Happy 4th Birthday 70’s Big

On 22 September 2009 this website launched in order to educate people about strength and conditioning, but entertain them at the same time. The focus was on being big, muscular, and strong in a time dominated by emaciation. Women were encouraged to train, men were encouraged to pound the calories, and everyone was pushed into competition.

Over the years the site has evolved due to a combination of getting jaded with the same kindergarten material available across the “training-sphere” as well as an obligation to not only teach people to get strong, but to keep them healthy and strong through life. I always say, we should all aim to bang our significant other when deep into our 80s. The basic tenants of 70sBig.com remain the same:

– commit to training with reckless intensity
– develop a physique built with performance instead of vanity
– help encourage others in their training
– enter competition for ultimate introspection
– teach and learn about strength and conditioning, mobility, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, fitness, etc.
– tirelessly lead the charge to end misconceptions about females and lifting
– actively work towards changing societal body image
– have a damn good time doing it

70’s Big crew and friends from USAPL Raw Nationals in 2012

It’s always been my intention — and my bane — to help people through 70sBig.com. I hope whoever you are, whether you’ve been here since day one or just started reading yesterday, you have gained benefit through this website. When I find the time, I regularly work to improve our knowledge and synthesize material you can implement into your own training and life.

This wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I want to thank all of the readers, new and old. I consider you a part of the 70’s Big Community, one full of crazy assholes who are some of the nicest, hard working, and amusing folks around. The reach of 70’s Big is broad, and it’s comforting to know that we can go almost anywhere in the world, talk about 70’s Big and immediately have a bond with a stranger. One time somebody, who I’ve still yet to meet, told me in an e-mail, “70’s Big takes care of their own.” That’s a comforting thought; we’re building something really cool here. This is as much your birthday as it is mine.

To all of my friends around the world — whether I’ve met you or not, held a seminar in your gym, trained with you, or lectured to your unit — thanks for making this fun. And to my close friends who were integral in the creation of this website: thanks for being there for me with your absurd, unique, and borderline irritating personality.

The future is always bright to people who attack it with fervor. 70’s Big will always be around to educate, entertain, and irritate you. The idea of communicating with all of you assholes through old age is, at the very least, a comforting thought.

Train hard, get big. Get 70’s Big.

Happy Birthday

PR Friday: Post your training PR’s and updates to the comments. I (Justin) haven’t been able to check on you guys in a few weeks, so a) give me a proper training update and b) share your favorite 70’s Big moment over the last four years. 

41 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday 70’s Big

  1. I´m doing a LP again after a minor back injury. Will probably switch to intermediate programming after next week.

    Today I squatted 192,5 kg (~ 424 lbs) x5x3 which is a PR for 3 sets of 5. My 5 RM is 197,5 kg, so hopefully I can bump that up a couple of kilos soon.

  2. Well I made an ultimate bone-head move and forgot my belt on intesnity so I didn’t set a squat PR. I did set a press PR!

    Press: 170×2.

    I am truly grateful for 70’s Big. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have found a coach that has been helping me reach my goals. I’ve been lifting since May of 2011 and I was reading other sites for help because none of the trainers at the commercial gym I belonged to knew how to squat. I was reading the wrong sites. Then I got turned on to 70’s Big about a year and a half ago and, because of this site, I was lucky enough to land Big Chris as a coach. PR’s have been busted, mobility has been gained. fat has been lost, my first competition is 8 weeks away, and my total has gone from barely over 800 to being able to really have a shot at 1050+ at the competition. All that was in the time I started hanging here at 70’s Big, and having Chris as a coach. I love this site and I’m a fan for life. Thank you guys for all the hard work you put into it. It’s paid off for me and many others.

    I only have one request… Can we add Doyle Kenday to the Hall of Fame? Just askin :)

  3. Favorite site on the inter-webs. Thanks, Justin.

    PRs this week:

    Squat: After finally getting more than 390 pounds of weight at my house I hit 455 for 5 for the first time. Few days after that hit 425 x 5 x 5. Video is of my last set – not quite as deep as I’d like.

    Press: PR of 195 x 5 x 5

    Bench: Almost back to where I was a few months ago after unexplainablely getting weak on it. Hit 305 x 5 x 5

    Money spending PR: Bought 180 pounds of iron weights and then bought a bar and bumpers from Mr. Pendlay.

