PR Friday June 28

Another week in the books here at 70’s Big. Justin’s been in and out this week, but if you’re just checking in today, Chris is hosting a strength workshop tomorrow in Longmont, CO. Also, the Pan American Weightlifting Championships are wrapping up tomorrow, Travis Cooper already brought home the bronze medal in the 85kg class yesterday, Congrats to Travis! Jon North and Jared Fleming will be lifting around 2:30pm EST today, good luck to those guys.

Also, Mike checks in with us while frying up some fish, with what’s on his mind:

AC & Company are working on some tank top designs just in time for the peak of summer, we’ll keep you guys posted on when those will be available.

As usual, let us know how you’re doing in the comments today. How’s training going? Make any PR’s? Justin will be checking in when he gets some free time to answer any questions you may have for him, so leave those as well.


2013 Pan Am Weightlifting Championships

The Pan Am Championships take place this week in Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Jon North and Jared Fleming are both competing, and have been hitting big lifts lately in the gym during preparation. Donovan Ford has also being putting up some big lifts, I think you’ll be seeing his name a lot more often as the US 105kg lifter.


Unfortunately, (and per usual), USAW has stated there will be no live stream of the event, so you’ll have to follow them on twitter for updates.

The roster and schedule is as follows:


Kelly Rexroad-Williams (Flowery Branch, Ga.), 48 kg-24th June at 4pm       

RESULTS, 69kg Snatch, 83kg Clean & Jerk, 152kg Total, 8th Place


Breanne Bassler Havard (Seabrook, Texas), 53 kg-24th June at 4pm
Cortney Batchelor (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 58 kg-26th June at 4pm
Jenny Arthur (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 69 kg-27th June at 6pm
Allie Henry (Marquette, Mich.), 69 kg-27th June at 6pm
Sarah Robles (Mesa, Ariz.), 75+ kg-29th June at 2pm
Shelbie Serpan (Johnson City, Tenn.), 75+ kg-29th June at 2pm

James Tatum (Charlotte, N.C.), 77 kg-26th June 6pm
Colin Burns (Monroe, Wis.), 85 kg-27th June at 4pm
Travis Cooper (Charlotte, N.C.), 85 kg-27th June at 6pm
Jared Fleming (Shreveport, La.), 94 kg -28th June at 2pm
Jonathan North (Charlotte, N.C.), 94 kg-28th June at 2pm
Donovan Ford (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 105 kg-28th June at 6pm
David Garcia (Sacramento, Calif.), 105 kg-28th June at 6pm
Shane Maier (Chicago, Ill.), 105+ kg-29th June at 4pm

Team USA will be led by coaches Zygmunt Smalcerz, Paul Doherty and Joe Micela.

*Times are in  Venezuelan Standard Time (VET)

Chris’s Strength Workshop

Chris is hosting a Strength Workshop this weekend, check it out if you’re in the area:

Strength Workshop with Chris Riley

June 29th, 2013

Twin Freaks CrossFit, 101 Pratt Street, Longmont, CO 80501

Increase Your Strength, Lifting Form & Results while Preventing Injuries

The Workshop will deliver –   Detailed individual instruction for these five lifts.





Power Clean

+ General Mobility Techniques

Coaching will include:

•             Explanation of the lift, benefits, what you should expect with correct technique & programming

•             Demonstrations – you see the correct technique for power and results

•             Interactive coaching – Hands on with you, get your lifts right in the workshop

•             Trouble shooting – Form adjustments for maximum efficiency and future results

Itinerary – 8 Hour Workshop

Including lunch break

Intros and review the plan for our day                             Start 8:00 a.m.  –  Finish ~4:00 p.m.

Coaching the Lifts – We will cover these points for all the lifts

  • Maximizing  your lift efficiency
  • Review  the mechanics, relevant musculature, application of high bar vs. low bar
  • Adjustments for improving your lift strength
  • Coach individual movements, make technique adjustments for maximum results
  • The carryover benefits of each lift to other strength sports. I.e. Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Football, etc.
  • The Lifts – Squat, Press, Deadlift, Bench, Powerclean, Mobility – what, why, and how it will benefit you.

contact Chris through his log for more info

PR Friday & Justin Update

Don’t forget that it’s PR Friday. Give us your weekly updates and PR’s. 

Ladies! Gentlemen! Friends!

In February I dropped a note that explaining how I accepted a position that would limit my involvement with the site for a while. Jacob Cloud has done a wonderful job putting interesting material up in my stead. This site won’t ever die, but hypothetically there could be lulls in my direct involvement.

All that being said, I have a bit of time to spare and will be contributing again! To the long-time regulars: hello again you curmudgeonly Todds. To the new users that have logged on in the past few months: salutations and welcome to this wonderful community.

Wolverine makes a 70's Big face.

Wolverine makes a 70’s Big face.

In addition to your normal PR Friday updates, I’m interested in hearing from the 70’s Big community on three topics: 

1) How has your training been through the first half of 2013? What are you excelling at? What are your deficiencies? Have you hit any of your 2013 goals yet?

2) What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about training so far this year?

3) What is the most momentous piece of news from the strength and conditioning world in 2013 (to include powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, and related competitions or sports)?

I hope that 70’s Big not only entertains you, but also inspires you to train your dick off and not let your weakness consume you. So let’s dance.


Strong Ain’t Wrong

Sy Perlis benching a world record 187.2 lbs

Sy Perlis benching a world record 187.2 lbs


Sy Perlis is 91 years old, has a beard, and is setting lifting records.

That, my friends, is what dudes do.



Sy Perlis is a World War II veteran who trains five days a week and has a pretty good lookin’ wife for being almost a century old (see it in video below). In the WABDL National Push-Pull Bench Press and Deadlift Championships on June 8, 2013, Perlis benched a world record 187.2 lbs on his fifth attempt (really old guys get more attempts). He was aided by what looks like a single ply bench shirt and a strangely perfect set of teeth (Excuse me sir, where did you purchase that exquisite set of chompers?).

One article also says he didn’t start strength training until he was 60 years old; it’s never too late to start. The man is in good health and is still kickin’ at 91 years old. There must be something to this strength training stuff; strong ain’t wrong.