Over the past couple days I’ve

– snatched 215lbs from the hang <– I think this is a PR
– snatched 225lbs
– cleaned 290lbs <– matches lifetime PR
– high-bar back squat 405lbs x 3
– pressed 180lbs x 3 <– lifetime PR
– +65lbs x 4 weighted ring dips

brian writes:

this easily shits on frank yang’s xanga


hamburgerfan writes:

Brent: the other day an attractive coworker told me that I seemed really innocent. Has that ever happened to you? What the fuck’s that supposed to mean? Should I fucking kill myself?

Definitely sounds like she was saying you seemed like you’ve never gotten your dick wet. Looking like a virgin isn’t something to kill yourself over but maybe work on having a less dopey smile and maybe act like you have the capacity to get an erection every once in a while. Also, if you really wanted to know what she meant, this would have been a perfect opportunity to shoot back “What the FUCK’S that supposed to mean?” You would have gotten an answer. And if you didn’t like it, you could have flexed in her face.

criedthefox writes:

this may be somewhere in your blog already, but where do you get your grass fed beef AND is it cheaper per pound compared to dick-fed beef bought at the local grocery?

I go to a grass-fed farm with Saul. Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats. It may be a bit cheaper per lbs at this point? It’s been a while since I last checked at a grocery store but it seemed like ground beef was getting pretty close to $5.00 per lbs, at least at Tom Thumb which is where I typically get my stuff. (Tom Thumb is a chain of supermarkets in DFW). Either way I’m not going back to grain-fed meat. I shit better and grass-fed meat tastes significantly better than grain-fed. Also I love going on road trips with my BFF Saul to the farm.

I just published this post before I was done with it but it’s fine.

The super hot fitness model chick was at the gym while I was there with Saul and Becky one evening last week. She approached the three of us to ask Saul if he was still using a part of the Rogue rig for pull ups. I experienced acute adrenal fatigue from the almost-lethal exposure to her. If my lifts go down in the next couple days it’s from the spike in cortisol levels and subsequent depressed testosterone. Saul and Becky did not have much trouble interacting with her. I felt my heart rate jack up to about 180bpm any time she got too close and had to go take a lift. They suggested I ask her to go to Elevation Burger with us to have grass-fed hamburgers but it was pretty ezpz for me to think of about seven pretty good reasons to not ask her and instead shovel a lot of shit. Special Forces may not be in my future but I’ll be goddamned if I don’t get pinned with the Expert Shoveler’s Badge at some point in my life.

In another story of my fucking life, I’ve been invited out to a Saturday dinner at which I will be the only male. Everyone else will be female. I can’t say I’m surprised about this. The girl who invited me went so far as to say,

“Usually if there’s only one guy with a bunch of girls, it turns out he’s the gay one.”

“What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?”

So yeah, if you need me on Saturday night, call me – I’ll be the guy twiddling my fucking thumbs while the six girls I am sitting with are talking about their favorite articles of lingerie, sex, and why they would like to bone guys who AREN’T me. It’s actually not that bad. I have fun. I guess this is not helping the fact that they all think I suck a lot of fucking dick. <– this won't help the search engine terms that come to my site, which already mainly consist of "fat jiggly tits.gif" because of the post I did a while back on fat vs. big boobs.

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  1. Brent how do you feel about this song and music video?

  2. We should gchat about the fitness model chick this evening.

  3. Brent, I would advise that you skip the dinner Saturday and play SC2 instead, or watch the Pacquiao/Marquez fight with some dudes.

  4. also there are UFC fights as well. How are you not invited to hang out with other bro’s to watch boxing or mma?

  5. hilarious, brent, hilarious. looks like ur gonna have a BETTER weekend than “best”.

  6. Let then know you’re not gay by showing how inexperienced you are with dick sucking.

  7. What league are you in for SC2?

  8. hey friend! i miss you. i was talking about you today with my classmates. so here’s how it started…

    saul walked me to class today. of course, he was shirtless. my classmates all saw him. after class we were all in the bathroom together, of course. then, one of them mentioned saul. and how hot he is, of course. anyway, she was super impressed with his back. i was like, yeah.

    anyway, so then i say, “ya know, saul and i have a friend who also has a hot back. he trains with us and he’s super strong.”

    my classmate, katie perked up at this. i said, “yeah we should get you hooked up with him. he’s super funny and jacked.”

    she said, “what’s his name?”

  9. so i said, “brent. brent kim. he’s asian.”

    she giggled and admitted, “i’m totally into asians!” (no, she was not joking. she really is into asians)

    ok, then it kinda came up that if you guys got married her name would be katie kim. how cute would that be!

    so then i mentioned that we should go on a double date.

    brent, this cute girl who is also very smart (she’s in my master’s program and doing well) is interested in going on a double date with you, me, and saul.

    let me know if you could handle this and i’ll set it up.

  10. Becky is the sweetest fucking human on the planet.

  11. Do it Brent. Put it in her butt!!!!

  12. I like the way she proposed this on public on Brent’s blog so he can’t say no without everyone here abusing him relentlessly.

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