1. I’m 44 & I’ve been strength training for 10 months, I first started weight training when I was 41 doing all that bodybuilding machine work that everyone does when they first start out. My numbers are not very big & I’ve been struggling with the squat, takes ages to wake up sleeping muscles.
    Squat 90 kg
    Deadlift 135 kg
    Bench 85 kg
    Press 50 kg
    Weighted Dips 27.5 kg
    Weighted Chinups 20 kg
    My current bodyweight 82 kg.

  2. Progress is still happening day by day. I’ve learn to love the importance of rest/recovery instead of pushing through pains that tend to compound into real problems. It may be slow but at least it’s not debilitating.
    Soon I will be seeing a neurosurgeon for my back, so hopefully I’ll find some answers other than “have you ever tried taking _____?”

    Speaking of back problems, with an injury that leaves the thoracic spine kyphotic and a big flexion fulcrum around T6-T10, would you suggest sticking with high bar back squat to encourage a proper neutral position (in my case a fair amount of extension)? I can squat fairly well in both, just want to find a way that won’t hinder progress.
    Thank you and all of the 70sBig crew for what you do.