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PR Friday – 24 OCT 2014

PR Friday — Post your training updates, PR’s, and questions to the comments for the 70′s Big crew.

Weekly Q&A gives you a chance to ask anyone from the 70′s Big Crew a question in the comments below, on Facebook, or Twitter. Follow 70′s Big on Instagram.

Recap: On Monday I addressed a question about “Reverse Dieting“, and it led to a simple discussion on basic nutrition philosophy. Chalk Talk #9 briefly showed one armed farmer’s walks and how they can strengthen the quadratus lumborum muscle.

Here’s Misha Koklyaev, one of the most impressive strength athletes of all time, doing one of his trademark ladders. This one is a deadlift ladder to 360kg (792 pounds) and back down.

Misha performs at a world level in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strongman. What sport would you prefer to shine in? What sports have you competed in?

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