I’ve forgotten her touch.

On Monday I pressed 165lbs x 5, 5, 3, 4. Which, while stupid, is still a volume PR. The first two sets were surprisingly easy, I think I was just pressing out in front of me on the third set.

Front squat 365lbs x 2, 2, which would have been better if I took this weight for a triple. I think it's doable right now, just not immediately after volume pressing.

Some negligible ring dips, I was essentially super-setting my warm ups for this in-between the front squats and then immediate attempted +90lbs x 3 after racking the bar for front squats. I got one rep. Died on the second.

Today I snatched up to 235lbs and cleaned up to 295lbs. It's pretty OK that I'm capable of cleaning 295lbs regularly, it would just be nice if I could stop being a talentless athlete and actually jerk it. I worked on my hip internal rotation to make my split better, which helped a little for a few reps, but I think I also need to focus a little more on hip extension in the couch stretch to get a better split – I caught 295lbs with arms locked-out but with too much lumbar extension and ribcage tilt and dumped it behind. If I can improve hip extension for the back leg I can split with a more neutral spine and hopefully be a more successful jerker.

Last night I did some tack-and-stretch on my distal hams, which was uncomfortable but not as terrible as suprapatellar pouch or distal triceps were when I first did them. My distal hams have been tight for a long time so I'm not sure why I haven't done this before; felt a lot easier to wind up into my snatch and clean start positions and it felt like more musculature was being used as far as hamstrings when I pulled off the floor. They're still pretty grody so I'll prob hit them a few more times and see what I can clear up.

Before I started my clinicals for the x-ray program, I had to buy scrubs. At the medical uniform/supply store in Wichita Falls (did I say that correctly? “Medical uniform” does that mean a store where you get scrubs or a fetish outlet where you get gyno tools that aren’t necessarily for ob/gyn offices? I don’t know anymore. Everything’s a fetish to me now. Show me your feet.) there was this real cute girl working who legit was one of the prettiest girls I’d ever seen. I used to know her name but the part of my heart that knew died with my memory of her. She was a brunette with dark brown eyes and a warm smile.

She showed me which ones I needed, was all helpful and patient and even waited for me to try on a pair and nodded her head in approval because they fit me. Her hand touched my back as she asked me to turn and I felt my heart beat in staccato, pounding out a love poem in Morse code. Let me be lost in your embrace always and if I forget your touch let me feel the lack.

The scrubs were on back-order so I’d have to come back later when another shipment came in to pick them up.

So I come back the next week and I legit sit in my car outside the store for like, fucking at least five minutes, psyching myself up, visualizing how I’m going to walk in like I own a fucking pair of functioning testicles for once and say, “Hey man, I think you’re real cute, you wanna hang out?” I may or may not have had to turn the car back on, leave, and come back after a few minutes because the adrenaline was making me sick. You can choose whether to believe I actually did or not, I don’t care enough to convince you either way.

So I finally say to myself “SHE’S A FUCKING TWENTY YEAR-OLD GIRL, YOU’VE DONE WORKOUTS HARDER THAN TALKING TO HER” as my final motivational thought and get out of the car, I inhale like I’m about to start the descent on a 1rm squat and open the door and swagger into the store, I had done some heavy deads the day before so I was feeling real fucking jacked –

– and I see an older guy at the counter and he’s pretty grumpy looking and doesn’t look particularly happy to see me. I see the brunette girl, though, and she is as wonderful as I remember her. She greets me by name again. The old man’s frown deepens when I smile and say hi back. I think to myself, oh shit is that her dad? How am I gonna get this chick’s digits if her dad’s watching? The LZ is too hot I REPEAT THE LZ IS TOO HOT DO NOT INSERT YOU ARE NOT CLEAR TO ENGAGE. She hands me the scrubs wrapped in dry, plastic wrap and our fingers touch.

“Have a good day good luck with your semester!” she says.

I say, “Okayseeyabye” and the door closes behind me.

Jamesinottawa asks:

Brent, are those Tai Chi shoes you’re wearing in the pic?

