I am not good at improv.

Pressed 190lbs x 2, then got another single. I could have pressed it for more reps. I felt good for the warm-ups and smoked 180lbs pretty well as my last warm-up, intending to go for 190 x 3, but I guess I was too ambitious. I’ll take three reps total at 190lbs though, and I may just attempt this again next week and do some reduced volume afterwards for the press.

I snatched like a fucking loser today, worked up to 195lbs + 1 snatch from below the knee hang. I missed 205lbs and 215lbs from the below the knee hang. I could be a better athlete.

Today was one of those rare days where my jerks felt as good as my cleans, and I hit 265lbs pretty well then went to 290lbs to attempt a +5lbs PR. My cleans were not feeling that strong but I felt I had it in me to jerk a PR – 290lbs was a touch out in front, but otherwise felt pretty doable. I was feeling aggressive and mildly depressed and loaded the bar to 295lbs and thought about things that make me want to fucking kill myself and managed to do this:

Front squat 365lbs x 1 and got stapled on the next rep. Did two sets at 315lbs for 5 and 4. This could have been a lot better, like, I could have fucking done 365 for a triple, but I guess I could have been fresher before attempting a front squat PR.

Weighted ring dipped up to 90lbs x 2, couldn’t power through the last rep for the triple. I’ll try this one more time on Thursday after my intensity bench, if it doesn’t go I’ll see what I can do for a 5rm PR.

I just want to say that I fasted for like, 18 hours prior to this workout. I mean, I fasted for 18 hours, ate a lbs of rump roast and some carrots and two small red potatoes, had a waxy maize/protein shake and a Starbucks mocha.

Here is a video of Saul’s 480lbs deadlift PR from Saturday.

Saul had missed 455lbs like twice before attempting 470lbs and 480lbs successfully with trap slaps.

Hey guys – this is a message from brobility wod.com. Look – if you’re not trap slapping your athletes, you’re robbing them of pounds off their lifts. We need to think about blood flow and circulation and it’s relation to psychological excitation. When we slap these traps hard enough we get this really nice erythema. Do it hard enough and you get a hand-shaped tattoo. Depending on your level of sexual deviancy, you might be able to compare this to a mushroom tattoo. That nice, subtle tingly sensation you feel after good traptual contact? That’s a sudden influx of capillary blood flow. We look for the same thing when we want to ice hot spots. We already know the benefits to a sudden dilation of capillaries as far as the recovery process. What we haven’t looked at is it’s relationship to raising the excitation level of our athletes. Humans respond to pain. If you tickle me, do I not laugh? If you prick me, do I not bleed? If I enter the pain cave with a lacrosse ball lodged in my external rotators, do I not make a pain face (note – you shouldn’t). We need to start thinking about gearing our athletes up for max-effort attempts. We can start with the very basic tool of trap slaps. Let’s activate those nerve-endings, get the athletes thinking about setting their upper back for the pull, have them respond to pain, and get them pulling at full capacity. So today’s homework: have a super friend slap your traps for your worksets or your heaviest attempts. Experiment with severity, observe erythema. Do I pull better? Do I “feel” these muscles more? How does it affect my performance? That’s all for today, this is brobility wod, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Patrick asks:

Question. About your training layout. Lascek says you follow a loose framework week to week. What is that framework/layout?

Saul answered in the comments, it’s basically Texas Method with no light days and not on a set schedule. Except recently I’ve stopped doing TM for back squats and front squats and just alternate between each and try to hit a topset, then back off and so some volume. I do the oly lifts as many training days as I can if time allows, and I just work up to a single or two, though I’ll try to vary the movements i.e. doing work from the hang or boxes or focusing on the power snatch/clean variants to keep from burning out and to reinforce positions. I also do a volume week and intensity week for pressing, i.e. 4×5 press and 4×5 bench one week, then go for 1-3rms in press and bench the next. I’ve improved my pressing quite a bit and pretty consistently with this. I rotate my pulls each week, going from oly snatch/clean pulls and shrugs, to snatch-grip deads, to RDLs, and I’ll be doing legit heavy dead-stop deads after the oly meet in Houston.

