For those of you who have inquired about consultations, they were on a hiatus through the holidays. They are resuming and I’m pleased to introduce Chris Riley to the consultation team. You can read his profile here, and you can currently contact the consultation team at for information. Note that there may be a waiting list and it may take time to get to your e-mail. 

One Time Consultation
Consultations consist of you filling out a questionnaire, the 70’s Big team evaluating it and taking notes, and then us talking on the phone. The phone call allows us to ask you a battery of questions to figure your current state of adaptation and goals, and then we hash out a programming template for you to follow with nutrition and mobility guidelines – it takes about an hour. You’ll get a recap of the consultation in a Word document as well as your program in an Excel document within one to three business days.

Regulated Programming
This begins with a consultation, but continues with the 70′s Big team working with you to tweak your program based on your progress. This is option particularly helpful for lifters readying for meets, trainees rehabbing injuries, or progressing mobility issues — any situation that would require regular, weekly discussion with the 70′s Big team.

If you are interested in either of these services, please e-mail with the service you are interested in within the subject to receive further information.

3 thoughts on “Consultation

  1. I received a consultation from Chris Riley via 70sbig a month ago. I learned a ton in the consultation and got a lot of gains out of the program that Chris made for me – breaking through old sticking points and FINALLY able to hit PRs again. Everything was sent to me in a timely manner and all that I needed to do in order to help myself improve (suggestions for diet, supplements, mobility work) were listed in the consultation recap. Chris is really awesome – knowledgeable, patient, totally thorough. It was invaluable to have an expert evaluate my position and give me a clear, concise program instead of myself getting stuck in my own head doing my program. Thanks for all your help, Chris. 10/10 would do again

  2. Started working with Chris about two months ago and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Met him through school and have always enjoyed learning from him because he obviously knows what works. With the consultation, he gives detailed instructions about nutrition, mobility, nutrition, and break downs the program. A program log is easily shared between us via Google so I can fill out and he can keep up with my progress and make tweaks as we go. I believe he will be able to take me to the next level given time.

  3. Received a consultation a week ago. I am very satisfied with the experience so far. I’ve always done generic programs designed for the masses (SS, 5/3/1, CrossFit). Nothing against those, but I’m really looking forward to getting into some training tailored to my life and goals. I just got the one time consultation, but I’m already planning on getting another one down the road (6 months or so) to re-evaluate where I am and where I’m going. I highly recommend it.

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