What the fuck’s that supposed to mean.

On Monday I pressed 162.5lbs for 5, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Last two sets could have been harder. I could have gotten more reps on them. I could have bigger anterior delts.

Front squat 340lbs for two triples and a single. This might be a minor volume PR for front squats in the sense that I’ve never done 340lbs for multiple triples. I’m also approaching all-time PR territory, I think I’ve only done 350lbs x 3 and I should be surpassing that in a couple weeks, hopefully for more than one set. 350lbs x 3 was with a belt and I haven’t put a belt on in probably three weeks.

Did some pretty negligible oly lifting after that … my shoulders may have been smoked after pressing but I just wasn’t doing very well.

Finished up with weighted ring dips and worked up to +60lbs x 5.

Saul’s got a few new assistance exercises involving the use of chains … not for Westside BB DE-type activity but just as weight for bodyweight exercises since they change center-of-mass from where it would be if one were to use a pull-up/dip weight belt.

See if you guys can’t make a meme or a .gif out of a screen cap of my facial expression from 1:02 to 1:05.

Also, check out Saul’s response to the Branch Warren reference in this one:

Chris writes:

Who has a better diet, you or Justin? We’ve seen Justin’s meal vlog, but you rarely mention your nutrition. You don’t strike me as someone who monitors his protein, carb, and fat intake all that closely, but you probably do.

First of all, “you don’t strike me as someone who monitors his protein, carb, and fat intake all that closely” what the FUCK is that supposed to mean?

(sidenote: one time a girl told me “you look like someone who gets along with everybody” and my response was “what the fuck’s that supposed to mean” she laughed shortly after this she watched my dance video and more or less stopped talking to me it’s fine)

But honestly? Honestly? Honestly? Probably Justin. I eat rice, boba tea, and Starbucks on a pretty regular basis so … but grass-fed beef is also a staple in my diet, in the sense that I consume about 2.5lbs-3lbs a day of it. I used to carb cycle but now that my bf% has improved I don’t really worry about macros as much. A typical day for me consists of essentially grass-fed meat and rice with the occasional fruit/vegetable. I like oranges right now. On occasion I’ll make chili with baby carrots and celery and Rotel and make corn bread with that. I bought a few roasts in my most recent order of beef and I might be using russet potatoes as a starch which is pretty not fucking Paleo.

Jake writes:

Brent, I was just reflecting on your YouTube username, “brentlovesulol”, and I realized it was very apt. Brent tries to confess his feelings to a pretty girl (perhaps Asian, b-cups, dimples), but is unable to come right out with it, hence the dissembling by referring to himself in the third person and ending with “lol”, to take the edge of of his confession.

I loled that you specified cup size. This is pretty accurate though. BRB, if you need me I’ll be the guy crushed at the bottom of a cliff inside the mangled remains of his car.

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  1. it seems your traps have grown since the last vid I saw with u in it. A chick at work asked me to flex yesterday so I did. She nearly had an orgasm. Who is stronger, you or Saul? Please respond

    • My best snatch grip deadlift is 365 so brent is probably stronger in that given these reps. Brent also beats my 3rms for squat, front squat and Press. But he doesn’t do singles enough to know the 1rm.
      He power snatches more than me unless he doesn’t use the 90 degree knee angle cutoff.

      • That’s interesting. Would you say you’re stronger in the gymnastic type training? And how much has all that type of training carried over into barbell training?

  2. Becky, if you’re reading this I’d like to know that your laugh is one of the most awful sounds I’ve ever heard. Please never laugh again.

  3. Also I made these screencaps for you guys, and for you Brent, because I was bored. Go nuts.



  4. I just meant that I don’t see you saying at the end of your day “omgz, I’m 15g short on my fat intake, better drink some olive oil.”

  5. Brent,

    I had a great Halloween weekend. I went to a few party’s, either 3 or 4 (don’t really remember), and got to see a bunch of girls act like sluts. One of the coolest things was that my GF decided to go the opposite of slut and went full blown walking dead zombie. I mean the make up made her look disgusting, it was a pleasant feeling being out with the only chick that wasn’t a whore.

    I drank a shit ton and still managed to PR my press on Monday;185×5. I’ve been doing the “Eat like an Adult” diet and have been having great success.

    I couldn’t really imagine a better weekend here in SoCal.

    How was your weekend Brent?

    Thanks for everything,


  6. Is the gym you train at as awesome as it looks in all your videos? It seems like there’s everything you’d ever need there and only you Saul and Becky train there.

  7. fucking yawn

  8. lol
    oh yeah fuck you lol

  9. Best, you still haven’t clarified the situation with your girlfriend’s back door. Enquiring minds want to know.

    • for all you know, best prob doesn’t have a gf, just an imaginary one he conjured up in attempts to make brent jealous of his “best” life.

  10. Brent which Soffe shorts do you have? The Dri Running Shorts, M022 or the Soffe Running Shorts, M020 aka Ranger Panties?

  11. Brent, what do you think of this song/video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_426RiwST8 I think you should remake it as a follow-up to your interpretive dance video.

  12. Brent, will you be growing facial hair for Movember?

  13. after a hard work out i sip my protein shake listening to this:


    Brent what is the longest lay off you’ve had in between training?

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