Happy 4th Birthday 70’s Big

On 22 September 2009 this website launched in order to educate people about strength and conditioning, but entertain them at the same time. The focus was on being big, muscular, and strong in a time dominated by emaciation. Women were encouraged to train, men were encouraged to pound the calories, and everyone was pushed into competition.

Over the years the site has evolved due to a combination of getting jaded with the same kindergarten material available across the “training-sphere” as well as an obligation to not only teach people to get strong, but to keep them healthy and strong through life. I always say, we should all aim to bang our significant other when deep into our 80s. The basic tenants of 70sBig.com remain the same:

– commit to training with reckless intensity
– develop a physique built with performance instead of vanity
– help encourage others in their training
– enter competition for ultimate introspection
– teach and learn about strength and conditioning, mobility, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, fitness, etc.
– tirelessly lead the charge to end misconceptions about females and lifting
– actively work towards changing societal body image
– have a damn good time doing it

70’s Big crew and friends from USAPL Raw Nationals in 2012

It’s always been my intention — and my bane — to help people through 70sBig.com. I hope whoever you are, whether you’ve been here since day one or just started reading yesterday, you have gained benefit through this website. When I find the time, I regularly work to improve our knowledge and synthesize material you can implement into your own training and life.

This wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I want to thank all of the readers, new and old. I consider you a part of the 70’s Big Community, one full of crazy assholes who are some of the nicest, hard working, and amusing folks around. The reach of 70’s Big is broad, and it’s comforting to know that we can go almost anywhere in the world, talk about 70’s Big and immediately have a bond with a stranger. One time somebody, who I’ve still yet to meet, told me in an e-mail, “70’s Big takes care of their own.” That’s a comforting thought; we’re building something really cool here. This is as much your birthday as it is mine.

To all of my friends around the world — whether I’ve met you or not, held a seminar in your gym, trained with you, or lectured to your unit — thanks for making this fun. And to my close friends who were integral in the creation of this website: thanks for being there for me with your absurd, unique, and borderline irritating personality.

The future is always bright to people who attack it with fervor. 70’s Big will always be around to educate, entertain, and irritate you. The idea of communicating with all of you assholes through old age is, at the very least, a comforting thought.

Train hard, get big. Get 70’s Big.

Happy Birthday

PR Friday: Post your training PR’s and updates to the comments. I (Justin) haven’t been able to check on you guys in a few weeks, so a) give me a proper training update and b) share your favorite 70’s Big moment over the last four years. 

Memorial Day 2013

Take a deep, luxurious breath. How does it feel? Normal? It should feel both normal and abnormal.

It’s normal because it’s the same as the million of breaths that have come before it. You’re an American breathing freely whilst pursuing your life’s happiness. Yet it’s abnormal and weird because the only reason you’re content taking that breath is because there is man or woman who has earned it for you.

An American soldier has pulled on his boots, shouldered his ruck, and squeezed the grip of his rifle, sweating. This man forfeited his freedoms, left his family, and sacrificed his youth. This man did all of this, yet is hardly compensated for his sacrifices. In fact, he is often shunned for going out of his way to choose this fate.

Yet, this man is the reason you are able to take your next breath, the reason you can wake up in the morning and do whatever you damn well please. This man protects the richest of the rich, yet also enables the dredge of society to suck the teat and be rewarded for sloth. He’s the reason that a bar fight, this website, or a children’s spelling bee can exist. His sacrifice is blind to the recipients’ outcome, yet it is all-encompassing nonetheless.

You may have known the man with the rifle, yet he has existed for more than 200 years and he gives you this next breath freely. You are free to do whatever you want with that breath, but it’d be a disgrace if it wasn’t spent doing everything you can to be the best person, father, brother, friend, son, worker, or stranger that you can. Your last breath was a freebie; now earn your next in honor of those riflemen who make breathing possible.

Lest we forget our fallen…

PR Friday, 1 FEB 2013

PR Friday: Post your training PR’s and updates to comments. This gives you chance to communicate with like-minded readers, get encouragement or tips, and to be a part of our community. I know there are a lot of lurkers because every time people meet me or message me they say, “I always read, but I never comment. I’ll have to start commenting.” Join in on the fun.