Brian asks:

are there a lot of fobs in your area? i live in a concentrated area of south east asian fobs (mostly vietnamese), though i rarely meet any younger fobs my age. it seems that most have already assimilated pretty well.
which makes me wonder, how do you feel about how asian americans have assimilated into american culture? how do you feel that im asking how that feels?
oh and have you ever tried pho?

Yes, there are lot of fobby Koreans in Plano. I’m not friends with any of them.

I get along best with Asian-Americans who are at least as assimilated as I am. If I like an Asian girl, she is a lot more assimilated than I am. Should I talk to someone about this? Do I have a problem?

I love pho. I haven’t had it a long time but I could be convinced to not cook for a meal to go eat a bowl of pho pre- or post-workout (assuming it’s a volume day).

hamburgerfan asks:

Brent: when do you mob, relative to your workouts? I can’t mob before, or I will be too loose. I can’t mob after, or my muscles will start cramping in an out of control manner.

There are some mobs that I love pre-workout, though not necessarily immediately before. I do them at home over the course of about half an hour, then drive 20-30mins to go train and do a separate warm-up. Couch stretch, hip flexion + external rotation, best shoulder mob ever, double lacrosse ball to t-spine, peri-scapular death, and rolling out my high hammies and glutes half an hour before training always make me feel pretty fucking good. Suprapatellar tack-and-stretch and the distal triceps analog are good the night before, I also prefer to do hip approximation the night before. I haven’t tried to do anything immediately post, if I do mob post-workout it’s typically close to bed time.

Karibot, I’m happy you squat high-bar. In fact, if anyone else squats high-bar, please report in the comments.

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  1. I only squat HB (jelly dick weights).

  2. Weak HB back squat reporting in.

  3. Brent,

    in your expert Korean opinion, how accurate are the various descriptions at http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Fob&defid=1101024?

    Being that I’m from Norway I found all of this extremely fascinating. Yes, I’m weird, thanks for asking.

  4. I do deep knee bends HB.

    What’s your Christmas list look like? Don’t tell me if it a gun with a single bullet…

  5. I’m Currently doing a Linear Progression while HB squatting. I hope rip doesn’t show up to my car hold and kill me….

    It’s fine.

    honestly, it is… honestly.

  6. Brent I want to clean and jerk 350lb, deadlift 600lbs and press 225 at 7% bodyfat, is this a good program to help me achieve my goals?


  7. I squat high bar Brent it’s fine.

  8. why the FUCK are there no comments about my brobility wod skit

  9. I squat high bar. Hit a solid set of 325 for 7 last week on my first week of 531. Nice! I trap slap for squats because very few people know that blood flows 387,561 times better to the quads(built from high bar squatting) when its coming from the traps. Brilliant!

  10. Saul could have pulled that DL without the straps. It’s fine.

    • I did 470 or 450 with the double overhand hook. I’m not too concerned about holding on to these. I can double over hand no-hook grip about 425 for one rep.

      • Do you ever pull with a mixed grip?

      • Do you use straps and different grips in any systematic way, or just kind of intuitively?

        My fingers are about half the size of my palms, and I’m thinking about using straps on my work sets (325x1x5 last week) from now on.

        • Yes, I use double overhand grip for all warmup-sets I can’t do a whole lot more than 405 that way so my last warm-up set and/or first work set gets hook gripped.

          My back can handle more deadlifting than the skin on my thumbs, especially since I do snatches and cleans most training days and use them as deadlift warmups.

          I am trying to get 500 by the end of this year and decided to not be real concerned how I gripped the bar to do it.

