Podcast – Ep. 7 – Brent

From 9 August 2011

This podcast is an interview with the beloved Brenticus Fenticus Menticus AKA Arch Brenticus III, AKA The Shrug Thug, AKA I Could Take It Or Leave It, AKA wish i cared, AKA Brent Kim. We talk about training, Monterey, some stuff and…tits?

18:17 long

Also, look at this guy.

Mustache + Shades + Hair = Desire

Even though I’m disappointed in his legs, he’s daggy as fuck. A waist-up idol.

In other news the weekly chat was last night in the form of a video cast. This new method allows me to easier answer questions, but more importantly I can show a portion of my screen — primarily lifting videos of YOU. The whole chat watches it together on the stream and I give corrections, points of emphasis, talk about related concepts, or just watch in entertainment. If you want form checks, then attend the cast early next week. Details are on the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter (you can see the updates to both in the twitter update in the left side bar of this page).

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