I’m not suicidal.

In case you guys missed it in the comments. I fucking hate Frank Yang.

Snatched 215lbs x 2, high-bar back squat 390lbs x 5, 5, 4.

So against all wisdom I shot for the double leg and got the girl’s number.

Things that I’m doing wrong:

1.) I work with her
2.) 5 days out of a one year relationship with someone who she will always love
3.) still living with said ex, though he is supposedly leaving
4.) I should prob just fucking kill myself

She does it for me though so I will hopefully sink the shot in deep, sweep the hips, and take side mount. I have already gotten into a rather heated argument with her about whether or steroid use is a bad or good thing. She’s a pretty hardcore geek. See this video of Erin from The Office to see what our conversations are like. I enjoy them.

Update to this: I think I’m friend zoned, guess I’ll kill myself.

Update to training: I pulled my hamstring on a warm-up deadlift. I was supersetting bench and deadlift because I had 30min to train and went 135lbs x 5, 225lbs x 5, 315lbs x 3, 365lbs x 1, and pulled it at 395lbs x 1. Felt a pop, it tightened up and I couldn’t squat deep or do any pulling after. I could walk OK, though as the day went on at work it start to hurt. At home I noticed point tenderness with no bruising or swelling, iced it 4x for 20mins, today it doesn’t hurt to walk and the only thing that hurts is squatting to a toilet and hip flexion to end range with straight knees. Prob not good to lift for raw nationals though, not that I really give a shit, powerlifting is fucking checkers. It just wouldn’t be smart, either … I’m not even in 181, I weigh 163-164 at best, I’d post a shitty total injured, and the risk of making the hamstring strain worse or delaying recovery from hitting 1rms is quite frankly not worth it.

Don’t fucking tell me “I’m sorry to hear,” “that sucks, Brent,” or anything similar to that because it’s only going to fucking irritate me, I couldn’t care less that you give a shit and I couldn’t care less about totaling less than 1400lbs at any body weight. Competing mainly makes me want to fucking kill myself anyway so this should mean I’ll have a better time since I’ll be banging out curls in the warm up room with Justin.

Justin: “it’s only going to fucking irritate me,” you KNOW everyone is going to comment and say that now
me: fuck
Justin: even the guys who don’t comment
me: that’s fine
Justin: they will all fuck with you
me: lol
Justin: this will be so awesome
me: i know
Justin: I can’t wait
me: the guys who post on myh blog represent the coolest part of the 70s big community
Justin: hahahahahah, i lol’d
me: because it’s people who want to hang out with me, just a bunch of assholes who want to bust everyon’es balls

Mike Kim, who has no relation to me, writes:

i think i’m catching up brent. that was basically the same session i had today in terms of the classic lifts except a higher cj – i’ll be going for 300 this week (which is what i fs). what are your weightlifting training totals right now?

I’ve hit 107/125 with bumpers and you will have another 2-3 weeks to surpass me since I’ll be doing light lower body shit but I’m gonna get real fucking serious after recovery, hope you’ve brought enough thunder.

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  1. be sure to bring a camera and report the event

  2. Brent email me your address I am going to mail you some get well soon flowers.

  3. That sucks, Brent.

  4. Brent,

    Your name should be Brent “Cry for Help” Kim.

  5. Frank Yang wouldn’t pop a hammy

  6. i’m at 103~+127~=230~+ at 89~ on a torn up hand my first week back from vacation. i just have to stop being a pussy on the snatch and stick the jerks and push chalk up into the cuts to soak up the blood. brent i know you’re cleaning 135 at least. you just need to say fuck it commercial gym and go for the jerk everytime regardless of plates.

  7. Brent get started on that 230lb press, isn’t an injured hamstring a perfect opportunity for that?

  8. Sorry to hear, Brent, oh well. We can’t all be Frank Yang.

  9. Sorry to hear about the hammy brent.

  10. Sorry, Brent. Pulled hammies suck. Phaggot.

  11. LOL why do u hate frank yang? sure hes a weirdo and some of the vids he posted of him being a douche/asshole in the gym are kinda irritating. but then again, he wants attention.

  12. Come at me bro.. u MAD?????? yea, u mad..

  13. lol there is sure a lot of negative comments. however, i would really like to know why u hate frank yang.

  14. One of these days we are going to commit suicide together

  15. brent, sorry im not sorry about your hammie, get fucked 😉

  16. Brent what do you reccomend for guys that cant bench their bodyweight for worksets on linear progression? Im thinking something along the lines of killing myself.

  17. Why all the talk about un fat fucking yourself Brett? It really is true what they say…..hot chicks are always hanging around big German 105+ lifters.

  18. brent u never reply to any of the comments. so how long of a “break” are u taking to rest?

  19. and then come at him bro.

  20. do you think those korean star craft professionals take drugs like ritalin and adderall and cocaine.

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