Best. Pictures. Ever.

You guys won’t beat these pictures for a while…

I wanted to write an article that would inspire quality strength training and eating. The article will have to wait, because you all need to see these pictures that were sent to me today. And you need to see them immediately.

I have a friend named Springer. He trains with AC in Georgia. He sent me a picture of his weekly groceries (he weighs 215 right now and wants to be 230 by December):


Yeah. No big deal.


Then I got another e-mail.

Ladies, this is Johnny. Johnny is 6’5″ and is up to 275 from 215. He trains in a crusty-ass gym near the Afghan and Pakistan border. Aside from lifting in the gym, he pushes and pulls ATVs up the “shitty Afghan hills”. He’ll toss sandbags and do buddy carries and .50 cal can carries.

Diet: 6 times a day at the 24 hour chow hall.  6 to 8 eggs every morning, oatmeal with peanut butter, bagle with cream cheese, protein shake,  two lunches or MREs if out on a mission, and dinner. I eat everything until I vomit, then I eat more.


He’s got the beard

He’s got the beard

He’s got the clothes

He’s got the clothes

He’s got the kick-ass attitude

He’s got the kick-ass attitude

And he STILL has room to grow

And he STILL has room to grow

Gold star for Johnny.

All right knuckleheads, you’ve got a whole weekend to make submissions. Go check out the Submissions Page for the criteria. Expect the Hall of Fame page to be finished with some new Hall of Famers inducted next week. Gant and I will also be working on a special video segment, and I’m working on some interviews. You’ll get so much content, you won’t be able to contain your bowels. Oh, and t-shirts are on the way…

Get strong.

35 thoughts on “Best. Pictures. Ever.

  1. Holy fucking shit. That is a goal to aspire to.

    Speaking of which, with a novice trainee of average genetics with good recovery and good programs, in what amount of time can he expect to become 70s big?

  2. I”m ashamed and inspired at the same time. I”m in the Army myself and I thought it would be impossible to get 70”s Big because of the lifestyle that the Army demands. Wow, mistake! Anyway, good for you brother and stay safe “over there”.

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  4. Very inspiring pictures, especially with the socks and tank top. Also, the McRib is back! I think we owe it to ourselves to wipe out every McDonalds in town! Eat up fuckers!

  5. West,

    I”m in Marietta and I train at a hospital gym right now, mostly because its a quarter mile from my house and I can walk or bike. Come February I get to train at the high school where I work, and I”m so excited. 5 cages and 5 platforms, plus a bunch of other fun stuff!

    I helped my dad move today, and his new house has 70s era wallpaper all over. Zig-zags,rainbows, checkers, the whole lot. I was inspired.

  6. Hey everybody, thanks for the comments. I am sorry I do not have any pics of me breaking shit on my head.
    As for the genetics, I have to agree, I am 6”5, so I have been surprised how much weight I have put on, but still think I can get a little more. I am trying for 300lbs, but in all honesty, my team mates have told me if I get shot, they can not pick me up and carry me. SO rather than conform to their weakness, I will make them lift more.
    The beard sans mustache is key! Also, wear a flannel as well, and no one, NO ONE will fuck with you.
    Thanks for the comments!

  7. Those pics made me smile, thanks John. I agree with you on the height/weight factor.

    I started out at 6”4″ and 175 lbs. I always thought I”d be a big man at 230 lbs.


    300 lbs is the goal.

  8. This website is very inspirational. I used to shave the chest and legs but after seeing 70sbig no more!

    I always thought height was a disadvantage. But now i dont see that. I look forward to the day I can tip the scales at 275lbs and still have room to grow.

    Only bad thing is, having to bend down so far to grab stuff out of cupboards after a tough deadlift day…..

  9. Johnny, those pictures are the most inspiring things I”ve seen in awhile.

    General Question: I know there”s some inherent subjectivity, but do we have any sort of general operational definition for 70”s big? Until now my goals have been Rippetoe”s 300/400/500. Those will still be my goals for awhile, but I”m wondering how beyond the 300/400/500 I can gauge progress toward 70”s big.

  10. Blaze, the operational definition has been racking my brain for a while. It’s something I want to develop, but for the time being, it’s a “you know it when you see it” kinda thing.

    And Spuke is the man.

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