2013 Pan Am Weightlifting Championships

The Pan Am Championships take place this week in Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Jon North and Jared Fleming are both competing, and have been hitting big lifts lately in the gym during preparation. Donovan Ford has also being putting up some big lifts, I think you’ll be seeing his name a lot more often as the US 105kg lifter.


Unfortunately, (and per usual), USAW has stated there will be no live stream of the event, so you’ll have to follow them on twitter for updates.

The roster and schedule is as follows:


Kelly Rexroad-Williams (Flowery Branch, Ga.), 48 kg-24th June at 4pm       

RESULTS, 69kg Snatch, 83kg Clean & Jerk, 152kg Total, 8th Place


Breanne Bassler Havard (Seabrook, Texas), 53 kg-24th June at 4pm
Cortney Batchelor (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 58 kg-26th June at 4pm
Jenny Arthur (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 69 kg-27th June at 6pm
Allie Henry (Marquette, Mich.), 69 kg-27th June at 6pm
Sarah Robles (Mesa, Ariz.), 75+ kg-29th June at 2pm
Shelbie Serpan (Johnson City, Tenn.), 75+ kg-29th June at 2pm

James Tatum (Charlotte, N.C.), 77 kg-26th June 6pm
Colin Burns (Monroe, Wis.), 85 kg-27th June at 4pm
Travis Cooper (Charlotte, N.C.), 85 kg-27th June at 6pm
Jared Fleming (Shreveport, La.), 94 kg -28th June at 2pm
Jonathan North (Charlotte, N.C.), 94 kg-28th June at 2pm
Donovan Ford (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 105 kg-28th June at 6pm
David Garcia (Sacramento, Calif.), 105 kg-28th June at 6pm
Shane Maier (Chicago, Ill.), 105+ kg-29th June at 4pm

Team USA will be led by coaches Zygmunt Smalcerz, Paul Doherty and Joe Micela.

*Times are in  Venezuelan Standard Time (VET)

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