FEW TOES in my past, is that such a big fucking deal? Is it a fucking crime, dude? So I like giving a few fucking foot rubs before we get to penetration. So I get moderately aroused when I see some chick’s feet in fancy sandals. So my idea of porn is a fucking girl all soaped up in a bathtub shaving her legs – and this is the important part – with her toes pointed. I just don’t see what the big fucking deal is. Does it make me a freak? Should I be on a fucking sex offender list? It’s fucking 2011, man. The world is changing, and how we make love is changing with it.

Nah I’m just fuckin with ya.

On Monday I did some snatching off of boxes, bar a few inches below knee, didn’t do as well as I wanted. Probably could have done better if I took smaller jumps but time was limited. C+Jed up to 275lbs though, which was fine.

Today I clean-and-pressed 165lbs for 5, 5, 5, 4, which is OK. Front squat 355lbs x 2, 365lbs x 1, 355lbs x 2, which could have been better – taking 365lbs for a double would have made this like a 4/10. Some weighted ring dips, +85lbs x 3, finished up with lat raises and barbell curls.

I’m off for the next three days, more than likely I’ll be doing the oly lifts for the next 3 days with some squats, deads, and benching mixed in there. It’s fine.

Rintintin asks:

Brent, why you no share shirtless pic with us?
You share shirtless pic with

I’m sorry but that shit isn’t free. If you want semi-nudes you’ll have to sign up for one of my camshows. Payment’s either through Paypal or you can purchase a minimum value of $25 off my Amazon wishlist. I don’t know what kind of guy you think I am but I don’t just fucking go around flexing, rubbing oil on myself, and administering self-inflicted discipline spanks for charity like some kind of skank. I’ve got class. It’s called a private and discreet billing service. Next time don’t call me unless you’ve got your fucking debit card ready.

really lonely guy says

wow BRENT I did not know your love life was so colorful. I guess I’ll dig a hole and cry in it by myself now.

Sarcasm? Dude I may as well be a fucking virgin. I’ve also regressed socially a few steps recently. I used to make a conscious effort to talk to more girls throughout the day – like when I asked that one chick at the gym in Denton, “So what’s your sign?” Now I just can’t. Like that one real cute that talked to me at Starbucks, I haven’t gone back to that Starbucks since because the thought of talking with her again makes me nervous. It’s fine though. I’ll just write a poem about her lips on a piece of paper, then light it on fire and watch it curl into a dying ball of ash. My roommate will ask what are you doing it smells like smoke in here. I will say nothing it must be the space heater acting weird. I will hold it together long enough for him to leave the room and begin to sob. I will have to go to my bathroom and turn the faucet on, pretending to wash my face, as I desperately try to regain my composure so I can leave the apartment, tell him bye, and go PR my fucking clean-and-jerk.

SilentMachinery asks:

Do you normally squat without a belt? Or were you trying to show off abdoms through the Misc shirt?

Yeah I haven’t worn my belt in a few months now. BRB lifting more without a belt than I ever did when I wore one at a higher bw.


I agree with JC that this blog sure has a lot of grade A organic assholes commenting on it. on the other hand, those squats look pretty good. HIGH BAR/LOW BAR hybrid? sure looked like it brent. put another 100 pounds on your squat triple and gain about 6-10 pounds of muscle on your lower body and you might just bring some hope for the USA weighlifting team in the 77 kg class

Can’t tell if you’re making fun of me or not, if you are it’s fine, I’ll just be the guy lying in bed staring up at the ceiling wondering what it’s like to be as cool and admired as Justin Lascek.

The video that dave linked quite frankly can’t be ignored:

I’m proud to say I wouldn’t get along with any of the people in that video.

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  1. Hey Brent, I think about you when i hear this song…

    Does this make me an asshole or a concerned patron? IDK pick one.

  2. Brent, did you watch Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon?

  3. Wait a minute. You purposely avoid going to a Starbucks because of a girl you are nervous about having to talk to while she makes you a drink? That’s Sandusky gay man.

  4. Brent, did you ever think that maybe Starbucks girl looks forward to you coming in every day for your girly drink? Why would you want to make this girl sad by avoiding her?

    So just ask the her out for a boba tea. If she shoots you down, then you can avoid where she works.

  5. That was quite the outburst brent. i have nothing against it, just wondering because it was kind of random for you to suddenly talk about it.but hey, you like what you like, its a free country.

  6. I’ve got pockets full of kleenex and lint and holes

  7. Does it anger you to see wood that could be used for chopsticks broken? Fuck those kids. Why do they all look emo?

  8. SilentMachinery

    I’m not at all curious but: do you feel the belt puts you at some mechanical disadvantage during the squat? Technically, even though you’re currently squatting more without a belt than you used to with a belt, by increasing intra-thoracic pressure to brace the spine, wouldn’t you still yet be squatting more with a belt? Further, then, by not lifting as much as you potentially could, does this make you as much a gelatin genital’d jackass as someone who kills hours at his shitty job by reading the archives of some shitty blog authored by some Asian “athlete” he’ll never even meet but, yet, for whom is compelled to attempt desperate attempts a humor?

    Again, not curious at all.

    • Woah there bro…are you implying BRENTY IS NOT AN ATHLETE? I sure love keyboard warriors… and his blog isn’t exactly shitty…it sure has been entertaining to say the least of what is going on in that guy’s head.

  9. How many days a week do you normally train, nutmeg?

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