  11. If it isn’t high bar then it isn’t a squat. It’s some sort of faggot knee bend.

  12. http://www.koreanbeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/seunghoonchoi_nebraska.jpg

    You may have to copy and paste this but whatever.. Bro, you need to move to Nebraska. This is what nebraska does to asians. This dude probably came in at 4’11” weighin 87 lbs with a c&j max of pvc. Look at him now- Dude looks like he ate godzilla as a pre workout snack.

  13. I HB squat, not really by choice though.

    Your brobility wod thing was too long to read. but “brobility wod” made me LOL.

  14. p.s. will you be my super-friend?

  15. I squat HB, but I’m also a bitch and squat light so I can get used to the weight being on my traps.

  16. Brent,
    I enjoyed your ramblings about brobilitywod.com and look forward to implementing brobing into my own workouts.

    LBBS to HBBS – when do my traps stop hurting?
    – what kind of performance decrease do you experience when you made the switch?

    • i was still early in my novice LP when i switched and I basically had to start from nothing because it hurt like a bitch. I was at 225lb (LB) at the end of august when I switched and got to 275lb (HB) by mid November, with a 1RM of 300. Traps stopped hurting as I got closer to my LB PR.

    • I’ve gone back and forth, the first time I switched from LB to HB, it took a few weeks to get comfortable with it. It also only took a few weeks to get my HB up to my previous LB numbers. I think I got up to 315×8 or something before going back to LB for a stretch (in an attempt to reach 405×1). And now…back to HB.

  17. I saw high bar, but I haven’t actually backsquatted in a few weeks now.

    PR is 310×5

    I thought your skit was pleasantly funny. Good job mimicking KStar’s speech

  18. I probably squat more weight low bar, deeper and with less of a belt than the high bar circle jerk crew here. Anyone care to tell me I’m wrong?

    • At a lighter bodyweight.

    • You’re not wrong.

    • I don’t doubt you can squat more because your strong as gangbusters, but its a physical impossiblity to squat lower on low bar than on high bar unless the people squating high bar are pussing out before they hit the bottom in which case the fault is on the lifter and not the lift. Thoughts? Is there a reason you prefer the lbbs?

      • Low bar feels more stable, reduces the lever arm distance from the fulcrum (which is good for me because I’m 6’4) and allows me to lift more weight with my awesome hamstrings.

        The only people who prefer high-bar squats are wannabe olympic weightlifters and crossfitters.

      • There is more range of motion at the hip in a lbbs than a hbbs each taken to full depth, and I’d rather have strong hips than strong knees.
        If I LBBS regularly, standing up from the occasional cleans I do isn’t a big deal at all. For my body type and strengths the front squat isn’t that important.

        So pretty much the same reason as JC who seems to be a reasonable and tall fellow.

  19. I squat less weight low bar than anyone else here regardless of HB or LB or bodyweight it’s fine.

    • Fuck that, 225lbs 3X5, only contest i’ll ever win is a lowest squat contest. it’s fine, if you need me I’ll be hanging out… of a fucking tree.

  20. High bar is for jelly-dicked fools.

  21. High Bar here. Did 315×2 plus 1 this week. I hate my life.

  22. you guys need to stop swinging from Brent’s nuts. It’s pretty annoying when every other comment contains “it’s fine”. Fuck all y’all.

  23. Brent,

    Can you start a website called brobility wod.com?

  24. Brent, can you give me your trap workout?

    • He doesn’t train his traps, he’s a fucking FARCE. Has this whole blog dedicated to them not being big enough and the nick name of shrugthug and I’VE NEVER SEEN HIM DO ONE GODDAMN weighted SHRUG THE WHOLE TIME I’VE TRAINED WITH HIM.


  25. Hey Brent,

    What does this video make you think about?


  26. Brent,

    A) When and where is this Houston oly meet, I’ll come and say hi and give you some trap slaps if need be.

    B) I recently switched to HB on a whim and sorta like it. I had a workout that was like 315 x 5,5,8 or something and was pretty happy bc i hadnt been over 275 in months, but then I pulled a butt muscle or something in my lower back and have been sitting here all jelly dicked loosing 10 lbs… whatever

  27. I’ve just about never HB squatted, but I bet if you give me a day to play around with it, I can HBBS more than most of you.

