70’s Big Radio – Episode 12



11:00 – Strongman
16:35 – Chronic wrist pain
19:00 – Pokemon
20:50 – Blood
22:12 – Knee pain from/when squatting
27:30 – Auxiliary lift to assist snatch/clean and jerk
29:20 – Hip mobility drills
33:00 – ACL reconstruction and squatting
43:25 – Squatting with femoral acetabular impingement
XX:XX – Programming – grappling focus
XX:XX -Programming – oly lifting, grappling/rugby, s&c – lifting focus
53:45 – TM: when to change Intensity Day rotations

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70’s Big Radio – Episode 11

Welcome to the new podcast.

– Mike’s meets
– World Weightlifting Championships and World’s Strongest Man scheduling
– Forearm/bicep pain while benching
– Weight differences between Texas Method volume and intensity days
– When to schedule conditioning with the Texas Method for a military trainee
– How much can Mike eat?
– Differentiating between an injury and prolonged pain.
– Hernia or muscle pull?
– Adding a second squat day to 5/3/1
– Getting bigger on Texas Method, but strength is lagging (firefighter)

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