Yes. I was looking for flat-soled shoes with no arch support and I thought they looked cool. They are probably the best shoes I’ve ever worn. A lot of people make fun of them, including a doctor at work who just shook his head and said “typical” when I first wore them in the clinic. Chris always says “Nice Asics.” Patients ask me if I’m wearing wrestling shoes. I want to say, why the fuck are you looking at my feet anyways you freak. It’s fine.

karibot writes:

Brent. Lurker here. But I have to interrupt this siempresolo.jpg moment to tell you that some girls — cool girls — actually like sensitive dudes. A sensitive yet mega-jacked dude is an especially powerful combination. And honestly? Honestly? HONESTLY? Some of those girls ACTUALLY WANT to sleep with their sensitive dude friends. Especially if they are mega-jacked. Figure out how to use this to your advantage (a definite alpha move), and you won’t need the Lascek sweat cologne.

It’s fine. I’ll just get a ploofeh tri-color corgi and dress him up in bow-ties and glasses. That’ll feel like companionship.

Broseph writes:

This blog is boring as fuck…
I’m not even going to troll it anymore.
You’re a really average Asian guy that spends all of his time working out, talking about working out and/or associating with people that are involved in the fitness industry/are obsessed with working out…
This shit gets old.

I’m legit surprised people read it, and I’m even more surprised that my readership is growing.

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  1. I did lacrosse ball to suprapatellar pouch this morning and went straight to the pain cave

  2. I’ve started sneaking away from my desk to mobilise in the toilets at work. People would probably think that rubbing myself against a tennis ball is somehow strange, so if they get suspicious I’ll just say that I have dysentery or something.

  3. 4 panel Peanuts can be pretty depressing sometimes but 3 panel takes it to a whole new level.
    Of all the Brent Kims in the world, you’re the Brent Kimiest. http://3eanuts.com/post/13922698917

  4. When are you going to compete again? The self talk to get out of the car is classic!

  5. Best/worst thing I’ve read. You have a gift.

  6. Dude, you need to go out, get drunk and hit on as many women as possible. Think of it as an assistance exercise.

    And the tai chi shoes are cool. Only problem I’d have with them is because they have so little heel, I’d always be stepping on the hem of my pants.

  7. Hi, yet another lurker here. Just wanted to say epic post! I almost cried…

  8. Brent Ive read your blog from the beginning. This post is probably my favorite.

  9. Isn’t wichita falls pretty far away from where you work/live? There has to be medical uni place closer to you. Or did you specifically drive 2 hours because you knew a cutie worked there, and did it twice even, and still managed not to ask her out?

  10. Brent, Hypothetical question, if you could be any animal, what would it be? No explanation please.

  11. Did you get into contact with Charles M Schulz and ask him to make that comic strip specifically to mock me?

    • Also, I know how you feel about not taking your attempt. I’ve done it and I always fucking kick myself for it later.

      Especially when I think of something really amazing to say and it’s just too fucking late.


    • I think this means you need to say hey to that one chick you see on the bus every other Friday, or one of the smokeshows at the gym, either way.

  12. really lonely guy

    Enjoyed this entry as well, Brent. Guess you never found out whether that ole’ bastard was her dad or not…better not have been her bf or something. As for forgetting her touch…ah I can remember that. Last night I had a dream with her being so close to me. She rested her head against my shoulders. It was a wonderful, surreal dream. I woke up, and realized that she was far removed from my world…

  13. took me several weeks to go into an American Eagle and ask some chick out. Sometimes I went to the mall and walked in circles and just left without even going in to the store. I finally got up the nerve one day to do it and turns out she had a boyfriend. or thought i was an ugly piece of shit on the ground. Irregardless, I never have to go into an American Eagle again, which is always a plus.

  14. whatever bro its not even worth it


  15. whatever bro its not even worth it


  16. Brent, I was front squatting yesterday and the sides of my delts were incredibly sore. I need a few stretches to increase flexibility.

  17. Hey Brent, any issues with doing several mobs every day? Is there an over training (you know what I mean) equivalent for mobbing?

  18. Hey Brent, weirdest thing JUST happened. I was in a crowded Room with you and Justin for some reason and you two were wearing tank tops. Then you two were laughing really hard at some chick and I woke up. I don’t recall everything that happened but it made me wake up and I had to tell you. It’s fine. Ok that’s all. Stay safe.

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