Daily Archives: August 11, 2011

I could wake up earlier.

Let’s start this off with a bang:

This is a really good vid, you will like it.

Over the weekend I benched 270lbs for a double and a single, squat 440lbs x 3 low-bar with tired and sore hamstrings, pressed 170lbs x 4, and did some barbell rowing, weighted pull ups, and curls. These all match current bests, and two of those current bests are from a higher bw.

Today (Wednesday) I benched 250lbs 5, 5, 4, and 3 – this would be a stall, and I want to fucking kill myself. I low-bar squat 415lbs x 3 after this. Total workout time was 35min.

Speaking of killing myself, I’ve been benching without a spotter in quite a few recent workouts. I’m just tired of asking random scrubs for a spot, and the bar tends to stall closer to lock-out than my chest so every time it doesn’t look like it’s going to go, I’ve managed to take it into the lower pins on the rack, and I set up pretty close to the rack as well. This is how people die benching. Now that I am thinking about how fragile my mortality is I will probably start asking people to spot me.

Here is a chatlog from earlier today with my friend Shawn:

me: sup
sowen41: not too much
how about you
sowen41: you know what…
what the fuck
who the fuck drops a sup
and then nothing after
you better have had a fucking stroke or something.
or have spilt something on the key board.
it isn’t a god damn game brent.
god damned slack jawed faggots.
this is absurd.
you said hey
I made time for you
I pushed my paper work aside and thought – HEY I’ll talk to brent.
next time you wanna say ‘sup’ – might as well mail me a letter – and have the postman deliver it to the god damn corpse hanging in the fucking closet…
sowen41: next time why don’t you fucking call. I like hearing a voice in my ear when I’m getting FUCKED like this.
sowen41: maybe fucking pull out next time you bend me over and FUCK me like this…that way I won’t have to fucking have it run down my god damn thigh…
thanks brent…
thanks for FUCKING ME like this.
sowen41: nothing?
no response?
I’d be pretty short winded too after a hardcore fucking like that…
sowen41: hey brent, I hope you have a steady job… because after a fucking like this – there’s no way I can NOT get pregnant.
mother fucker.

There is a girl at work who is nervous and awkward. She is kind of like the new desk receptionist in The Office, the one who likes Michael Scott and dated Andy. I think she is cute. She’s a geek. We spent about 30 minutes having what was essentially a stream-of-consciousness conversation on her part. She is of course living with her ex who she recently broke up with (two days ago). Post thoughts and predictions in comments.

I’ve been collecting some time with a lacrosse ball and my distal extremities … hit my high gastrocs, extensor mass on my forearms, and even distal triceps. The distal triceps were lit the FUCK up by tack-and-stretch, I was sore for about 48 hours after rolling on them, but pressing and front rack seem to feel better. I will prob try another exposure or two. High gastroc tack-and-stretch also seems to help with my squat, makes it easier to keep my knees back and seems to improve the bottom position.