The Texas Method: Advanced

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The Texas Method: Advanced

You’ve been on the Texas Method for a while, and you’ve even implemented some of the changes from The Texas Method: Part 1, but progress is starting to slow. After all, no program will work forever. Do not fret, for over the last several years we have been learning and tweaking this program into an amazingly efficient machine that has yielded a 661 competition squat, a 705 competition deadlift, 402 competition bench press, and a 275×3 standing press.

The Texas Method: Advanced teaches you how to control dosages of volume, how to structure the program for use in raw powerlifting, and a variety of important programmatic tweaks like “Intensity Day Rotations” and a new template that will push you past your sticking points. There’s 90 pages of information, and most of it can be pulled and used in almost any program. This is the most proven and effective programming tool 70’s Big has created to date. And did I mention that the forward is written by Brent Kim? Now you know it’s good.

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Table of Contents
FORWARD From Brent Kim 04
CHAPTER 1 Relativity of Volume 06
CHAPTER 2 Using the TM for Powerlifting 10
CHAPTER 3 Modifying the Texas Method 26
CHAPTER 4 Advanced TM Modifications 51
CHAPTER 5 And Beyond… 68

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The Texas Method: Part 1 is now available at a reduced cost with a new cover!

24 thoughts on “The Texas Method: Advanced

  1. Nice!
    For us who already have the first e-book, is there a way to get the new cover only? At a bigger resolution than the one in the post.

  2. ^^ @ Maslow

    Agree. I would also like this in hard copy. Maybe even one of those plastic ring bound books. I guess I could take them both to kinko’s or something, but would rather have real book version.

  3. Justin, have you ever tried alternating heavy and medium work for the squat and deadlift every week?


    week 1 heavy squat, medium deadlift
    week 2 medium squat, heavy deadlift

    Or is alternating heavy work with speed sets the better option?

  4. Hamburger,

    Doing medium work isn’t much of a stressor; that’s what the “volume squat day” becomes (a medium session). It wouldn’t be a crappy set up, but I like speed work.

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