  4. Happy birthday! And a big thank-you to Justin for this great community of wayward lifters. 70’s Big has been a major source of information and support in my personal fitness goals and a key part of my success. I was interviewed for a weight loss podcast (link here) and gave the community and the Paleo for Lifters book a shout-out.

    Squatted 295x3x5 last night and finally worked abdominal exercises back into my routine about a week ago, so my recovery is just about finished and I can get back to setting bigger PRs. I’m on track to squat 300 tomorrow and then start back up at my local black iron gym on Monday.

  5. I haven’t posted in a while… August I took a necessary break from training for two weeks to finish a work project that had in the works for 4 years. Around the same time I injured my shoulder playing hockey. So for the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve just been trying to squat twice a week and rehab my shoulder. Last week I set a squat 5 RM of 295#. On Wednesday I pressed without pain for the first time in two months. Circumstances haven’t been great for training this summer but I’m happy to have found time to do some work and make progress despite that.

  6. Happy Birthday! Thanks for everything you guys do; this is the best training community online in my book. Finding this site has completely changed how I train, and every member of the 70’s Big crew has been kind enough to take the time to answer my questions at some point.

    Not much in the way of PRs this week, but I did manage to pull 450 for a single about two hours ago. It’s fine.

    I think I also finally figured out how to press. Widening my grip just a bit seems to have been what I needed. Maybe now I can press more than 135 and not be a poon.

  7. Happy Birthday to the 70s big crew….

    You guys taught me what it means to train…and got my wife training as well. LP still rolling along. Keep lifting weights and eating steaks brothers.

  8. Happy 4th 70’s Big. :)
    I have enjoyed your posts and community for a while now. My input has been a bit low lately, but I still enjoy what you guys share.

    My favorite moment is not really a moment, but an attitude. I have felt very welcomed and encouraged here despite being female who primarily trains in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting (not power or brolifting), I have had nothing by positive input and helpful criticism from you and your audience. So thanks, my favorite group of meatheads.

    My training as of late has been following the Invictus Competition training + gymnastics skill work. Work has edged into my gym time and I have not been as consistent in training as I’d like (sometimes only 3 times a week) but I have been hitting bigger numbers despite this & the increased time I’ve spent focusing on my gymnastics and cardio.
    Recent PRs (within the last month):
    220 Clean
    225 Jerk
    165 Hang Snatch
    245 Front Squat

    I’d like to continue mastering my weaknesses in gymnastics & hit a 300# Back Squat someday soon.

  9. No PRs this week but I have been training hard. I did a heavy breathing squats program a la John McCallum for a couple months. I’m now back to doing a Hepburn type program and am considering trying 531 for the first time. I am working towards a 500 lb. deadlift by the end of the year. I’m also working on 23″ biceps.

    I came very close to meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at his book signing in Venice Beach last wee!. So close! I waited in line for four hours. There were only 30 people ahead of me in line when he set his pen down and left. It was really cool to see him in person anyway. Wife and I trained at Gold’s Gym Venice before heading over to the event. What a great place to train! So many squat racks. That was the first time I ever lifted weights outdoors. I rarely go to LA but the next time I do I’ll be sure to go back to that Gold’s if it’s still around. Naturally, I wore my 70sBig shirt at the gym and bought a ridiculously skimpy branded tank top.

    My favorite 70s Big statement is, “If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future.”

    And my favorite video posted on here is the one of the old man lifting the refridgerator over his head and putting it into his truck, then reminding his wife to put the tailgate down next time. I’m sure that was the last time she forgot to put the tailgate down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_JSbVVditw

    • I’m gonna sounds like some kind of elitist. But I feel like some of that original 70’s big style has been a bit lost

      “If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future.”

      That was in the old food FAQ right. that type of stuff is the reason I love this site.

  10. PRs this week
    Squat: 1×3 @ 347.5#
    Bench: 1×5 @ 188#
    Deadlift: 1×3 @ 385#

    My favorite 70’s Big moment so far was going to a seminar. It was fun, informative, and gave me a real kick in the ass to train my dick off.

    • The principle – “develop a physique built with performance instead of vanity” has been a huge influence on me and why I’m so attracted to this community. As a former fat kid, I find it really easy to get caught up in the vanity BS.

      Yet ironically whenever I just say fuck it, eat clean, and lift heavy that’s when I both feel and look the best. Rock on guys.

