This Post Is Not Homo

I don’t know if you guys know this, but guys in the 70s wore speedos to the beach. I decided to bring this style back to the gulf coast. The feeling of empowerment was overwhelming.Yes, 70’s Big gives you wings.

When wearing a speedo, I spent most of my time above ground. As you can see, it was liberating.

Power…elegance…grace. Perfection.

This one’s kinda impressive. I’ll need an FAA license the next time I try it.

61 thoughts on “This Post Is Not Homo

  1. Haha damn Justin looks like you got some pretty sick Hang time on Pic #3… It looks like you got a pretty sick vert. I’m gonna call this one early and say Brent or AC will comment on this with the, “how ——- was it?” bit they like to do followed by some more hilarious nonsense.

    i like this guy

    – brent

    As do I.


    See, they think they know us because they read about us all the time. And they’re right.


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  3. I would defend your right to wear speedos and prance at the beach.
    I was quite impressed with the split jump.

    But hell no is this guy gonna wear speedos. I don’t care if Pizarenko squatted in them.
    The are the clothing of Mediterranean sleazeballs.

  4. A few years ago, I had a terrible pair of board shorts that rubbed my microphallus raw from a busted seam of velcro.

    I bought a speedo to wear under them as a layer of protection…but ended up ditching the shorts. When you swim in just a speedo…you feel like a goddamn DOLPHIN. I will never look back.

  5. Sick abz bro.

    Seriously though…how many attempts did it take to get these right? It doesn’t look like this was your first time
    doing something like this…

    I know everyone will find this hard to believe, but I only did each pose three times at the most. The superhero takeoff was done twice. The third picture was done on the 3rd jump I think. Maybe second. The ‘photographer’ was superb.


  6. You should offer a tag with posts like this that require at least one cup of coffee before viewing, maybe a little coffee emoticon or something in the post. Just saying, this is a lot to look at at 8:15 in the morning.

  7. BTW, were the natives excited that SuperJustin came to rescue them from the big, bad oil?

    I think my emanating musk has prevented any oil from reaching this beach.


  8. Haha, holy moly. What I also find impressive is the above average number of comments this post has generated so early in the day. I’m not sure what that means…

  9. SMC-
    wow that is sheer genius! It would look best with a 70sBig speedo too.

    do you remember when I said you were Sagat from street fighter? Well pic number one sure does look like a tiger uppercut to me… Life has a way of working itself out. Looks like you aren’t Blanca after all!


    – brent

  10. Justin-

    you are my hero. Is this a permanent move to Flo.rida? or is it a “Im doing this because i can” move?


    that would be hilarious. I cant imagine AC’s speedo pic..

  11. While pic 2 probably required the most finesse and timing, I enjoy the purposeful determination of pic 3. 4 is just plain impressive even sans-speedo, and pic 1 obviously would make for the best t-shirt.

  12. So I was just telling my girlfriend about your site a few minutes ago and she said she wants to see it… these photos are going to be an awesome intro.

  13. @binl and anyone else needing an update:

    Justin Lascek OR 70’S big is NOT affiliated with WFAC or Mark “Rip” Rippetoe anymore, so there will not be any gay photo shoots in speedos.

    for your info :)

  14. Justin-
    Regarding the New Services, can we request that you wear your speedo if we were to do a video conference. It only seems reasonable, after all we ARE the customers and the customers are ALWAYS right.

    You’re gonna have to request me to NOT wear a speedo.


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