    Hell, I can probably FS more than most of you clowns HBBS. Pussies.

    Not more than Brent, though. He strong.

    ps nice straps Saul. I redact my earlier remarks about weight classes and such.

    • yeah but what the fuck is your curl to dead lift ratio, BRO?



      If you can’t beat Brent’s squatting you can’t beat mine either. I’m going to fucking start strapping to the bar when I squat. OOOOKAY?

      • Saul, have you pulled 5 plates yet? (Not being an ass, genuinely interested)
        I got a press PR, dunno if you saw the vid.

        • I Benched 315 for the first time today for 2 reps. I bench 2-3 times a month to help the press with shoulder width grip.

          I am going to give 495/500 DL a go Monday the 26th. But I can make no guarantees except that there will be pictures and video of my wet, asthetic and hard tumescent back muscles whenever I do indeed lift 5 plates.

          Next DL day after that one would be the 4th of January. It’s not a big enough deal to me to try to make a new years eve workout out of it.

        • I did not see it, my press responded well to training it daily and since I stopped doing that, it has been stuck at 215 and below. Maybe you’re stronger than me now?

          I’d imagine I can’t lift as much as I possibly can until going to the gym more than 7 times a week is a reality.

  28. Everyone else is wrong – brobility is great.


  29. i see those guys behind you be mirin’ ur clean and jerk…

  30. I squat mid bar, or as it will now be known, SoCal style. I’ve been hurt, then sick, and my squat has gone down about 50-60lbs but I’m fine with that cuz my girlfriend is hot and I can bench 330.


    After deciding what type of squat I want to do and what kind of DL grip I like, based on what internet boards tell me is most badass, how do I decide how much and what type of Test to start taking?

  31. High Bar squatter checking in. Low bar turns you gay and then makes your dick fall off.

  32. really lonely guy

    ahh…that annoying a-hole toolbox BEST is back…

  33. We all know best is Mr. Kim. Acting as his alter ego.

  34. really lonely guy

    if best is really brent in disguise… then it is tolerable. If not, he sure is one annoying prick…

  35. High bar squatter checking in. 365×1 for a pr tonight. 405 is gonna happen sooner than later which was my goal 7 months ago when I first started lifting. Brb could give less of a fuck if someone squats high or low bar, as long as they hit decent depth. Honestly, who the fuck cares? As long as we all just have FUN lifting some sub maximal jelly dick weights, compared to the worlds best, its all good.

  36. I was in sprouts today and I was walking behind a middle aged asian couple. They were speaking in not english and then the woman looked at the man and said “it’s fine” and walked away.


  38. really lonely guy

    Spending Christmas without the love of your life Brent? It’s fine, so am I. by the way, stankrom, he still is WAY more jacked than you.

  39. Puke: Cool presses. Brent is 10-15lbs behind you for triples. I don’t do triples anymore, my PR was 185×3.

    So naturally your shoulders and triceps are way bigger than mine pressing 10% more than I do for reps. Or at least that is what brett thinks repetition presses are for.

    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to have him try just singles (or I guess some doubles too for the 230×2 bet) on the press like he trains his other olympic lifts. He wont buy into it though because he’s afraid he will lose his unearthly delt and tri development he’s built through 5’s across.

    And Justin Lascek can press 5-10 more than 200×3, I always thought we were supposed to be out-lifting him when we threaten him. That’s why I’ve stuck to mostly curl videos or weighted bodyweight shit since I’m quite good at those.

    Rumor has it he’s a terrible deathlifter since he hurt his back and didn’t make dls a priority. Max something in the 450-500 range.

  40. ah…its always amusing to see amateur lifters trying to out compete each other…

  41. I just wanted this post to have 100 comments.

  42. The halifax intercity buses operate from the same building as the train station, at 1161 hollis st.

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