  11. Lifted heavy this week after about a month of getting all bodybuilder-y and doing nothing lower than sets of ten. That was no fun, and I had a blast this week maxing out. Planning to start on The Cube next week, so I needed some inputs for all those fancy percentage calculations.

    Squat – 335lbs (10lbs PR)

    Deadlift – 405lbs (30lbs PR) – This one I tried twice conventional (missed both), then made it sumo. It was bittersweet, but I’ll take it.

    Bench – 270lbs (10lbs PR)

    Front Squat – 255lbs – Never really maxed this lift, so it feels weird calling it a PR, but whatevs.

    Weedeo of my deadlift.

  12. A few weeks ago I edited together some footage of by buddies Josh and Jon maxing out their snatch and clean and jerk. I told them to post it here on PR Friday (since they both had PRs), but I don’t think they ever did. So screw them I’m posting it now.

  13. Favorite 70’sBig moment: Flying from Chicago to DC for the seminar, Justin telling me my ass crack came out of my sweats at the bottom of a low-bar squat, then telling the cameraman we’ll blur that out in post.

    Seriously though, I entered that weekend sick and with some funky form, got straightened out, and have since been training consistently and making strength and physique PR’s regularly.

    I’m even training others as a side gig right now and next year am quitting my job to train full-time and do some online coaching. All my female clients low-bar squat heavy and when coupled with paleo eating are going from waists in the 30’s to high 20’s after 6-8 weeks, and with some nice posterior curves to go with! I’ll have some proof when the site goes up in the coming month or two.

    Thanks not just to the 70’sBig crew but the experienced lifters who offer help via comments and videos.

  14. Happy Birthday! A great site for no-BS, take back the flannel heavy lifting!

    Favorite 70sBig rant – Revolution Part 2.
    Favorite quote: “let’s just make a rule that you have to bench 300+ in order to wear flannel without an undershirt.”

    Weather’s getting crisp here. I will be wearing my flannel with no undershirt and at least 2 buttons open!

    This week’s PRs: 5-3-1 heavy week:
    Squat 365*4 A to G
    Bench 315*4
    Dead 485*4

    Bench 225*23. Just for fun.

  15. No PRs for me but a girl I’ve been lifting with for 6 weeks deadlifted 100kg the other day after doing a 5×3 at 80kg. It was only her 4th time ever training deadlift, so proud.

  16. In celebration of the birthday, here is roughly a year of PRs as an 85 kg.
    Going big next week and then competing on the 19th of October. Should get 82 in my snatch and I’m hopeful for 105 in the C&J.

    Clean: 110312: 110
    022213: 117

    Jerk: 081713: 94
    082313: 95

    Snatch: 110212: 68
    122912: 71
    061513: 73
    072513: 78

    P Snatch: 122712: 69
    072413: 70
    092713: 74

  17. Happy birthday 70’s Big!

    I went to a seminar last year and it was awesome. If anyone hasn’t been and has the opportunity then I’d strongly recommend it. Otherwise Brent Kim will email you his thoughts on life six times a day for the next year.

    My favorite 70’s Big moment was waking up to find my wife trying to body-drag Justin into the bathroom because he was throwing up on the floor of our hotel room on NYE. Classic.

    I got my first PR all year; hit a power clean for a single at 115kg (BW 82kg). Only started cleaning a few weeks ago after an 18 month break. Nice to get a PR after spending six months deployed, and hence pretty shitty training schedule.

  18. Man, four years already?!

    I don’t have a favorite ’70s Big moment, but you guys are my favorite lifting site because of the community. Everyone’s been supportive and cool, and that’s something rare. I love that you’re inclusive of women. And that short shorts and flannel are mandatory.

    PRs have been very slow, which is annoying. I’ve been working on fixing my deadlift, and on keeping my arms straight in the snatch and clean. I’m giving serious thought to putting braces on my elbows until I break that habit. :P Also, I fixed the loose bolts on my squat rack, and it no longer rattles ominously when racking heavy squats, so that’s a PR of some sort, I’m sure.

  19. I have a couple favorite moments. I really liked the random competitions on the site a while back. I also liked meeting up with the Chicago 70’s Big group and lifting in the 2012 USAPL state powerlifting meet. The ribs I had in Harrisburg, IL on that trip were probably the best BBQ ribs I’ve ever had.

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