Daily Archives: August 29, 2011

Hamstring seems to be better.

Felt a little tight power cleaning but still worked up to 245lbs for a double, hit some RDLs at 315lbs. Squatting seems to be green-lighted for now.

Haven’t really done anything cool, just a bunch of squatting, benching, pressing, RDLs and curls. I hit a 250lbs x 5 bench without a belt, that’s kind of insignificant though. Squat 315lbs x 10 high bar? Hey guys I was talking to a girl named Cristina from Nationals and she told me about Jennifer Thompson, she lifts at 132lbs and benches 292lbs raw. I guess I should stop fucking blogging about training. I guess I should just stop fucking training all together.

In case you missed it from the comments, my conceptualization of the friend zone:

there is an underlying sense of failure in everything that happens to me – the girl might have invited me out but i’ve crossed the event horizon into the black hole of the friend zone. there is no escape. from the outside you see me in slow-motion, getting rejected by girls as i meet them. inside the event horizon, everything is a blur. i am friend zoned so quickly that i’m unable to keep track of how many girls do it to me.

Follow-up to the girl I’ve mentioned – she’s moved back to New Jersey, almost completely unannounced. That Saturday night was apparently a going-away thing, though she didn’t declare it as such. She was going to go to school here but after leaving her boyfriend she had expressed concern at being able to pay all her bills on her own and had also talked about going to school back at home being much easier and cheaper.

Hey Brent wanna hang out? Oh you’re out of town, that’s fine, I’m just leaving Plano tomorrow forever we’ll never see each other again it was good talking to you though bye!

Operation Fuck Competition I’m Just Flexing In The Mirror is going well, I ordered soffe running shorts last week and they came in today, I am wearing a pair now and they are real fucking short, like, my boxer briefs are longer than the shorts. Need to pick up tank tops from Target soon. I want my wardrobe to be kind of like Justin’s but not completely mirror it. I just want to be two guys wearing soffe shorts and tank tops doing curls together but not identical twin-like.

I hung out with Saul and Becky, aka antigen/RUNITAGAIN and Thunderthighs on 70sbig. They are pretty cool – Saul, your official callsign is Paleo One. He’s pretty hardcore about it and pretty awesome. He’s also an excellent StarCraft 2 player. While we were walking to a restaurant they made a stop at a sidewalk where there were some railings embedded in concrete and used them as a dip stand. Saul hasn’t had a gym to train at so he’s been doing ring/gymnastics-oriented stuff, which includes hanging from the 2nd story rafter of his apartment in front of the stairs and doing one-arm pull ups while he hangs precariously over the edge of the railing. It’s pretty safe.

I’ve made more IRL friends through 70s big than I have from actual IRL in the past six months. Nathan, Mariah, Jacob, Jake Briskin, Saul, Becky, (Thom?? Does webcam chatting count as IRL if we are ICBMs (inter-continental best mates)?) I love you guys.

To everyone speaking in bro-talk in the comments (mainly Chris and oldman), please continue. I enjoy having a mini-Misc in the comments of my posts.

Mike asks,

should all the dudes who can’t clean 188k just end it now? [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUj5Ld5U83Q] also would you hit it?

I absolutely would not bang Jang Mi-Ran. But what do you think about this:

CoolStoryBro asks,

Brent, how do you feel about this image?

I actually am friends with that guy, his name is Brandon and he was a Masters Zerg for a while before he stopped playing.

Me and Saul will be training sometime this week (I told him I have Wednesday off but upon checking my schedule this might not be the case …) and I will definitely have tank tops by then, expect mildly homoerotic pictures in the next post.