Week In Review: Women Allowed In Combat Arms“, “Paleo for Lifters“, “Never Miss A Chance to Get Better“, and “Lessons From Lifting“.

The Super Duper Bowl

The NFL championship game is this Sunday and it has turned into big media frenzy. I’ve personally avoided anything about the game since the media hype can produce a huge let down on Super Bowl Sunday. But, more importantly, do you give a shit about this game? I love football, grew up playing and watching it, and I’ll be watching this Sunday, but the celebrity frenzy can be laborious.

What about pro athletes? Do you really give a damn about them? Are they clowns paid to perform for you? Do you care that Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis possibly murdered or witnessed a murder on the weekend of Super Bowl 34? Does a different set of ethics apply to famous people?

If a white trash chick skipped trial 20 times, violated probation, then made some shit up about not showing up to court and everyone found out she was lying, and then was not sent to jail, how would you feel? Cause that’s the life of Lindsey Lohan.

And more importantly, do you care if Beyonce lip-syncs the national anthem?

Who wins the game?

These are the questions America needs to know!






For those of you who have inquired about consultations, they were on a hiatus through the holidays. They are resuming and I’m pleased to introduce Chris Riley to the consultation team. You can read his profile here, and you can currently contact the consultation team at Consultations@70sbig.com for information. Note that there may be a waiting list and it may take time to get to your e-mail. 

New Writers

I’m pleased to welcome several writers to 70sBig.com. You have heard me talk about them or have seen their posts in the past, and I’m glad to call all of them good friends. They will be assigned to a specific sport and will report news as well as provide their analysis or opinion on the sport. The new writers and their duties are:

Jacob Cloud — Powerlifting, Editor
Mike Battaglino — Strongman
Jacob Tsypkin — Olympic Weightlifting
Brian Smith — General sports

I feel that designating people to cover a sport will provide 70’s Big readers with a more comprehensive look at that sport. This will only encourage readers to be fans of the sport and will help grow the sport, but it will also help motivate readers to also compete. All three of the sport specific writers love the sport they are following and regularly coach or compete in it. They have the freedom to report news, interview athletes, or profile a athletes — whatever they see fit. Expect to see more content on each sport since having a person dedicated to each will be infinitely better than me trying to cover them all at once. Each writer will soon have their own 70’s Big e-mail address to accept related content pertinent to their sport or interests.

Reader Submissions

When I started this site I intended it to be driven by reader submitted content. That has been partially true as I often create posts based on inquiries or material sent to me. However, for the first time I am formally opening 70’s Big to reader submitted articles. This doesn’t mean anything and everything will be accepted. Your submission must:

– Not exceed 1,000 words in length, and preferably be closer to 500.
– Include a visual aid (either an image that is under 500×500 pixels or a YouTube video) and cite where this visual came from.
– Be concise with good grammar and punctuation.
– Include a short, one paragraph summary (like an abstract) at the beginning of the e-mail to explain what the submission is about.
– Send submissions to Submissions@70sBig.com

If any of the rules above are not followed, then the submission will be deleted. Jacob Cloud is also now an editor and will oversee reader submissions with my help. If a submission is poor in quality, irrelevant, pointless, or not interesting or funny, we reserve the right to not use the submission. It’s okay to submit things that are in conflict with my objective and subjective training methodology or opinions, but you will need to make a compelling argument for doing so (this sentence is here to show you that we won’t be denying conflicting pieces just because they disagree with us). Time is a valuable thing; do not waste ours with poor articles. If you are worried about wasting your own time, it would be acceptable to send an e-mail asking if we’re interested in your topic.

Any or all of the above rules could change the more Jacob and I discuss it or sift through submissions. Have fun with it. Most of the people that read 70’s Big are great people who love to train and are really funny, so if you choose to write something, direct it at such an audience.


Off Topic

I was going to write something today, but the snow is coming down in big flakes and I’m gonna go sledding with the puppies instead.

Instead, let’s just have a chat in the comments about whatever meets our fancy. How was your holiday? Want to talk about presents? Or food and drink that keeps you warm in the cold (beer, scotch, coffee, etc.)?

Puppies always like snow.