Podcast – 10 – Dr. Hartman Q&A

From 2 November 2011

In this podcast I talk with Dr. Michael Hartman, a college professor, weightlifting coach, sport scientist, and new father. We also collaborated with Dr. Lon Kilgore to create a strength training, endurance, and fitness resource called FIT (I’ve been using the strength chapter to plan advanced lifting programs).

Hartman as Ditka says LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

We talk a little bit about FIT, but also talk about weightlifting in the Pan American Games last week and the upcoming weightlifting World Championships occurring next week in Paris. There’s some time spent on talking about Kendrick Farris, how he did at Pan Ams, his jerk, and when Hartman met him as a school age lifter. Then we get into various questions about weightlifting including hitting a solid rack position in the snatch, push-pressing, rack position in the push-press and jerk, and possibly doing an old-time weightlifting meet with the clean and press, snatch, and clean and jerk. This podcast flows very well and has a lot of good information in it.

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1:18:13 long

There’s still something goofy happening with iTunes despite my podcast submission. Will let you know when it’s working.

Feel free to ask questions about Dr. Hartman, the podcast, or weightlifting here. Good questions will be used for Friday’s Q&A, and you can ask them to Dr. Hartman too. You can find other 70’s Big podcasts (including more weightlifting material with Glenn Pendlay) HERE.

Podcast – 9 – Glenn Pendlay Q&A

From 20 October 2011

This podcast features a Q&A with American Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay from California Strength. Questions were submitted by readers on the 70’s Big Facebook Fan Page. Also check out (and sign up for) the Muscle Driver Grand Prix Inaugural Meet. That’s a lot of links.

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1 hour, 30 seconds long

There’s still trouble with the iTunes availability although it has been submitted. Probably has to do with the iTunes tags in the RSS feed (which I don’t know how to fix).

Some topics from the Q&A include:

Push-press utility
The question was specific to the carryover to the jerk (it helps for beginners), but Glenn touted this exercise as one of the best upper body exercises for a weightlifter saying (paraphrase), “If you’re strong in the push-press, you’re strong in everything else: press, bench, jerk, etc.”

This topic also led to a general discussion with strength and weightlifting and what kind of emphasis or frequency strength training would have in a weightlifting program as a trainee advances from beginner and beyond.

Pulling from blocks
The question was specific to when to do them in the program. Glenn addresses the utility in pulling from blocks and when they would be pertinent to a program. There are even times when a beginner would use them as well, but only in a specific situation.

Being an Olympic weightlifter without a coach
The question was specifically asking what would be good resources to use in order to learn or improve the lifts, and Glenn ticks off a few good products and videos. He also gives some advice about submitting videos to forumz on the interwebz for critiquez.

Conditioning in a strength or weightlifting program
General trainees or beginning weightlifters will benefit from conditioning work. Glenn is an advocate for a very simple method of conditioning that is touted by other popular coaches. He also discusses the utility in complexes for ancillary work at the end of a training session. The complexes or circuits aren’t specifically designed for a conditioning effect, but they let the trainee get some accumulated work with assistance exercises to improve their hips, posterior chain, abdominals, lumbars, shoulders, etc. It’s quick and easy, but I want to add here that assuming no other conditioning work in the program that this would act as conditioning since the relative intensity and pace are higher than a standard strength program. At the minimum, a lifter could create a short complex/circuit like Glenn describes to get a slight endurance effect — something that can help their “between set recovery” as well.

Podcast – Ep. 7 – Brent

From 9 August 2011

This podcast is an interview with the beloved Brenticus Fenticus Menticus AKA Arch Brenticus III, AKA The Shrug Thug, AKA I Could Take It Or Leave It, AKA wish i cared, AKA Brent Kim. We talk about training, Monterey, some stuff and…tits?

18:17 long

Also, look at this guy.

Mustache + Shades + Hair = Desire

Even though I’m disappointed in his legs, he’s daggy as fuck. A waist-up idol.

