For those of you who have inquired about consultations, they were on a hiatus through the holidays. They are resuming and I’m pleased to introduce Chris Riley to the consultation team. You can read his profile here, and you can currently contact the consultation team at for information. Note that there may be a waiting list and it may take time to get to your e-mail. 

New Writers

I’m pleased to welcome several writers to You have heard me talk about them or have seen their posts in the past, and I’m glad to call all of them good friends. They will be assigned to a specific sport and will report news as well as provide their analysis or opinion on the sport. The new writers and their duties are:

Jacob Cloud — Powerlifting, Editor
Mike Battaglino — Strongman
Jacob Tsypkin — Olympic Weightlifting
Brian Smith — General sports

I feel that designating people to cover a sport will provide 70’s Big readers with a more comprehensive look at that sport. This will only encourage readers to be fans of the sport and will help grow the sport, but it will also help motivate readers to also compete. All three of the sport specific writers love the sport they are following and regularly coach or compete in it. They have the freedom to report news, interview athletes, or profile a athletes — whatever they see fit. Expect to see more content on each sport since having a person dedicated to each will be infinitely better than me trying to cover them all at once. Each writer will soon have their own 70’s Big e-mail address to accept related content pertinent to their sport or interests.

Reader Submissions

When I started this site I intended it to be driven by reader submitted content. That has been partially true as I often create posts based on inquiries or material sent to me. However, for the first time I am formally opening 70’s Big to reader submitted articles. This doesn’t mean anything and everything will be accepted. Your submission must:

– Not exceed 1,000 words in length, and preferably be closer to 500.
– Include a visual aid (either an image that is under 500×500 pixels or a YouTube video) and cite where this visual came from.
– Be concise with good grammar and punctuation.
– Include a short, one paragraph summary (like an abstract) at the beginning of the e-mail to explain what the submission is about.
– Send submissions to

If any of the rules above are not followed, then the submission will be deleted. Jacob Cloud is also now an editor and will oversee reader submissions with my help. If a submission is poor in quality, irrelevant, pointless, or not interesting or funny, we reserve the right to not use the submission. It’s okay to submit things that are in conflict with my objective and subjective training methodology or opinions, but you will need to make a compelling argument for doing so (this sentence is here to show you that we won’t be denying conflicting pieces just because they disagree with us). Time is a valuable thing; do not waste ours with poor articles. If you are worried about wasting your own time, it would be acceptable to send an e-mail asking if we’re interested in your topic.

Any or all of the above rules could change the more Jacob and I discuss it or sift through submissions. Have fun with it. Most of the people that read 70’s Big are great people who love to train and are really funny, so if you choose to write something, direct it at such an audience.


22 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. A great day in the development of 70sBig. Makes me wish I had spent more time contributing to the site up until now, and less time lurking like a Bront wannabe.

    This does remind me though that I will have a Female Monday post to submit for consideration, probably in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Any chance of a woman joining the writing staff in the near future? From my time lurking on this site, there are some pretty good female contributors out there.

    I’m a guy, so not best placed to judge, but having a female voice prominently represented on the site might help push the interest in getting women training/lifting etc.

    • I’m open to it. If I do not know them, what will probably happen is that they can send in submissions, and if we like it on a regular basis then they could “join the staff”. Being on the “staff” mainly means that you are streamlined into posting stuff instead of going through the review process (and you’ll have a bio on the site, which I’ll be doing for the others soon).

  3. jesus titty fucking christ, i remember what this site used to be. oh, how weve grown. what exactly is a consult? is it now the equivalent of what used to be us asking for programming/form/nutrition/mobility advice? just a little bicurious…

  4. Hey Justin I just want to take a moment to congratulate you on getting this site to where it is today. You are doing a great job of providing quality content week after week and it is awesome to see you expand your business so successfully. Not trying to be sappy, it’s just really great because I’ve been following this site for almost 2 years now and it’s continually been one of my favorite websites for lifting related topics.

  5. Will “General Sports” cover strength training for those of us playing team sports? You know, us guys that wanna get jakk3d before the next rugby/soccer/hockey/softball season starts so we can show that jerkwad on the “bad kids” team that we’re not gonna take their shit anymore (cue the mighty ducks slow motion drive down the ice to score).

  6. As another long time reader of 70sbig, I’d also just like to say I’m really glad the website has taken the change in direction that it has.

    It’s become a far more useful tool for anything training related. This isn’t to say I am against the posting of videos such as old men lifting fridges, just that all the recent content really has transformed this website into an extremely content-rich source for all levels of trainee – a website which I frequently call upon for training advice.

    As for the proposed changes, I am eager to see how they develop. Seems like it is another step in the right direction. Will these new, area-specific, postings have their own sections on the website? My only worry would be losing track of all the good, training specific posts, to things like person profiles/sport updates etc.

  7. I saw this late. Do these user submitted articles need to stay in the realm of training, and/or competing in the strength sports, or will off topic articles be considered as long as they pertain to the 70s big lifestyle? I really enjoy your posts on rucking, flannel and other adventuring shenanigans and would like to hear about how other readers are living the lifestyle.

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