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18 July 2014 — PR Friday

I'm gonna keep posting this until someone acknowledges it.

I’m gonna keep posting this until someone acknowledges it.

PR Friday means you post your training updates and PR’s to the comments. Don’t forget to Prepare for the Heat and Stop Flopping After A WOD.

Weekly Q&A gives you a chance to ask anyone from the 70′s Big Crew a question, and we’ll actively ignore you. Just kidding, we’ll answer. Next year. Here’s an example:

Jack on Facebook asks: Any reason most of the guys in the 70s big crew wear VS weightlifting shoes (higher heel than the average WL shoe)? I know Rip recommends 0.75″ but I have femurs on the longer side, bad ankles, and >0.75″ feels much better for me.

I reply:  I haven’t seen Rip’s recent recommendations, but he used to recommend the .5″ heel (that was what his shoe was). In any case, some of us wear VS Athletics because that was one of the few types of weightlifting shoes around in 2008/2009, they give 70′s Big folk a discount, and we are cheap. I think AC just changed brands, so the only people I know of still wearing them are my wife and I.

Weekly Topic

This is video of a 5′ 100 pound girl completing the regional final Ninja Warrior course is one of the most impressive athletic feats I’ve seen in a while. Kudos to Spencer Hall of EDSBS for linking to the SB Nation article.

What are some other impressive athletic feats you’ve seen lately? Post to comments, Fan Page, or Twitter.

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