Strong Ain’t Wrong

Sy Perlis benching a world record 187.2 lbs

Sy Perlis benching a world record 187.2 lbs


Sy Perlis is 91 years old, has a beard, and is setting lifting records.

That, my friends, is what dudes do.



Sy Perlis is a World War II veteran who trains five days a week and has a pretty good lookin’ wife for being almost a century old (see it in video below). In the WABDL National Push-Pull Bench Press and Deadlift Championships on June 8, 2013, Perlis benched a world record 187.2 lbs on his fifth attempt (really old guys get more attempts). He was aided by what looks like a single ply bench shirt and a strangely perfect set of teeth (Excuse me sir, where did you purchase that exquisite set of chompers?).

One article also says he didn’t start strength training until he was 60 years old; it’s never too late to start. The man is in good health and is still kickin’ at 91 years old. There must be something to this strength training stuff; strong ain’t wrong.

10 thoughts on “Strong Ain’t Wrong

  1. That’s f’n awesome. Merica! Seriously though, I’ve seen it so many times where retirement is the thing that kills people’s health. This guy is still killing it at over 3 times my age, makes me feel like setting some PRs today

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