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PR Friday – 21 NOV 2014

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Earlier this week Chalk Talk #11 came out and was about barbell complexes.

I’ve been away for a bit, so I’ll be around for some solid question answering in the comments here and on social media. Ask away.

For some people, records exist to be broken. Ilya Ilyin is one of those guys who sees a record and aims to crush it. It’s been fun watching him train over the last year and hit amazing numbers, and even more satisfying to see him hit this 242 kg clean and jerk after moving up to the 105 kg class.

By my count, that’s Ilyin’s fourth world championship spanning three weight classes to go with his two Olympic gold medals. In London two years ago, he hit a 233kg clean and jerk to win the 94kg class, but this year’s 242kg CJ was six kilos over the old world record. Not to mention he currently has the CJ world record in two different weight classes (94 and 105). Ilyin is solidifying his place as one of the greatest weightlifters of our time.

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