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AC has been training with Taylor, a good friend that I used to pal around with when I was still in school. Taylor has pretty impressive pressing strength and bear-like features. I have heard stories of him cuddling a grizzly in its den because he “needed a soft warm body in those winter months”. I wasn’t shocked when he told me this.

A-way is his fiance and is in the top three funniest girls I know. She has surprising ferocity in her miniature stature, especially regarding her bear hug (it helps with Taylor). They are both the feature of another original AC film, and AC makes a deadlifting appearance at the end. Sweet song too.

T-Ray and A-way from A.C. on Vimeo.

In early June, Brent hit a PR Snatch at the WFAC in the midst of his powerlifting training.

Here’s a vid of Chris pulling 600 back in May (I think). He doesn’t get pumped at all, and that’s a rarity for him. I thought it was more impressive because he just walks up to the bar and pulls it (trust me, I know what he’s like when he’s amped).


PR Friday. Post any personal bests you may have hit this week into the comments.

57 thoughts on “Lifting Vids

  1. Benched 420. Would have tried for more but was at the fire station and ended up running calls for 2 hours. I think I had at least 10-20 lbs more.

  2. Press 80#x3 85#x1
    2000m Row 9:49.2
    Clean & Jerk 125#
    Deadlift 225# w/o belt!
    Front Squat 170#x1 (fingers crossed this will mean something for my stalled clean someday when I get my stupid technique in order…)

    Children Tossed (and caught, repeatedly): 3- 6yo. @60# 4yo. @45# 2yo. @30# (“Aunt Rachel will thow you!”)
    Being strong makes me a human jungle gym to my military family nephews I only get to see twice a year. All training associated pain= totally worth it.

  3. Went to an unofficial powerlifting meet at a crossfit gym in Mississauga this weekend — thanks Element for hosting!

    Put up some submaximal numbers in order to ramp up for a big meet in Ottawa on Saturday.

    So no PRs, but I helped my friends and some first-time powerlifters set some PRs and that honestly feels just as good!

  4. I’m a little late to the party. But I competed in my second weightlifting meet yesterday and went 6/6. I’m in the 77 kg senior class and I’ve been lifting for 5 months.

    Snatch PR – 85
    C&J PR – 101
    Total PR – 186

    Next meet is 10/30 and I hope to total 200. Then I want to snatch 100 kg in training by year’s end.

    Nice goals. Keep us posted.


  5. @Justin: I am 5’8-5’9 and last time I weighed was 175 in the morning. I am drinking my milk. Although it’s not always a gomad, never less than 1/2 gomad.

    I consider myself pretty athletic in the sense that I can easily learn/perform physically demanding tasks. I play college baseball (Starting CF), Played high school basketball (starting guard), Flatwater Kayaked when I was around 12 (was darn good at that for my age group) and soccer (age 5-8 or so). Not bragging just my background in athletics and sport…Does that maybe explain how I got so far?

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