Having a great time.

Snatched up to 230lbs, c+jed 285lbs, cleaned 295lbs twice and wasn’t successful with the jerk either time.

Snatch-grip DLed 375lbs for a triple, then 4.

Did some weighted pull ups, worked up to +90lbs x 2, finished up with barbell curls and dumbbell lateral delt raises.

First let me say this week is going to be fucking awful for my diet. My aunt wanted everyone to have kahlgguksoo for dinner, which is essentially spaghetti noodles with fucking zucchini. I mean, it’s a Korean dish, and that’s fine – but we all know why I’d rather eat something else. Luckily my uncle was not in the mood and we went to go eat hibachi before picking up my aunt and cousin from the airport. Which is not really that great. BRB consuming 2g sodium BRB sesame seed oil BRB what is this meat why is it not grass-fed. It’s fine. I’ll just be bloated, inflamed, and have significantly more GI upset for the sake of spending time with family. Or I can be the asshole who says hey guys sorry I’m cutting I can’t eat that. That should go over well.

Second, when we met my aunt and cousin at the airport, the first thing my 17 year old cousin said to me was, “You’re soooo short.”

I said, “I don’t know what you want from me.” Then we talked about our favorite anime and her favorite games. For the record – my cousin’s a lot cooler than I or my sister was in high school. My sister hung out with a bunch of Asian kids. The ones with fobby accents. I was in JROTC for three years. I did the PT team, the color guard for at least three football games, and spun rifles for all three years. Go ahead? No really, let’s hear it. Looks like you have something to say. I’d love to hear it. My cousin plays video games and has a lot of friends. I had, like, three.

I went to all three JROTC banquets as well. Crushed on my first emo chick. Her name was Jaidon. She drew anime and listened to punk rock. She wore a lot of eyeliner and I thought she was real cute. Got her number. Called her a few times, the conversations were awful. I forgot how it ended. I think I just stopped calling her because the anxiety was too overwhelming. I’ve never talked to a therapist.

Anyways, lastly, my uncle recommends that I marry a Korean girl who goes to church. If you haven’t noticed, this is a fucking trend. He was not impressed with the fact that I don’t go to church and advised me that if I meet a nice girl and intend on dating her, I shouldn’t tell her that I’m not religious, and he went on to further advise me that in NO CIRCUMSTANCES should I try to persuade her that there was no greater spiritual being.

“What if she’s not religious either,” I ask, “Is it OK then? Is it OK if we both don’t believe in a higher power?”

“No,” he says, “That’s not OK.”

Granted that’s taken out of context, he was just telling me that a girl raised with Christian values would be better prepared to be part of a family support system and child-rearing.

Look guys – I’m just the guy doing lateral dumbbell raises in the mirror when he’s done doing oly lifts and squats or snatch-grip deads. This is beyond me. I have no commentary on this. I have no response to this. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to consume adequate amounts of protein this week while trying to avoid the exorbitant amount of carbs that comes with Korean cuisine. Any criticisms re: my failures as a 25 year-old, single male I’ll just have to fucking roll with. I just don’t have a defense. “Uh well you see this one time a bunch of chicks invited me out to a strip club and one offered to give me a lap dance irregardless of the presence or absence of an erection on my part but I chose to go home and mob that night instead.” I got nothing. DO IT COME ON KILL ME I’M RIGHT HERE KILL ME KILL ME NOW.

Well I’ll talk to you guys here in a little bit.

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  1. Could be worse. You could be 30.

    • I’m thirty tomorrow. I feel so great after reading your comment.

      • From my own experience, the initial feeling of crushing despair gives to way to a mild depression after a month or so, followed by sporadic bouts of embarrassment whenever you speak to a woman who’s younger than you are. It’s fine.

  2. What do you want from me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. All this talk of going to korean churches to pick up chicks makes me want to go to korean churches to pick up chicks. wanna be my wingman sunday morning?

  4. You think your diet sucks. I have my lady’s 85 year old grandparents at my place for a week, plus her parents, plus her. They make cinnamon rolls, stolien(it sucks and I don’t care I spelled it wrong) and other shit. I am bloated, and feel like shit. I eat cold pre cooked ground beef when I get 5 minutes alone. I was doing power cleans Friday (have a garage set up) and Grandpa comes out and asks me if I could not be so loud because Grandma was resting. So I said screw it and caught a major lat and bicep pump and called it. It’s fine….. My lady’s brother and I were talking and he told me “Don’t worry about it, it’s the holiday’s everyone is fucking miserable. Want some Jack?” Why can’t it just be Thanksgiving again?

  5. ‘Look guys – I’m just the guy doing lateral dumbbell raises in the mirror when he’s done doing oly lifts and squats or snatch-grip deads. This is beyond me. I have no commentary on this.’

    If it helps at all this is the guy I want to be. Plus you are stronger than me at a lower bodyweight which I attribute at least in part to being in a relationship, so being single isn’t all bad.

  6. I was a AFJRTOC nerd in high school too. Haha, I did color guard and drill team.

    Question. About your training layout. Lascek says you follow a loose framework week to week. What is that framework/layout?

    • It’s texas method, he doesn’t lift on fixed days but when he does a strength lift it alternates between being for weight or for volume.

  7. I try to pick up chicks at church all the time. although I haven’t seen anyone who looks interested in a hick skinhead yet.

  8. are there a lot of fobs in your area? i live in a concentrated area of south east asian fobs (mostly vietnamese), though i rarely meet any younger fobs my age. it seems that most have already assimilated pretty well.

    which makes me wonder, how do you feel about how asian americans have assimilated into american culture? how do you feel that im asking how that feels?

    oh and have you ever tried pho?

  9. When I asked my mum about you and Justin potentially staying with us I told her about your Paris shirt. She laughed for a solid minute.

  10. I’m gonna need you to calm the fuck down sir.

  11. Just eat and enjoy yourself. In the grand scheme of things, a week off from your usual diet is a drop in the bucket.

  12. yup seems like a lot of koreans i know are also not too into dating outside of the race. Oh well… maybe you can not be a statistic and find a nonkorean girl. Btw, how are your delts growing with them lat raises?

  13. Brent,
    Don’t feel bad about being where you are at 25. At 28, I’m much less of a mess than I was at 25. Guys just get better with age. It’s science.

  14. charlie_gook_nip_zip_fuck

    Brent/ShrugThug Community,

    How do you guys feel about cheese and crackers??? What about Casein/water shakes in the evening and morning??? What about whey/water shakes pre/post workouts??? What bout 600 mg of NoDoz a day??? How do you guys feel about these things???

    Please respond, help needed.

  15. Brent,

    You should have skated in high school. I skated instead of baseball and couldn’t be happier with myself. Go back in time and let your past self read this blog, so he can make the necessary adjustments i.e move to a real city, be white, etc.

    I haven’t commented in bit because I’ve been busy with other shit. Thanks for making me feel great about my life.


  16. 25… and this is your life?
    Holy fuck–where did you go wrong?
    Maybe you should focus more on being assertive than the number of reps you did with a certain weight.
    Unless you’re competing, get real and just be more successful.
    Disregard everything.

  17. Brent: when do you mob, relative to your workouts? I can’t mob before, or I will be too loose. I can’t mob after, or my muscles will start cramping in an out of control manner.

    • I’d be interested to know this as well. He has mentioned before which ones he can do going into a workout and which ones he has to do at a separate time, but I can’t remember which ones fall into each category.

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