Podcast – Ep. 3 – Glenn Pendlay

From 11 May 20011

In this podcast episode, I interview American Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay on the good and bad of USAW and American weightlifting. In this podcast you’ll hear about:

– the role of the USAW
– how the USAW is funded
– why USAW doesn’t get more funding
– what they can do to improve
– some ill-conceived impressions about the USAW and how American weightlifters train
– various strong American lifters
– how American and Chinese weightlifter selection compares
– how American weightlifters have to sacrifice for the sport
– Glenn’s experience with international lifters and drug use
what holds the US back
– general training methods Glenn employs
what’s the best way to improve weightlifting in the US

Muscle Driver USA
California Strength
There will be a live webcast of Pendlay’s lifters training today. Be sure to check it out (link in comments).

Download Right click and “save target as”
53:32 long. Also available on iTunes.

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