This Post Is Not Homo

I don’t know if you guys know this, but guys in the 70s wore speedos to the beach. I decided to bring this style back to the gulf coast. The feeling of empowerment was overwhelming.Yes, 70’s Big gives you wings.

When wearing a speedo, I spent most of my time above ground. As you can see, it was liberating.

Power…elegance…grace. Perfection.

This one’s kinda impressive. I’ll need an FAA license the next time I try it.

61 thoughts on “This Post Is Not Homo

  1. I envision Texas as being a more 70’s Big friendly place, correct me if I’m wrong. I wonder if Florida is ready for the substantial tesetoserone surge it is about to experience.

  2. Where in Florida are you? (gulf coast presumably)

    and is big Chris going to Raw Nationals still? I’ll be attending, hope to see some 70s Big T-shirts while there

  3. yeah I second that caseydonovan….very nice bulge in pic 2 ….proud powerlifter homo here ;)

    Justin…u do realise that you and AC already have a underground homo cult following?…True story


    We can’t help the fact that we are sex symbols across both genders.


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