Daily Archives: December 1, 2011

I could be a better athlete.

Update: Hey guys I got a poll:

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Snatched up to 230lbs, cleaned 290lbs twice and missed the jerk both times. I could be a better athlete. I was being a real gordon fuck about dipping straight up-and-down, first rep went behind me, second rep was out in front and not that strong of an attempt.

Finished up with weighted chins, +75lbs x 4, and 3×5 barbell rows at 225lbs. I could have a stronger upper back.

I watched this episode of mwod last night and tried it out today – harder to do with the snatch, I’m not sure how flat I can get my back with straight legs and still hold onto the bar with the snatch-grip – but I thought it did make some things feel better. I did feel like my pull was made a bit more consistent (I didn’t miss any snatches or cleans today). I also felt like my extension was a little more organized, especially with the clean, glutes and hamstrings felt like they were real on.

Just realized my rhomboids and lower traps feel pretty fatigued right now. It’s fine.

Hey guys – can I be real for just a second?

This is an old video but I like watching it sometimes. Lots of emotion. Who are you when you are challenged? How much of yourself do you put into the things you care about? AC had attempted 505lbs x 5 a couple weeks before and came away with a triple, after a short deload he worked back up to 500lbs and really wanted to put this shit away. I watch this every once in a while when I want to feel like I’m not trying hard enough.

beonick writes:

Brent, did you watch Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon?

I watched both. I enjoyed Dragonball Z more. When I was in middle school and a freshman in high school I’d draw stick figure comics inspired by Dragonball Z.

stone wall writes:

Hey Brent, I think about you when i hear this song…
Does this make me an asshole or a concerned patron? IDK pick one.

That’s very sweet of you, Joe.

James writes:

Brent, did you ever think that maybe Starbucks girl looks forward to you coming in every day for your girly drink? Why would you want to make this girl sad by avoiding her?
So just ask the her out for a boba tea. If she shoots you down, then you can avoid where she works.

Hold on a sec I have to go get a towel and wash my hands, the very suggestion of this makes my palms real fucking clammy. I’m also not going to ask this girl to go get boba tea when there is a real cute Vietnamese girl who works at the boba tea shop? Thereby doubling the systemic stress that I’d have to face? Which would be amplified by the fact that I’m having to legit interact with someone I can’t maintain eye contact with for more than a second or two? What are you, a fucking amateur?