In other news the weekly chat was last night in the form of a video cast. This new method allows me to easier answer questions, but more importantly I can show a portion of my screen — primarily lifting videos of YOU. The whole chat watches it together on the stream and I give corrections, points of emphasis, talk about related concepts, or just watch in entertainment. If you want form checks, then attend the cast early next week. Details are on the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter (you can see the updates to both in the twitter update in the left side bar of this page).

Podcast – Ep. 6 – Ben Claridad

From 21 July 2011

I met Ben Claridad at the 2010 USAW Senior Nationals. He competed this year and has been Olympic weightlifting for 6 years. He’s a pretty interesting dude, so listen to this podcast to hear about

– 2011 Nationals (click here for Ben’s recap)
– The importance of competition experience (and how many meets he has done)
– California Strength
– General weightlifting philosophy
– Coaching
– Art

30:41 minutes

Podcast – Ep. 5 – Q&A 1

From 17 June 2011

I asked the 70’s Big Facebook Fan Page folks to ask some questions for a podcast (the thread started on June 2). This is a solo podcast I did answering both good and horrible questions. Enjoy.

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46:16 long. iTunes feed is all ganked up, but I’m working on it.

Oh, and Happy PR Friday. Training updates, PR’s, whatever. I don’t really care. Oh, and this post needs a random picture:

Podcast – Ep. 4 – Johnny Pain: Programming

From 19 May 2011

This podcast begin as a basic podcast on how JP would progress the deadlift and turned into a very interesting and useful programming podcast. You know someone is a good programmer when they are asked about a program, they ask an avalanche of questions like

How old, tall, and heavy are you?
What are your lifts at?
What program have you been doing?
How many times a week do you train?
What is the set/rep scheme?

Programming is an organic art. Listen to this podcast to learn how to do it effectively.

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30:32 long. Also available on iTunes.

Note: 70sBig.com has gotten too 70’s Big for it’s current server and will be switching to a new server in the next few days. If the site is down, it will be back up in a few hours.

Podcast – Ep. 3 – Glenn Pendlay

From 11 May 20011

In this podcast episode, I interview American Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay on the good and bad of USAW and American weightlifting. In this podcast you’ll hear about:

– the role of the USAW
– how the USAW is funded
– why USAW doesn’t get more funding
– what they can do to improve
– some ill-conceived impressions about the USAW and how American weightlifters train
– various strong American lifters
– how American and Chinese weightlifter selection compares
– how American weightlifters have to sacrifice for the sport
– Glenn’s experience with international lifters and drug use
what holds the US back
– general training methods Glenn employs
what’s the best way to improve weightlifting in the US

Muscle Driver USA
California Strength
There will be a live webcast of Pendlay’s lifters training today. Be sure to check it out (link in comments).

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53:32 long. Also available on iTunes.

Podcast – Ep. 2 – Johnny Pain

From 6 May 2011

I talk with Johnny Pain of StrengthVillain.com about the origins of Greskull Barbell, the unique attitude of his gym, the Greyskull Linear Progression, body image in training, general programming, and Bony stories (which are worth a listen by itself). JP is amusingly tired in the beginning, but he perks up. Talking to him is always a learning and entertaining experience. Bony for President!

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29:38 long. Also available on iTunes.

Post your training updates or PR’s to comments for PR Friday.

Podcast – Ep. 1 – AC

From 26 April 2011

I’ve always been interested in talk radio and wanted to start doing podcasts. They will allow me to interview various people and get the information to you succinctly. I aim for my podcasts to be short and to the point — no more than 15 minutes. As always, I aim to inform, educate, and entertain. To get my feet wet, the first 70’s Big Podcast is with our own AC. AC is a young, raw powerlifter who has won several meets and has benched a paused 380 at 212 lbs. We discuss various topics like his training history, karate chops to the throat, and why he’s on such a power trip lately.

RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and “save target as”.
Episode 1 – AC (11:22 long)

If you have questions for AC in a future podcast, put them in the comments.
Feel free to submit a “Reader Mail” question that will be addressed in subsequent podcasts.