The Texas Method: Part 1

The Texas Method: Part 1

All readers on 70’s Big want to get strong, and almost all of them want to get big and strong. They will use a linear progression like Starting Strength or the Greyskull LP, yet seem sort of lost as to what to do next. The Texas Method is typically recommended, yet there isn’t a clear guide on how to transition into it, how to properly progress it, how to tweak it as you advance, or how to use it for sub-goals like weightlifting and swollertrophy. Until now.
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*This is the same book that has been out since 4 May 2011, but this is a new cover.

Dear Justin,

I recently purchased your ebook on the Texas Method. First of all, thank you so much. I really appreciate you clarifying many questions I had about the intricacies of the program. I ran SS and completed it going from 155 to 205lbs. Im 6’0 and hope the TM can help me along to attaining my goal of becoming 220lb because thats the weight class I want to compete at when I powerlift. I’m now currently 16 weeks into TM and the information you provided will definitely benefit me greatly.


This 64 page e-book is lays the foundation for basic programming, outlines the Texas Method template, how to transition into it, how to progress and tweak it, and how to use the Texas Method for various sub-goals like swollertrophy, conditioning, and power development. Learn how to increase the discrepancy between your Volume and Intensity Day loads. Get solid guidelines on what it is you should be doing in every workout. Learn all the tips and tricks that can help you achieve your goals on an intermediate program.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – What is the Texas Method?
Chapter 2 – The Transition
Chapter 3 – Changing the Recipe
Chapter 4 – Sub-goals

With over 25,000 words and over 30 tables, figures, and pictures, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming and specifically know how to tweak a TM for your goals. The section on programming conditioning with strength training will be invaluable to all 70’s Big readers.

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